CHICAGO DAY 2: Wizard World 2003 Day 2 News Roundup

So you already know that this month sees the title "GI Joe: Frontline" switch to a weekly schedule, with issues 11 through 14 coming out every Wednesday in the month of August. The Devil's Due gang was so impressed by the work done by new comer Brandon Jerwa on "GI Joe: Frontline" for this event that, well, he's getting a nice hefty reward! Jerwa will take over the writing chores of the main "GI Joe" title starting with issue #26 after Josh Blaylock leaves the title.

But wait, there's more! CBR News was also told that Paul Jenkins eagerly anticipated GI Joe story is coming soon in issue 17. "GI Joe: Frontline" 17 will feature a story by Jenkins in which the a group of green shirts go out on a training mission that very much goes awry. Jenkins will call upon his own experience in the British Military to tell this story.

Fans of Alan Moore will have rejoice with the news that Avatar Press has some interesting things planned for this December. "The Courtyard," the Lovecraftian psychological horror title with art by Jacen Burrows, will be released in trade paperback form that month, but the news is that in addition to the trade Avatr will release "The Courtyard Companion," a 72-page companion piece for the original series. Avatar worked with a renowned Lovecraftian expert to put together the book which includes full annotations, pin-ups by Burrows and work from Burrows that didn't make it into the final print of the book. Additionally, the company will release a slip-case hardcover set that will include a lithograph by Burrows.

The self-proclaimed Last Real Man, Beau Smith, is up to something different next year. As the writer of works like his own "Wynonna Earp" (a new mini-series is coming from IDW this fall) as well as work on titles like "Wonder Woman vs. Xena," "Guy Gardner: Warrior," "Aliens" and a host of other titles, he's developed a reputation as a writer who can write "tough guy" stories. In 2004 Smith will show his softer side with "Courting Fate" with artist Lora Biondi. Smith provided CBR News with the following description of the series:

"'Courting Fate' is a concept created by Beau Smith and Lora Biondi that follows the life of an unique college freshman, named Fate. Fate grew up outside of Boulder Colorado where her hippie parents own a camping and hiking supply store. Though she suffered from a bad luck streak that has, unfortunately, lasted her entire life, once Fate goes off to college, things mysteriously begin to go her way. As a matter of fact, she suddenly seems to have the Mida touch - from teachers pet in all her art classes to winning the heart of a Lacrosse star upperclassman.

"'Courting Fate' follows the misadventures of Fate and her three closest friends - Lola, the daughter of a retired NBA start and Fate's beautiful, popular roommate, Morgan 'Murf' Murphy, Fate's athletic and handsome Sophomore boyfriend and her best friend, the one of a king, Luther Donavan Solo III. Known simply as "Donny" to his friends, he meets Fate in a drawing class the first day of school and has seldom left her side since.

Look for it sometime next year from IDW Publishing.

More news and notes from from Wizard World Chicago 2003 Sunday afternoon. And don't forget to check out our friends at Newsarama for additional coverage of Wizard World Chicago 2003.

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