Check out My Deadbeat Dad... in Hell

Yokaiden creator Nina Matsumoto and veteran Simpsons comics writer Ian Boothby have a treat for us today: My Deadbeat Dad, a short story about a girl who pays weekend visits to her dad... in Hell. It's amazingly economical; in just a handful of pages, Matsumoto and Boothby introduce the characters, establish a fairly complicated premise, and bring in a couple of twists; even small details turn out to be important.

Both creators are in their element here; Matsumoto won the 2009 Eisner award for best short story for one of her Treehouse of Horror tales, and she and Boothby previously teamed up to create the Simpsons Death Note parody in Treehouse of Horror #14. This short comic is labeled "dbdpitch," so we can only hope that they have plans to develop this into a longer comic. With this team and this premise, it certainly has potential.

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