Chicago, Day 1: Quesada talks with fans at Cup O' Joe

Midday Friday brought the modern staple of all major comic conventions as Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Joe Quesada held his one-man panel, Cup O' Joe. For the uninitiated, the floor is wide open for questions on any topic. Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley, Editor C.B. Cebulski and Managing Editor David Bogart were also in attendance.

The first topic of the day was that of "Daredevil: Father," which, while late, will come in at 31 pages for the Quesada written and drawn project.

During a slide show overlooking Marvel's near-future publishing plans, Quesada snuck in" Ultimate Secret" by Warren Ellis and Steve McNiven. It is the second chapter of a trilogy in which the first part is "Ultimate Nightmare."

The return of "What If?" in mini-series form elicited applause from con-goers. The mini will be a "fifth week" event in December, consisting of seven different books. The line-up includes:

For more on "What If...," check out our interview with Brian Bendis.Once open to questions, Quesada responded to a "Ghost Rider" question saying only that the character will return in 2005 with a "new, unique" team.

A questioner asked about the disappearance of letter columns, to which Quesada responded that the current policy is that an editor will only run a column when there are letters that he or she feel should be printed. "We're not going to say letter columns are back. They are not as prevalent as they used to be, but you'll see them from time to time."

Asked about the handling of licensed properties (i.e. G.I Joe), Quesada wouldn't get into specifics as the loss of the license preceeds his time at Marvel.

"We have a slew of editors that were introduced to comics by reading G.I. Joe. There are only two or three properties in the world that could do what G.I. Joe did for Marvel in the eighties. It's a very different time." Quesada also said he would pursue those unidentified properties.

Quesada used the panel to introduce his "Young Guns," a new wave of artists the likes of which has not been seen at Marvel in some while. For more on "Young Guns," read CBR's interview with Joe Quesada. It begins with six artists (several of which were in attendance).

  • Adi Granov ("Iron Man" with Warren Ellis)
  • Trevor Hairsine (currently doing "Ultimate Nightmare")
  • Olivier Copiel (former "Legion" artist)
  • Steve McNiven (formerly of CrossGen, upcoming "Ultimate Secret")
  • Jim Cheung (also former of CrossGen, upcoming "Young Avengers")
  • David Finch ("Avengers")

While they are not new to comics, Quesada says they represent to future of A-List artists. He also added that there will be a Young Guns 2005 initiative as well.

Quesada also announced that the Young Guns will be providing variant covers for the first six issues of the new Avengers series. Which artist is drawing which character for each cover was drawn randomly at the panel. Steve McNiven drew Spidey for the first issue. Hairsine will be drawing The Sentry for number two, followed by Copiel on Wolverine for three. Four brings Cheung on Luke Cage and Spidey. Five will be Granov with a mystery character and issue six was left to be a surprise. Finch will handle the regular covers.

Quesada confirmed there are plans to revisit the "1602" world crated by Neil Gaiman, but that Marvel will take their time and choose the project at the right time. He added that the same philosophy will be applied to the "Supreme Power" books as well.

Regarding the currently in-limbo NYX series Quesada said, "I've plotted through issue seven. There have been scheduling problems, but we will get to issue seven which will resolve some points," said Quesada. The series as a whole will be reviewed at that time as to whether to continue.

At present there is no plan for an "Origin 2." "we're not going to do it until it's right," Quesada said of the Wolverine story.

Quesada mentioned toward the end of the panel that the upcoming "Spider-Man: The End" will be written by Stan Lee. An artist is yet to be named.

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