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Al Capp: A Life to the Contrary

Al Capp's long-running comic strip Li'l Abner gave us Dogpatch, the Shmoos, Sadie Hawkins dances and Joe Btfsplk, the perpetually unlucky fall guy who was followed around by his own dark cloud. Those are expressions and metaphors I have been using all my life, but I have to admit, I never paid too much attention to their creator until now. Steven Heller's recent article in The Atlantic has whetted my appetite for this new biography of Capp, which promises to be a fascinating story about a complicated man. -- Brigid Alverson

Helheim #1

Cullen Bunn doing another series for Oni (who publish the awesome Sixth Gun by Bunn and Brian Hurtt) would be enough to get my attention, but adding Joelle Jones as the artist seals the deal. Jones shows her versatility yet again -- she’s drawn everything from crime (You Have Killed Me) to witchy teen dramas (Spellcheckers) to superheroes (Ultimate Spider-Man), and now she can add decapitating viking horror to her resume. Did I mention undead Vikings with demons and ghosts? Just add a metal soundtrack, and this book is golden. Read more about it here. -- JK Parkin

Last Day in Vietnam: A Memory

Just in time for Will Eisner Week, Dark Horse reissues this Harvey Award-winning graphic novel of six short war stories, in hardcover for the first time (and adds an introduction by Matt Fraction). Covering Eisner's own experiences and observations both as a soldier and a correspondent for the Army's P.S. Magazine, the graphic novel tells stories at times terrifying, tragic and funny of soldiers and citizens involved in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Using a unique sepia ink, Last Day in Vietnam was originally released five years before Eisner's death and is the final word on war by a comics innovator who saw so much of it firsthand. -- Corey Blake

Age of Ultron #1

Holy cats! It's here! The story that Brian Michael Bendis has been hinting at and teasing us with from the start of the Heroic Age, only to leave the intended title the story would be told through and then come back! Like some strange, horror jump scare, this time with Bryan Hitch! Eek! And a holo-foil cover on Issue 1! Aah! Quite frankly, I'm terrified to see what Bendis will do to the Avengers and their robot nemesis this time around, so much like a horror movie I'll be peeking through my fingers to see what terrible fates lie in store for our heroes. -- Carla Hoffman

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