Chevy Chase May Or May Not Return to 'Community'

TV Guide has a rundown of the recent confusion surrounding Chevy Chase's involvement in the upcoming season of Community. The actor claimed Monday during a Reddit AMA that he will returning for the sixth season on Yahoo! Screen in a limited role, saying, "I will be in a small cameo at the beginning of Community and if they ask me to come back and do one or two appearances, it's a possibility."

Chase's return would be confusing in and of itself, as his character Pierce Hawthorne died between seasons four and five due to the actor's contentious departure from the series; the actor made one cameo appearance in Season 5 as a hologram. Making the comment even more confusing is a statement from a Sony spokesperson that, "at this time, Chevy is not confirmed to appear in Season 6."

Community will return for its sixth season in 2015.

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