Check Out Every "Dark Knight III: The Master Race" Cover To Date

Frank Miller and company's "Dark Knight III: The Master Race" #1 will be arriving in comic shops on December 9, and when it does, it will be accompanied by A LOT of variant covers. DC Comics hasn't yet put a limit on how many special versions of the comic will be circulating to various retailers, but so far the publisher has released 32 individual efforts by a wave of artists including Miller collaborators like Jim Lee and Klaus Janson with well over a dozen more yet to be seen.

To keep fans up to date on what exactly will be on the market, CBR has assembled every single "DKIII" variant to date in one gallery. Check them out below, and sound off on the message boards on whether you're in or out for this massive wave of covers.

More variants from the likes of Gary Frank, Francis Manapul, John Cassaday, Kevin Eastman, Terry Dodson, David Finch and Walter Simonson are expected to arrive in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned to CBR.

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