Chicagoans notice Soldier Field-size crater on Lake Shore Drive, shrug

It may have taken a couple of weeks, but the Chicago news media have finally detected the coming destruction of 85-year-old Soldier Field in Marvel's Siege #1.

The landmark's explosive fate was revealed Dec. 3 in a preview sequence reminiscent of the razing in 2006 of Stamford, Connecticut -- the Marvel Universe version, in any case -- used as a trigger for Civil War.

“I’m not the biggest sports guy and I meant no disrespect to sports fans," writer Brian Michael Bendis tells the Chicago Sun-Times, "but we needed something so horrendous to happen for [Marvel's superheroes] to be united again. Hopefully, this will ring in a new day for Marvel readers.”

Chicagoans don't appear particularly alarmed by the development. In fact, they'd be okay with a little more devastation.

"Marvel people," one commenter writes in the comments section of the Sun-Times article, "Next time, please fill the stadium with Illinois politicians before you blow it up." Says another: "In the next issue they should blow up Wrigley Field."

Siege #1 debuts on Jan. 6.

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