Checker and "Achewood" Creator Ink Three-book Deal

Official Press Release

DAYTON, Ohio -- Checker Book Publishing Group and cartoonist Chris Onstad have reached an agreement under which the publisher will collect Onstad's Achewood comic strip in a series of three trade paperbacks beginning in November.

Checker's first Achewood collection (ISBN 0-9753808-6-9, $19.95, 180 pp. tpb), is as yet untitled, but is slated for November publication, and will collect Achewood strips from its debut in October 2001 through June 2002.

Onstad began posting his on-line comic strip chronicling life at 62 Achewood Court, home to a dysfunctional and riotously funny menagerie of anthropomorphs and robots, on a daily schedule in late 2001 (he later launched a subscription-only Sunday installment in color on Serializer.net) . It quickly became a favorite of on-line and print opinion-makers - fans include syndicated columnists Dave Barry and James Lileks, cartoonists Tony Millionaire (Maakies), Jim Woodring (Frank) and James Kochalka (Sketchbook Diaries), and a vast and varied array of prominent webloggers. In just over two years, the strip has grown to a daily readership of over 10,000 and drives a merchandising mini-empire that has allowed Onstad to leave his day job and pursue Achewood as his sole vocation. Onstad is also a nominee for a 2004 Web Cartoonist's Choice Award for Outstanding Writing in a web comic.

Checker Book Publishing Group was established in 2000, and is located in the Dayton, Ohio suburb of Miamisburg. Their books are distributed to the booktrade in the U.S. by Diamond Book Distribution, in Canada by Hushion House, and in the U.K. by Turnaround. American comics merchants may obtain Checker books from Diamond Comics, from FM International, from Cold Cut, and from Bulldog. In Canada, retailers can get them from Diamond, and from Snap! Entertainment. In the United Kingdom and on the European continent, Diamond and Turnaround Publisher Services supply the comics trade.

Individuals seeking entertainment and enlightenment can find both in a Checker book. Locate them in finer comics and book stores or they can be had by mail order from one of the many Internet peddlers, including Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and Checker's own website.

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