Checker to Publish Civiello's "A Bit of Madness"

Official Press Release

From the brush of French comic book artist Emmanuel Civiello comes A Bit of Madness (ISBN 0-9753808-9-3, $24.95 paperback), a high fantasy tale of epic proportions. This gorgeously painted work boasts page after page of beautiful artwork, enticing the reader into a complex and breathlessly paced tale. Critics have described Civiello's work as "…pure graphic enchantment, a ballet of imagination and of the fantastic… a hatching of extravaganza and a hymn celebrating Celtic traditions." Published in oversize format (9" X 12.5") to fully showcase the detailed panel artwork and collecting all four chapters, first-time readers will understand why Civiello has stunned tens of thousands of comic book lovers with his artistry.

Strongly influenced by Tolkein's Lord of the Rings and Celtic lore, A Bit of Madness focuses upon on the classic battle between good and evil. The story follows the adventures Igguk, an elf that has been chosen to save his homeworld, the Land of Faerie, from demonic forces bent on its destruction. The battle between the two powers has raged on for years, and now Faerie's only hope is for Igguk to find the Heart of Crystal, which holds the essence of Faerie, before the Lord of Darkness does.

Civiello fills the panels with photographic-type detail and spins a tale full of adventure, intrigue, and of course… A Bit of Madness. Boasting some of the finest interior artwork ever to grace the pages of a comic book, this European best-seller was serialized in Heavy Metal and is to be collected for the first time by Checker.

The following e-mail will contain images from A Bit of Madness. To preview more interior art for this title, visit http://www.checkerbpg.com/docs/som1_01.html

Checker Book Publishing Group, located in Dayton, Ohio, was established in 2000 to bring the absolute best of dormant, unpublished, and underpublished serial comics material back to print. Look for this title in bookstores and comic shops in May, or pre-order your copy today at www.checkerbpg.com!

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