Chicago, Day 2: Mapping the DC Universe

DC's Vice President of Marketing presided over the overview of DC's publishing plans at the first panel of the day Saturday at Wizard World Chicago. A near capacity crowd filled the Julius Schwartz room to hear about projects for the coming year.

  • Geoff Johns will follow the upcoming "Green Lantern: Rebirth" with the new ongoing "Green Lantern" monthly series. Wayne announced Carlos Pacheco as the artist for that title. "It is an honor to be tied to a big character like Green Lantern," said Pacheco when asked about his feeling on being asked to pull the art duties on the new series.

    Johns would not speak extensively on the project as a panel dedicated to Green Lantern was being held later in the day. Look for coverage of that panel later on Newsarama.

    Additionally, new Green Lantern figures were featured by DC Direct in the DC booth. A new sculpt of Hal Jordan in his redesigned Green Lantern uniform was featured along with a large Kilowog, Ganthet the Guardian, Parallax and a redesigned version of the silver age villain the Black Hand.

  • [The Demon]"Blood of the Demon" returns magic to the DC Universe by featuring Etrigan the Demon in a series written by Will Pfeiffer and penciller and co-plotter John Byrne. " It's very heavily Kirby influenced," said Pfeiffer. "It's going to be an action packed series."
  • "Deadshot" by Law & Order writer Christos N. Gage will feature covers by Mike Zeck and Jerry Ordway. It will spin out of the events in "Identity Crisis" and will feature a new direction for the character that will bring him further into the DC Universe.
  • "The Question" by Rick Veitch and Tommy Lee Edwards will be a six issue mini-series debuting in December. It will feature some interesting artistic choices according to Wayne.

    "There's some sequences that are silhouetted for storytelling reasons. We're playing up some of the zen and almost psychic-type things with the Question. Everything is very influenced by 1960's illustration," Wayne added.

    Addressing the choice to move the Question to Superman's city of Metropolis, Edwards said "We were almost freaked out by that, but then it gave us several ideas for back alley characters."

news/deadshot1_sm.jpgThe floor was opened to questions before the presentation continued, awaiting a surprise guest.

Among topics addressed was who has better hair, The Question or Tommy Lee Edwards, Edwards claimed it was Vic Sage.

Wayne confirmed that new exclusive artist Josh Middleton did have a project lined up, but would not elaborate.

Asked about the future of the Supergirl introduced by Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner in "Superman/Batman," Loeb said "When the story is done, DC will have the one, true Supergirl." No use of the character was announced beyond the current storyline.

"Doctor Light is going to come in [to "Teen Titans"] and show them what he's really about," said Geoff Johns when asked about future "Teen Titans" plans.

Dan DiDio confirmed that the "I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League" mini series will be folded into the upcoming "Justice League Classified" anthology series.

Asked about a rumored Harvey Dent story to follow up on "Batman: Hush," Loeb said "Jim [Lee] and I want to go back and do something with those characters. I'll wait as long as it takes [for Lee].

Question time ended with the introduction of David Goyer (to thunderous applause), writer of the coming film "Batman Begins."

"This has been the best experience of my professional career. It's been amazing because it's been one of those times where everything came together right. There wasn't any hindrance from the casting choices to everything. We [Goyer and director Christopher Nolan] really got to cherry pick our moments in the film. We chose some of our favorite moments from the comics and every one of them is in the film," said Goyer. "You will probably recognize them."

Goyer cited Marshall Rogers depiction of the Dark Knight as a strong influence on the film.

"Batman Begins" is fliming in Chicago as the convention takes place. Shooting proceeds on the nearby Amstutz Highway in suburban Waukegan on Saturday night. Some con-goers mentioned walking past filming on their way to work. Goyer mentioned hearing the crew speak excitedly about the film when he visited the set Friday night.

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