Chat Transcript: Writer Marc Andreyko

Regular visitors to CBR know that for the past couple of months we've been holding regular creator chats in the CBR Chat room. Once completed, we post the transcript of that chat here on CBR. We got a little behind in posting those transcripts, so we'll be posting one a day this week. Today we bring you our chat transcript with writer Marc Andreyko.

Brian Cronin: Welcome to the Marc Andreyko chat!

marc andreyko: Heya! So, any questions?

glguardian: What happened to finding about Kate's dad, like the solicit stated?

marc andreyko: That got pushed back a little.

marc andreyko: The whole dad thing starts in #16 - The arc is called "Who's Your Daddy?"

Nate Grey: Tell us what work you've done?

marc andreyko: I write "Manhunter" for DC. I have also done "Torso" w/ Brian Bendis.

marc andreyko: I am doing "Casefiles: Sam and Twitch" at Image.

marc andreyko: A few projects at IDW (to be named later).

marc andreyko: Some screenplay stuff.

marc andreyko: And three creator owned things in development for Image.

glguardian: Ohh....what type of screenplay stuff?

marc andreyko: Right now, a few comedies, some adaptations of comic stuff and some TV pilots.

Messchird: Do you work long hours?

marc andreyko: I make my own hours. I usually work at night.

marc andreyko: I am not a morning person.

marc andreyko: Many years of catholic school ruined early hours for me.

ConnorFan: Did you get to talk to Judd Winick at San Diego about Connor?

marc andreyko: I saw Judd for about 3 seconds at San Diego.

Messchird: Do you like your job?

marc andreyko: I love my job.

Messchird: What's the best part of it?

marc andreyko: The best part of my job: getting paid to play with characters I love.

Cayman: Who would you cast as Kate Spencer?

marc andreyko: I think Famke Jannsen would rock out as Kate.

ConnorFan: Now who would play Dylan?

marc andreyko: Dylan? Maybe Stephen Dorff.

marc andreyko: He's hairy enough!

marc andreyko: The "real" Dylan works at Golden Apple here in L.A.

Messchird: How did you get into the industry?

marc andreyko: I became friends with P.Craig Russell.

marc andreyko: My first gig in comics was due to him.

Scott Mateo: Mark admits he "signed on as Manhunter" for the government. Does this mean the events in First Issue Special never happened? I can buy that N'Lassa was an implanted memory, but was Shaw ever affiliated with the android Manhunters? How does this explain him attacking the JLA to bring Hal Jordan in for "destroying" that planet - is that story still canon?

marc andreyko: Not all of Shaw's memories are false.

marc andreyko: But, the cat guy was.

marc andreyko: A cat guy with a mullet?! C'mon!

marc andreyko: As for the rest, you'll see....

Scott Mateo: If Shaw and Dumas were the same person, did the Ostrander Manhunter series ever really happen? How would the first and last story arc be explained?

marc andreyko: Who said Dumas wasn't real before the implants?

Messchird: What were your inspirations for your creations?

marc andreyko: Helen Mirren and Kate Hepburn as well as "Buffy" are big influences on Kate.

Cayman: Which supervillians would you most like Kate to kill if you could?

marc andreyko: As far as villains to kill: well, Kate would love to take out the Joker.

erikcrusade: How did you set out to distinguish Kate Spencer from the long line of Manhunters before? Obviously her being a woman was a big change for one....

marc andreyko: Well, I didn't want her to be too tied into existing ones.

marc andreyko: I wanted her to choose a name first and see the consequences later.

erikcrusade: I have to say I like how you waited until the current storyline to tie them all in.

marc andreyko: It was tough to do, but turned out okay, I think.

Scott Mateo: When did Mark get the implants? After the whole Suicide Squad/Millennium/Ostrander series?

marc andreyko: Nope.

marc andreyko: He got them sometime before that.

