CHICAGO DAY 1: CrossGen Declares 'War'

CrossGen closed out the first day of the WizardWorld convention in Rosemont, IL by announcing a new mini-series for spring of 2004 with major ramifications for the CrossGen Universe.

"The War" is the culmination of all the story lines that have been building through the CrossGen books since the line began, and will feature the invasion by the Negation Universe of both human and Saurian space simultaneously.

"And totally kicking butt," said CrossGen writer Chuck Dixon. "There will be a body count like you've never seen. Whole worlds. Galaxies."

"It's amazing how many things coming together are what we intended in the beginning," said CrossGen head writer Barbara Kesel, "despite all the things that have changed along the way."

Tony Bedard, the writer of "Negation" said that he is glad to finally see what he has set up in his title come to fruition: "I've worked at companies where you can't change the status quo. [CrossGen] is a place where things have real consequences.

Dixon went on to add that, as a big event, "The War" works well as a stand-alone story: "It could easily serve as an introduction to CrossGen for anybody."

Art chores on "The War" will be handled by George Pérez, but CrossGen representative Bill Rosemann declined to name any writers at this time.

When asked how Perez's work on "The War" would affect his regular title "Solus," Kesel said "Leonard Kirk will spell George Pérez for a couple issues."

In other CrossGen news:

  • "Negation" #22 will feature guest art by Dave Ross, whom Rosemann advised fans keep an eye on.

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