Chicago, Day 1: Friday Photo Parade

Friday at Wizard World Chicago was nice. WIth Comic-Con International in San Diego still fresh on the mind, comparisons between the two shows naturally come to mind. Chicago is a much smaller show than San Diego and it's also very different. Chicago is squarely focused on comics, whereas at San Diego is not just a comics show, but a multi-media spectacular. I'm not saying one is better than the other, but the difference is marked. If you've only been to San Diego or Chicago, you should try hitting the other one year. There's a whole different set of creators that attend and the crowd makeup is quite different.

The morning hours saw large lines throughout the convention hall or the much coveted convention exclusives. The afternoon saw a crowded convention floor, with the focus of the masses towards the entrance where DC, Marvel, Tokyopop and other booths were located. The dealers area is extensive at Wizard World and the Artists Alley area as been expanded this year compared to last. Gone is the wrestling ring and instead are two more rows of artists.

Now, on to some of the sights and sounds of Wizard World Chicago, Day 1.

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