Lakeview-Based Chicago Comics Ransacked During Apparent Gang Assault

A Chicago comic shop was the scene of a bizarre incident on Sunday, just after the city's Pride parade was canceled due to a severe thunderstorm warning.

Chicago Comics reported on its Facebook page that shortly after the parade's cancelation, "a young woman and three of her friends ran into the store frantically asking staff to call the police."

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As staff tried to ascertain the nature of the disturbance, approximately 20 youths entered the store, chasing after the young woman. Store proprietors reported that numerous displays at the front of the shop were damaged as the group entered. When staff learned the group was searching for the woman, one member moved to the back of the store to offer some protection to the people being chased. However, the staff member was "overwhelmed" and the group moved past him toward its target.

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The group of youths proceeded to pepper spray the young woman and her friends, as well as throwing random books from the store's shelves at them. The woman's friend attempted to protect her, and after the staff managed to remove the antagonistic group from the store, doors were locked and the authorities were contacted. The young woman was then taken away in an ambulance, and store representatives noted they didn't get her name but hope for a speedy recovery.

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Sadly, some of the destruction of property occurred to consignment items, and the store will be reaching out to local creators whose work was affected. The store also offered thanks to its customers and neighbors, who helped during the difficult situation.

Chicago Comics is located at 3244 N.Clark St., Chicago, Illinois.

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