Checker launches list with first 'Alien Legion' collection

Official Press Release

DAYTON, Ohio - Checker Book Publishing Group, a new publishing venture, has announced the launch of its list with the December publication of Alien Legion: Force Nomad ($24.95 tpb, ISBN 0-9710249-0-1).

Alien Legion: Force Nomad is the first in a series of collections of the critically acclaimed comicbook series, which ran from 1987 to 1991. Featuring a fascinating concept - a galaxy-hopping mercenary force a la the French Foreign Legion - developed by Carl Potts, and scripted and drawn by the dynamite creative team of Chuck Dixon (Birds of Prey, Air Boy) and Larry Stroman (Tribe), Force Nomad collects the first eleven issues of the series' second run.

A second collection, which will collect the remainder of the second run, is slated for May 2002 publication. Checker has more volumes of this fan favorite planned, in addition to numerous other projects.

"Alien Legion: Force Nomad was the perfect title to launch our publishing house," said Publisher Mark Thompson. "It demonstrates our mission, which is to go back and rescue worthy comicbook properties which lived and died in the era before the graphic novel format had taken hold, and to keep them available to the public in a durable, good-looking, complete format that's equally at home in a comic shop or a bookstore."

"Hey, why doesn't somebody put that out? It was such a great title," was a familiar refrain that Thompson and his partner, Paul Dubuc heard as they exhibited their own Checker Comics at conventions and trade shows. So they brainstormed a lengthy list of likely candidates for graphic-novel re-issue, and began researching the rights and tracking down source materials.

Thompson and Dubuc, a former sales manager for Seven Hills Book Distributors, grew up together in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio and first worked together in publishing as 11-year-olds, teaming up to tackle Thompson's Dayton Daily News paper route. Since then, they both pursued careers in publishing, which converged in 1997 when Thompson started Checker Comics and hired Dubuc to handle publicity and marketing.

Checker Book Publishing Group is located in Centerville, Ohio.

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