CHICAGO DAY 3: 'The West Wing Meets Unbreakable:' WildStorm Puts a Superhero in the Mayor's Mansion

by Tony Harris

DC/WildStorm held an intimate panel with fans Sunday afternoon at WizardWorld in Rosemont, IL where they discussed the future of current projects, revealed a new one, and announced a WildStorm exclusive.

Editor Scott Dunbier began the panel with the reassurance that Planetary, by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday, would be "back on track" and bimonthly.

"John just turned in the first half of #17," he said, adding that that issue will be out in October.

Dunbier promised that upcoming issues would feature some startling revelations.

"When I read the script" he said, "they were totally unexpected."

Jimmy Palmiotti was on hand to discuss his new project, "The Twilight Experiment."

"Justin [Grey] and myself are doing our own 'ultimate super heroes universe' and then messing around with it.

"Kamikaze" by Humberto Ramos will feature the world of a "secret" extreme sport. Dunbier praised the "extraordinary art and coloring."

WildStorm took this opportunity to announce a new series titled "Ex Machina" by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Tony Harris, describing as "The West Wing meets Unbreakable."

"It's about the world's first superhero deciding to run for the mayor of New York and he wins," Vaughan said. "I swear I came up with this before Arnold [Schwarzenegger]."

Asked about the future of Alan Moore's ABC line at Wildstorm, Dunbier said: "We're actually planning on doing some 'Top Ten' and 'Tom Strong' after Alan finishes and that's with Alan's blessing. He likes to be kept in the loop on who we're talking to, but he's all for it."

Dunbier also added that there will be a third volume in the "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" series, though it probably won't debut for a couple of years.

"Alan and Kevin want to do this indefinitely," Dunbier said. He added that there have even been some discussions of volumes four and five already.

Toward the end of the panel, Dunbier revealed that "Danger Girl" creator Jeff Scott Campbell has signed a multi-year exclusive contract with WildStorm but declined to talk about what projects Campbell may be involved in. In the meantime, Campbell fans can look forward to WildStorm's next Absolute edition, "Absolute Danger Girl."

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