CHICAGO DAY 2: CBR Photo Parade

Day two in Chicago. It was a day filled with costumed folk, creators, a few ... Oh like you really wanna read anything pithy. You're just here for the pretty pictures! So, on to the still life portaits.

"Where did I put those damn keys?"Craig ThompsonA look at the Chicago skyline from the 8th floor of the Hyatt.Zoomed in look at Chicago.Dan JolleyDavid Michael Beck"Leia, look, if you're going to be dead, you gotta close your eyes!""Die Rebel Scum! Die!" "Dude! Chill out! This ain't real!"Wheeee! It's the Dragon Ball Z Humvee with some of the voice actors from the show.Scott DunbierMark EnglertEric Ko

Geoff JohnsA couple of Ghostbusters, oh, and a UPS guy on the right (Costume or actual UPS guy? YOU DECIDE!).Jeff JohnsonPaul Jenkins waves hello!"Samson" writer Jerry Novick"Samson" colorist Ben PrenevostRobert KirkmanJoseph Michael Linsner and friend.Jim MahfoodMark MillarThe line at the Marvel Booth to get Brian Bendis' signature.Sean McKeeverHey, it's Mike Norton!Ande Parks and Matt IdlesonAn overhead shot of the convention floor early in the day.An overhead shot of the convention floor late in the day.Some of Rosemont's finest enjoyinmg an Ice Cream Cone.Portflio Review with Breevort at the Marvel Booth.Child abuse. Seriously.Jim ValentinoSo, I said to this Stormtrooper, "Smile." Cracked him up. Easily amused.Wonder LadyDude, it's a giant Orko!Angelamadamadingdong (Yeah, I had no good comments for this one.)"Hello, Blue Star Wars Person! Drinks?"Two of the best costumes on the convention floor.Dead Guy With Mask On Dude Thing"It's hard to get with the ladies when you're a zombie."I take that back, THIS is the best costume! MAMA!One seriously bored Obi-Wan.Orange Boba Fett Guy ThingWhatever.Rorschach

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