Cayman: Will Kate get a chance to team up with Huntress?

marc andreyko: Hopefully. Gail and I have had talks.

glguardian: Would you add a new supporting character to "Manhunter?"

marc andreyko: Well, right now the plate is filling up.

marc andreyko: Damon will have a big storyline after the jump.

ConnorFan: Damon rocks, is he ever going to just ask Hawkman out? I'd love to see that!

marc andreyko: If I could make Hawkman gay, I would in a second.

marc andreyko: How cool would it be is Hawkgirl came back as a guy?

marc andreyko: Carter had to have been gay at least once before.

Scott Mateo: I really liked how you handled the Hawkmess during Shadow Thief's trial.

marc andreyko: I love Hawkman.

marc andreyko: I would kill to write him someday.

Messchird: I have never read your work before, what would you recommend to me?

marc andreyko: I'd say check out "Torso."

marc andreyko: Or "Manhunter."

marc andreyko: Series-wise: "The Lost," if you can find 'em.

Scott Mateo: Is/was Shaw thought to be dead by everyone after that incident on Parador and the last issue of the previous Goodwin "Zero Hour" Manhunter series?

marc andreyko: See "Manhunter" #15.

Scott Mateo: That would explain why he's broke and no longer owns that Australian research and development company.

erikcrusade: How do you feel about one year later as a writer? Do you see it as a creative challenge or something more negative?

marc andreyko: The one year later jump fits in nicely with long range plans.

marc andreyko: So, I'm digging it.

glguardian: What issue do you know "Manhunter" will last until?

marc andreyko: Well, we survive the jump, so....

marc andreyko: If sales hold a decent % of "Omac" lookie-loos we'll be okay.

marc andreyko: The sales on the TPB are very important.

Cayman: Could you see Kate being welcome on any of the DC's superteams?

marc andreyko: Superteams, huh?

marc andreyko: Funny you should ask....

ConnorFan: Is the new "Manhunter" trade just 1-5 or is there other stuff in there?

marc andreyko: Just 1-5.

marc andreyko: But 5 is hard to find I hear.

marc andreyko: 5 sold out fast. Alas, no press release.

Scott Mateo: Is there any truth to the rumor that you and Christos Gage have an "Amethyst" mini in the works?

marc andreyko: Chris and I have something in the works. Not Amethyst though.

marc andreyko: I love her, too.

marc andreyko: The first mini rocked!

Beta Ray Bill: How is it writing "Sam & Twitch" over at the 'ol Image?

marc andreyko: I love doing Sam & Twitch!

marc andreyko: It's been satisfying my "Law & Order" jones.

marc andreyko: Gail!!!

marc andreyko: How are you?

marc andreyko: I am loving "Action!"

marc andreyko: And "Birds of Prey!"

Gail Simone: I just came in to say I freakin' love "Manhunter," it's one of my favorite books, and anyone not buying it is nuts.

marc andreyko: Thanks, Gail!

marc andreyko: And anyone not buying Gail's stuff is missing out, too!

marc andreyko: The folks wanna know when Helena and Kate get together

Cayman: In an arc called "Man/Huntress" maybe!

glguardian: Is Jesus Saiz coming back to "Manhunter?"

marc andreyko: He's still doing covers.

marc andreyko: And wait til you see #18's cover.

marc andreyko: OMG!

JimmyDee: Any new word on the "Torso" movie? This seems to be stuck in production hell.

marc andreyko: Hmm, there may be a huge "Torso" announcement in the near future.

ConnorFan: Are you coming to the New York Comic Con in Feb.?

marc andreyko: No plans. I usually only do SDCC and WizLA

Cayman: Did you like how you were drawn in "Fortune and Glory?"

marc andreyko: Bendis did a good job.

marc andreyko: My dialogue was all mine though!!! :)

Beta Ray Bill: What other DC characters would you like to get a crack at?

marc andreyko: I would love to write Ragman.

marc andreyko: I have a killer Batman Elseworlds.

marc andreyko: Hawkman.

marc andreyko: I would love to do a JLU and have Kate in it!

marc andreyko: This season has rocked so far!

marc andreyko: Freakin' Warlord!!

erikcrusade: I would buy that in a hot second...you on Ragman.

marc andreyko: I have an awesome take (if I do say so myself)

marc andreyko: It would be called "The Unraveling."

