CHICAGO DAY 2: Turner and Aspen climb the mountain

At WizardWorld Chicago on Saturday Michael Turner and his crew at Aspen, MLT, Inc spoke to fans about the future of the new company.

The most important order of business was to announce that the lawsuit between Aspen and Top Cow had been settled, paving the way for a proper launch of the company, which includes the studio taking on two books at DC.

Turner was able to reveal that Talent Caldwell will illustrate a six issue "Superman" miniseries. The book leads into a revamp of the Man of Steel comic, which starts early next year.

The team was unable to discuss details about the other DC projects other than to say it would be a "big book." However, certain hints dropped suggested it may be a "Batman" title.

Turner was also asked about the status of the "Fantom" movie. The comic creator said he was, "really, really excited about it and optimistic."

The live-action movie is set up with James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment at Twentieth Century Fox. Linda Wolverton is on the second draft of the script for the film. Turner said he has had some level of input on the development effort.

"They definitely want me involved," Turner said.

Although the project is still in the early stages, the Aspen guys said that if they were casting the movie they'd like to see Denise Richards ("Undercover Brother") or Jessica Alba ("Dark Angel") playing the lead.

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