10 Children of Marvel Superheroes Who’ve Become More Powerful Than Their Parents

The family trees in marvel run strong. Over the years there have been all kinds of sordid and only-in-the-comics family trees. The Summers, Xaviers, Osbornes. You name the character, and chances are that there is an unending supply of clones, blood relatives, distant relatives, displaced-in-time relatives, and then alternate versions of all of those!

Most parents want to make sure that they make the world a better place for their kids and for their kids do way better than they ever did. However in the Marvel universe there is a risk. When Marvel kids grow up and showcase their powers, there is an inherent “with great power...” about each of them.

Will the children become superheroes or megalomaniacal super villains? Will they be able to be taught and guided and even able to control their abilities, or will they let their powers control them?

Here are 10 Children of Marvel Superheroes Who’ve Become More Powerful Than Their Parents.

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10 Legion (Professor X)

Usually, without question in the Marvel Universe, Professor Charles Xavier is the most powerful telepath on the planet and leader of the X-Men. But that’s still just one ability that a Mutant has. His son, David Haller, aka Legion, isn’t just a Mutant, although he would be the most powerful Mutant on the planet.

David himself actually doesn’t have any discernible abilities but due to his multiple-personality disorder, he has access to multiple abilities. Each one of his alters has an ability. Abilities to alter time, telekinesis, and pyrokinesis to name a few.

9 Cable (Cyclops)

As the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey clone, Madeline Pryor, Cable was taken as a baby into the future. There he was trained to be a warrior, and unfortunately also got the Techo-Organic virus. It’s why he relies more on technology than his powerful telekinesis and telepathy abilities.

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He’s constantly using them to hold the infection at bay. But if you take the governor off of him, such as having step-mom, Jean hold his body together, Cable is able to send his conscious back in time. He can even fight enemies of all kinds of power levels; defeating them outright or bringing them to a standstill.

8 Franklin Richards (Reed And Susan)

When a toddler is throwing a temper-tantrum, it can be very hard to subdue them. Now picture a toddler with superpowers that can alter the very space-time continuum!

Thanks to Reed and Susan Richard's exposure to cosmic radiation, their firstborn, Franklin was born a Mutant and immediately had amazing abilities. On one occasion, Franklin accidentally aged himself into adulthood, but he realized his mistake and reverted back to being a toddler.

He has been able to bypass his dad’s psionic inhibitors and has been able to take on some of Marvel’s biggest and baddest with relative ease. Where was he when Thanos snapped?

7 Scarlet Witch (Magneto)

In the movies, she has been able to destroy an Infinity Stone while holding Thanos at bay (before he cheated, twice). She has been marked as one of the strongest characters in the MCU. In the comic books, thanks to her actions - three little words she spoke years ago, “No More Mutants,” have been reverberating through the entire MCU ever since.

Thanos needed to traverse the cosmos looking for rocks, Wanda spoke three words to disable a population. Thank goodness she’s on our side.

6 Carnage (Venom)

It’s a completely strange father-son pairing, but the Klyntar known as Venom was bonded to Eddie Brock for a long time. When it came to breaking Brock out, its offspring was left behind and bonded with Cletus Kasady right through his bloodstream.

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Since that day, deranged killer and deranged symbiote have been on a rampage throughout the MCU. That savage mentality makes Carnage far more powerful than dead ol’ dad. It also helps that the symbiote can launch all sorts of deadly projectiles and knows all of Brock and Peter Parker’s secrets.

5 Miles Morales (The Prowler)

Aaron Davis might not have been Miles Morale's dad, but he was very close to his nephew. Aaron Davis was also leading a double life as the criminal, the Prowler but he wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider. Instead he was engineered by Norman Osborn.

Miles is even a little stronger than the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker. Thanks to Norman’s reverse engineering, Miles has shocking defensive moves that he calls the venom strike. He can also generate electricity and turn invisible.

4 Valeria Richards (Reed And Susan)

Never mind part of her ridiculous-even-for-comics origin (Franklin took her from the womb and put her with an alternate reality version of her mother), Valeria Richards is every bit as powerful as her older brother, or younger brother, depending on who is time traveling and when. She can also use her mom’s invisibility powers and by the age of three was actually smarter than her father.

3 Hope Summers (Cable)

As the first Mutant born after the events of M-Day, Hope Summers blew up Cerebro and was able to wake Rogue up from a coma - and that was just within her first week of being born.

Cable took her into the future to try and avoid anyone hunting them where she was raised to be a soldier like her adoptive father. Her power allows her to mimic other mutant abilities and jumpstart them to amplify them. She is also revealed to be a part of the Phoenix Force at some point.

Cable has also shown to be able to reverse magnetic poles and be immune to Rogue’s absorption abilities.

2 Crusader (Captain America)

In another reality, Steve Rogers and Rogue, going by Carol (in theory, Carol Danvers’ personality and powers completely took over Rogue’s personality) had a child. Sarah Rogers. As Crusader, she’s virtually unstoppable.

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She has all of Captain Marvel’s abilities, has been trained by her folks and wields Cap’s mighty shield. To add to all of that, Sarah also is worthy of wielding Thor’s Hammer.

1 Stepford Cuckoos (Emma Frost)

When Emma Frost was in a coma, the nefarious Weapon Plus program snatched up a bunch of her eggs to create all sorts of White Queen clones. All of the “Stepford Cuckoos,” have the telepathic abilities of their mother, and her ability to turn her skin into diamond.

In their diamond forms, they were able to contain the Phoenix Force. If that’s not powerful enough for you, all of their abilities are amplified when linked as the hive mind they’ve always been intended to be.

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