Checker's "Steve Canyon - 1949" ships this week

Official Press Release

DAYTON, Ohio: Checker Book Publishing Group has confirmation from the tower that Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon -- 1949 (ISBN 0-9710249-1-X, $15.95, tpb) has taxied to the gates at the warehouses of all of its distribution partners, and should be landing on retail shelves this week.

The third installment in Checker's ambitious reprinting of the signature work by the "Rembrandt of Cartooning." The volume contains Canyon strips published between February 9, 1949 and February 18, 1950, wherein the intrepid lead character shoulders the Cold Warrior mantle he would wear for the next 38 years.

The first two volumes in the series, published in 2003, have received considerable critical acclaim. Publishers Weekly said, "Any reader interested in graphic storytelling would do well to pick up this collection of all the daily and Sunday installments from… Caniff's legendary adventure comic strip." While the Washington Post noted, "Steve Canyon remains about as satisfying as an adventure strip can be."

Checker Book Publishing Group was established in 2000 to bring the absolute best of dormant, unpublished, and underpublished serial comics material back to print. A private concern, Checker fabricates complete, durable and affordable graphic novels, cartoon books and comic strip treasuries for sale to such comic shops, bookstores and libraries as may require them for resale or public archiving. These endeavors are pursued with stalwart vigor by certain residents of Dayton, Ohio, in which city the press maintains its offices.

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