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The Adventures of Jodelle

It feels like for as long as I've had an Internet connection, a month hasn’t gone by when I didn’t have a least one drunken night where I’d take a look around and try to find an affordable copy of Guy Peellaert's The Adventures of Jodelle or Pravda. I wasn't fussy; I'd take it in any condition, in any language. Never could find one, but this week Fantagraphics releases a typically gorgeous and erudite edition of the groundbreaking Jodelle, the work that brought Pop Art home to comics. I've been pining for this book since Fanta released preview images in February. Looking back at my youth, I realize the Belgian's art used to be everywhere: His Rock Dreams images were on posters all over the diner in the seaside town I holidayed in, and the young me once mistook them for kitsch but later realized were inspired; he painted the cover to two albums I love, one a genuine classic (Diamond Dogs), the other a guilty pleasure (It's Only Rock 'n Roll); my crazy, loveable maverick of a French teacher had his Taxi Driver poster up in his classroom; Mick Jagger's Turner had a massive Pravda poster up in his hideaway in Performance, a film I was obsessed with in my Stones-fixated late teens. So yeah, I'm a happy bunny. Can't wait to get my hands on this one. -- Mark Kardwell

The Last of Us: American Dreams #1

Honestly, I don't know much about The Last of Us, the video game this comic serves as a prequel for, beyond that it's some sort of post-apocalyptic survival game. What I do know is this four-issue miniseries is co-written and drawn by Faith Erin Hicks (Friends with Boys, Zombies Calling), one of my favorite creators, and that makes it a "must buy" for me. --JK Parkin

Polarity #1

The appeal of BOOM! Studios’ Polarity #1 (previewed by CBR here [https://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=preview&id=15885]) is that it aims to portray a person who cuts back on his a bipolar medication only to find he has superpowers. The condition itself is not the draw for me, but rather that the story is written by Say Anything lead singer Max Bemis, who’s been quite open regarding his own bipolar diagnosis and treatment. We are still relatively early in the era of people publicly acknowledging their ability to address mental-health welfare without it being regarded as a stigma. To have a story where fighting one's depression is an asset that manifests to some extent as a superpower is an approach I find both intriguing and laudable. In terms of multimedia promotion, BOOM! intends to provide a new original song written and performed by Bemis for download with the purchase of an issue. -- Tim O’Shea

Thanos Rising #1

Oooh, it was a toss-up this week between a couple things, but hands down, I can't wait to see what's inside Thanos Rising #1. I'll admit that Jason Aaron has been hit and miss with me, but a story this important needed to be told keeping in mind not only the fans but also the lookie-looks peeking in from the cinematic universe. Brian Michael Bendis' Guardians of the Galaxy is being written with the movie-verse in mind, I have a feeling that Thanos Rising will be, too. It'll be a great entry point into a specific villain and his motivation that you don't get in other books, and who better to depicts the depths of that villainy in space than Simone Bianchi?

I was going to say that the (finally!) released Avengers Assembled Blu-Ray Set was the best thing out this week, but seeing where the future of that movie-verse might lead, not to mention "what comes after “Marvel NOW!” ... now, that's got my full attention. -- Carla Hoffman

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