Checking out "Hawaiian Dick: The Last Resort" #4

After some long delays, B. Clay Moore and Steve Griffin's "Hawaiian Dick: The Last Resort" comes to a conclusion shortly at Image Comics. CBR News has an eight page preview of polynesian style mayhem from issue #4. Moore stopped by to provide a description of the issue for readers, with the preview images to follow.

The much-delayed HAWAIIAN DICK THE LAST RESORT #4 opens after two different Stateside gangs have traveled to Hawaii in order to set up gambling resorts in the same sleepy bay.

The Italian gang, led by Red Piano, has hired Byrd to investigate some strange goings-on in their brand new resort, the Seaside Sands. Meanwhile, across the bay, Irish mobster Danny Quinn (proprietor of the Emerald Isles) wants Byrd to keep an eye on Piano and his boys. As the fourth issue opens, Byrd's pal Mo Kalama has escaped from Irish kidnappers, accidentally blowing up the Emerald Isles in the process.

Art and color by Steve Griffin (three time Eisner nominee). We'll see you all for the next go round, when we launch the ongoing HAWAIIAN DICK book...

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