JimmyDee: Have you pitched DC on Ragman? Or do they already have other plans for the character?

marc andreyko: He's busy with Shadowpact right now.

Gail Simone: I think Manhunter should go up against the Six, if any survive.

marc andreyko: I would love that! We gotta chat soon, Gail

Beta Ray Bill: Marc: Favorite books out right now...

marc andreyko: Faves: Walking Dead

marc andreyko: Birds of Prey

erikcrusade: Are you more drawn to work on lesser recognized characters then? Ragman and Manhunter aren't the best known properties....

marc andreyko: The lesser knows have more freedom than the icons generally.

marc andreyko: There aren't Manhunter band-aid licensees to worry about.

marc andreyko: Although I hear Kate is getting a Hero Clix!!!

Gail Simone: What? Kate gets a Hero Clix? Cool!

stephen sadowski: I hope to have another crack at "Manhunter," sometime...It's a book that feels "right" to me...

marc andreyko: I like the way you feel, too, Steve....um, what?

marc andreyko: LOL

stephen sadowski: Hehehe...

stephen sadowski: Marc, lets pitch a "JSA: Classified" story!!

marc andreyko: That would rock, Steve.

marc andreyko: I wanna do an Obsidian story.

stephen sadowski: Well, personally, I'd love a Wildcat spotlight...

Gail Simone: I adore Wildcat.

stephen sadowski: I think Wildcat could easily carry his own book, now.

stephen sadowski: Obsidian? GROAN!

marc andreyko: Wildcat would be awesome too, but Geoff has plans for him.

stephen sadowski: He does?

Scott Mateo: I hear Beau Smith pitched a Wildcat series recently-- it'd be nice to see him write something for DC again.

Gail Simone: Would love to have Beau back.

stephen sadowski: I liked your Wildcat, Gail....

Gail Simone: Thank you, Stephen, I love your work!

stephen sadowski: Thanks, Gail...still wanna work with you at sometime!

Gail Simone: Sheesh, name the project, Stephen.

stephen sadowski: Gail..anything!!

marc andreyko: (Random teasing you folks!) Wait til you see who Kate's dad is.....hee-heee...

Messchird: I'd like to see you team up with Gail, but that's wishful thinking.

marc andreyko: Gail and I have the same editor so it isn't impossible.

marc andreyko: I wanna do Amethyst!

Gail Simone: YAY for Marc on Amethyst!

Gail Simone: I tried to have an Amethyst villain in "Villains United," but it got denied!

marc andreyko: I wish Ernie Colon could draw it, too.

Cayman: Which dead DC character would you most like to resurrect?

Scott Mateo: PEACEMAKER!

marc andreyko: Peacemaker is in "Manhunter" #15. Sort of.

erikcrusade: If you could trade a book with anyone right now and write one other book what would you write and who would you want to write Manhunter?

marc andreyko: Hmmm, I would write "Amazing Spider-Man."

marc andreyko: and I'd love to see Gail take a crack at Kate.

Gail Simone: Would love to write Kate in something, but I think the book is yours for good, Marc.

marc andreyko: How about you and I do "Infinity, Inc." with Sadowski drawing it?

stephen sadowski: LOL

Gail Simone: We could take over the world!

marc andreyko: I love Infinity, Inc.

stephen sadowski: Really?

marc andreyko: Really, what, Steve?

stephen sadowski: You love INF INC?

marc andreyko: Yes!!

Scott Mateo: Marc: Any chance Shaw taking up the Privateer guise again? Seemed like a natural route after the Suicide Squad "Dragon's Hoarde" story arc...

marc andreyko: No plans for the privateer name.

