CHICAGO DAY 1: CBR Photo Parade

Wizard World 2003 is a hopping just outside of Chicago in Rosemont, Illinois. While it's not the size of last month's Comic-Con International, it's very much a big time comics show. Loads of retailers are ready to take your hard earned cash and the selection is damn good. You want comics from the 60s? Lots. Comics published in the last 20 years? You can find them here. New comics, old comics, hard to find comics, the retailers attending this show will get your wish list filled out.

One of the big differences this reporter noticed while meandering through the busy aisles at Wizard World is there aren't nearly as many costumed dudes and duettes as there are in San Diego, but that likely could change on Saturday. Of course, we'll bring you the photographic proof once we have it.

Here's a load of photos from day one.

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