Child's Play Remake's Bloody Ending, Explained

Child's Play (2019)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Child's Play, in theaters now.

The remake of Child's Play is a radically different approach to the concept of a murderous doll than the version first released in 1988. The original story was about a Satanist using voodoo magic to possess a doll in an effort to survive death itself. The new version of the film is  a parable about the dangers of technology becoming too centralized by an artificial "friend" we trust too much. Both films still feature their fair share of grisly gore, but both they also deviate heavily from one another in terms of the story they're trying to tell.

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This is no more obvious than with the ending of the film. The new Child's Play gives the heroes a last stand against Chucky (Mark Hamill). But even though they're ultimately triumphant against the doll, the film leaves the door open for Chucky to return some day.

Best Buddies

Child's Play 2019 trailer

The film takes a slow burn to Chucky's murderous actions. He spends most of the film just wanting to be best friends with his designated child, Andy (Gabriel Bateman). Andy's burgeoning friendship with Officer Mike (Brian Tyree Henry) and local kids Pugg (Ty Consiglio) and Falyn (Beatrice Kitsos) makes Chucky more vindictive and possessive of Andy, to a frightening degree.

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Andy begins to worry what Chucky could do with his misunderstanding of the world, and these fears are proven correct after Chucky murders Shane (David Lewis), the jerk who was dating Andy's mother Karen (Aubrey Plaza). Andy tries to deactivate the doll and get rid of him. This doesn't work, however, as Chucky is rebuilt by Gabe (Trent Redekop). After murdering Gabe, Chucky quickly returns to terrorize Andy and threaten to kill his family and friends if Andy doesn't take him back, leaving corpses in the process.

Deader Than Dead

Child's Play

Ultimately, Chucky decides to turn on everyone he thinks stands between him and Andy. This means taking over every piece of technology in the Zed Store, and attacking everyone there. A number of people are either killed or wounded in the chaos, including Mike. While his friends manage to escape, Andy remains behind to rescue his mother from Chucky. Andy heads into the depths of the store and is eventually confronted by the Buddi doll.

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Andy manages to save his mother, damaging Chucky in the process. In turn, Andy is saved by Mike, who was able to get back on his feet and shoot a feral Chucky. Both Karen and Mike are picked up by ambulances. After having his core ripped out, Chucky's body is taken by Andy. He and his friends then make sure Chucky can't get back up by absolutely destroying his body, reducing it to a pile of plastic pieces. The Kaslan Corporation pulls all Buddi dolls in the light of the tragedy. However, one of the recalled dolls has its eyes flash Chucky's distinctive red.

I'll Always Be Around

The new version of Chucky proved incredibly dangerous, largely thanks to the digital landscape of society. Using assorted devices around the world, Chucky was able to become increasingly diabolical and methodical in his killings. This is a far cry from the original Chucky, who was more of a deliberate and straight-forward murderer powered by magic. This version of Chucky had his CPU corrupted when he was first built, making him dangerous. It only makes sense Chucky would be able to use the digital landscape to escape his apparent demise. During his earlier rampage, he was able to control multiple Buddi dolls and use them to attack people.

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The ending of the film suggests Chucky utilized this ability one last time. The final shot of the film features a newly possessed Chucky doll loaded into a warehouse full of other Buddi dolls. That's a veritable army for Chucky to use if he were to return. Kesler Corporation CEO Henry Kaslan (Tim Matheson) even suggested Buddi dolls will eventually return to store shelves. This could open up the entire world to attacks from the Chucky dolls. Thanks to all the remote-technology that's now employed in the average home and business, that could end very poorly for humanity. Chucky could easily be a prequel to the robot apocalypse, which sounds like a pretty fun place to go with any potential sequel.

Directed by Lars Klevberg from a script by Tyler Burton Smith, Child's Play stars Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry, Gabriel Bateman, Tim Matheson and Mark Hamill.

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