Chicago, Day 2: Marvel Universe Panel

The Wizard Auditorium was packed on Saturday afternoon with fans wanting to get advanced looks at the newest books to come from the House of Ideas.

Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada, publisher Dan Buckley, and Marvel staffers Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar, Brian K. Vaughn, Robert Kirkman and Marc Sumerak were all on hand to help out.

The panel was essentially Quesada giving fans a narrated tour through an advanced copy of Previews. With a slick power point presentation, the projects were swiftly displayed for fans to ooh and ahh at.

Some highlights from the panel, some of which was previously announced at the Cup O' Joe panel and elsewhere:

"Thor" #85 will be the last issue (for now, at least) of the series. Panelists hinted that Thor may be dead, but aside from a cover image, nothing else was said on the subject.

"Strange," a new Dr. Strange series by J. Michael Strazynski and Brandon Peterson, is in the works. Quesada said that Strange is the dream project of artist Peterson.

Frank Cho will be writing and drawing a new "Shanna, the She-Devil" series.

"Bullseye" will star in his own series, with covers by Mike Deodato Jr., and story by Daniel Way.

Peter David will make a return to the "Hulk" with a limited series that will ship in January.

"Captain America" falls victim to another number one issue in November. Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting will handle the writing/art chores. When asked if Captain America would return to his old numbering, Quesada responded that it would eventually, as soon as a good anniversary issue number popped up.

"Young Avengers," a new series by Allen Heinbeg, of TV shows "The O.C." and "Sex in the City," was previewed. Quesada raved about the series, saying it was possibly the best pitch he had ever seen. Bendis chimed in, and said that if he had one good idea a year, Heinberg had 10. From the preview, it appeared that some representations of Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man would appear.

"Ultimate Elektra" is forthcoming, with story by Mike Carey and art by Salvador Larroca.

A spin-off of Supreme Power, "Doctor Spectrum" will soon have his own series. Story by Sam Barnes, art by Travel Foreman and J. Michael Straczynski serving as consultant.

Brian Vaughn hinted that something big would happen in "Ultimate X-Men" #51. "Half of you will be very happy, and half of you will be very angry," he said.

The Essential trades will continue to be published, with an estimated one book a month schedule hopeful for 2005.

After the presentation, the floor was opened up for questions. Quesada said that in 2005, a shared universe would be more prevalent in the Marvel U., as recent happenings in the "Avengers" would dictate.

One brave fan asked Quesada to comment on Bob Wayne's (DC Vice President of Marketing) actions the previous day, when he crashed the Bendis panel. Quesada's only comment: "We just want to put out fun books. They have their reasons."

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