Chicago's Lucas Museum of Narrative Art No Longer in the Works

The Lucas family has reportedly pulled the proposed Lucas Museum of Narrative Art from Chicago, after a civic group called Friends of the Parks spoke up in opposition of the project because of its planned construction on the city's lakefront.

"My husband and I have worked in earnest for two years, side by side with every relevant city agency, community leader and policy maker to give what would be the largest philanthropic gift to an American city," George Lucas' wife, Mellody Hobson, said in a statement (via Chicago Business). "From the beginning, this process has been co-opted by a special interest group."

She added, "[Friends of the Parks] claim(s) to be a 'strong steward of Chicago and a partner to its progress', their actions and decision rob our state of more than $2 billion in economic benefits, thousands of jobs and countless educational opportunities."

Regardless of the Lucas' plans to pull the museum from Chicago, Hobson says they'll be looking to house the $700 million project elsewhere.

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