Checker's "Flash Gordon" Volume 1 Now Shipping

Official Press Release

DAYTON, Ohio: Checker Book Publishing Group has received word that Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon Vol. 1 (ISBN 0-9741664-3-X, $14.95, 98 pp., 12" x 9" landscape-format hardcover) has arrived at the warehouses of all of its distribution partners, and should be hitting retail shelves by Tuesday, June 29.

The book is the first of three full-color volumes collecting the entire output of comics great Alex Raymond on his signature strip, Flash Gordon. Thanks to Raymond's unrivaled gift for gorgeous, sprawling artwork and rapid-fire plotting set on a world of unrivaled wonder-the mysterious planet Mongo-Flash Gordon quickly became a household name. A name which still resonates in film, literature and cartooning to this day.

Earth braces for its final destruction in a collision with an onrushing planet, and only Dr. Zarkov can prevent doomsday. Taking Flash Gordon and Dale Arden captive, he takes off in a rocket to deflect the hurtling planet and save the world. The mad Zarkov, Flash and Dale survive a crash landing on Mongo, only to be captured by the diabolical Ming the Merciless. And the true adventure begins.

Checker Book Publishing Group was established in 2000 to bring the absolute best of dormant, unpublished, and underpublished serial comics material back to print. A private concern, Checker fabricates complete, durable and affordable cartoon trade books for sale to such comic shops, bookstores and libraries as may require them for resale or public archiving. These endeavors are pursued with stalwart vigor by certain residents of Dayton, Ohio, in which city the press maintains its offices.

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