EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea Cain Returns to Marvel for A New Vision Series


New York Times best-selling author Chelsea Cain is making her Marvel Comics return in November when she teams with Marc Mohan (Does this Cape Make Me Look Fat?) and Aud Koch (Ultimates 2, America) for The Vision. Cain left Twitter in late 2016 due to unwarranted harassment over her Mockingbird series, and has not worked in comics since the series concluded.

In recent days, however, she made her return to both the social media platform as well as comics, reinstating her Twitter account and announcing an Image-published series Man-Eaters with her Mockingbird creative partner, artist Kate Niemczyk.

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Below, CBR has the exclusive first details about Cain's next Marvel project, The Vision, a six-issue miniseries picking up where Tom King and Gabriel Walta's acclaimed title left off. The series kicks off in November and follows the Avengers' resident synthezoid as he, his daughter Viv and their robe-dog Sparky attempt to pick up the pieces of their shattered family life and move forward.

Check out the first issue's full solicitation text, along with Marcos Martin's cover, below.

Cover art for The Vision #1 by Marcos Martin

THE VISION #1 (of 6)

  • Penciled by AUD KOCH
  • Cover by MARCOS MARTIN
  • When the Vision decided to try to live a “normal” life, he built a wife, a son and a daughter—a family—only to watch it nearly all crumble. Now all that’s left is Viv, his learning-to-be-rebellious daughter, and Sparky, the family robo-dog. But what does it mean for an artificial intelligence to rebel? And can a synthezoid father handle single parenthood? The married writing team of Chelsea Cain (Mockingbird) & Marc Mohan join rising star artist Aud Koch for a new take on the Vision family that will once again have everyone talking!

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