Checker To Collect Topps' "X-Files" Comics

Official Press Release

Dayton, Ohio -- Checker Book Publishing Group has announced March 2005 publication of The X-Files: Volume 1 (ISBN 1-933160-02-0, full color, $19.95, $31.95 CAN, 200 pp. trade paperback). These compilations pick up where Topps comics left off in collecting this popular comic book series. This book collects issues 13-17, as well as the highly sought-after issue 0 (the pilot episode adaptation), and the episode adaptation of "Squeeze".

The X-Files: Volume 2 (ISBN 1-933160-03-9, full color, $19.95 USD, $31.95 CAN, 200 pp. trade paperback) will collect issues 18-23, and will also include issue ½ and the X-Files Comics Digest issue 1. Publication for the second volume is planned for Summer 2005.

Named by TV Guide as one of the greatest shows of all time, the television series had a nine-year run and enjoyed immense popularity and critical acclaim, garnering sixteen Emmy awards and five Golden Globe awards. The X-Files Topps comic book series that began in the early 90's was a force in its own right -- with original stories and a few series adaptations here and there, the X-Files comic book was a top-50 selling comic throughout its publication, frequently outselling Superman titles. Featuring writers Stefan Petrucha, Kevin J. Anderson and John Rozum, interior art by Charles Adlard, and additional art created by world-renowned artist Miran Kim, this collection is a must-have for any X-Files fan.

Checker Book Publishing Group, located in Dayton, Ohio, was established in 2000 to bring the best of dormant comics material back into print.

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