Pól Rua: It's a shame "Manhunter" wasn't promoted better. I get a distinct Chase vibe (and of course, we have Chase guest-starring in it) Great series, procedural elements, good ties to DCU, but nobody's reading it because they don't know why they should be.

marc andreyko: Well, promotion is an issue for almost everything these days.

marc andreyko: We got a TPB so I can't complain.

marc andreyko: I wish there was some more Wizard coverage, though.

Scott Mateo: Dr. Fate getting an overhaul scares me

stephen sadowski: Yes, me too...there goes my Costume, I think...

marc andreyko: Are they redoing Fate's costume?

stephen sadowski: Well, if hector goes, it goes, I think...

marc andreyko: Did that big Fate helmet ever come out?

stephen sadowski: I so wanted that helmet!!!

Scott Mateo: Stephen, your Dr. Fate costume should be definitive-- especially with the Egyptian design around the collar.

stephen sadowski: Thank you.

steeler80: This probably has already been asked, Marc, but what other projects from you do we need to be looking for?

marc andreyko: Well, I can announce waaay early an Image thing I'm developing:

marc andreyko: It is called "SuperMax" and it is "Oz" with supervillains.

stephen sadowski: LOL

marc andreyko: You laughin' at me, sad?

stephen sadowski: BTW..anyone reading "Young Avengers?" My favorite comic right now…

marc andreyko: Allan is a great guy and a heckuva writer.

stephen sadowski: Although with the latest issue, I realized that the art was more than half of it...

stephen sadowski: I really wanted to meet Allan at San Diego, but he was slippery!!

marc andreyko: Gail, when is your Dark Horse "Hot Chix" book out?

Gail Simone: Not entirely sure...maybe two months from now? My little story is about hairdressing.

marc andreyko: Awesome!

Gail Simone: I have a question. What made you create Kate, Marc?

marc andreyko: Well, Dan DiDio approached me with the "let's do a female Manhunter" and Kate Hepburn had just passed…

marc andreyko: And I had just watched "Prime Suspect" #1-6.

marc andreyko: I wanted to create a female character as flawed as many of the males in comics.

Gail Simone: I do get a lot of complaints about that...male fans who have very serious resentment if Huntress or Black Canary isn't shown to be flawless. I think it's interesting

marc andreyko: It's the whole Madonna/whore thing, ain't it, Gail?

Gail Simone: Yeah, in particular, some people have Huntress on a really high pedestal. Oracle, too.

Scott Mateo: Any plans for Kate and Mark to compare notes since they're both attorneys?

marc andreyko: Mark hasn't been practicing for years, so not really.

Oracle_0128: Marc, are you a wallet in your front pocket kinda guy??

marc andreyko: No way!

marc andreyko: Back pocket, baby!

PMH: Are Kate and Peter going to get back together?

marc andreyko: Define together. :)

Beta Ray Bill: Did you go back and read any of the old "Manhunter" series' before starting yours?

marc andreyko: I read all of 'em!

marc andreyko: Even the "Zero Hour" one!

Beta Ray Bill: Even the old Dan Richards Quality stories?

marc andreyko: The one I could get my hands on, yup.

Lex: I wanted to thank you for your great use of Cameron Chase. You've done a wonderful job with her.

marc andreyko: Thanks. I adore her, too.

Gail Simone: Chase is terrific. Marc writes her great.

PMH: What made you decided to use Chase, Marc?

marc andreyko: Well, Chase is a great character who was laying fallow, so I snapped her up!

marc andreyko: I wish DC would do a "Chase" TPB (incl. all the secret files stuff).

stephen sadowski: So does J.H.!!

marc andreyko: I'd write the intro for it!

Beta Ray Bill: Speaking of Chase-- How long will she be sticking around?

marc andreyko: Chase is a series regular now.

Scott Mateo: Was it hard killing an established character like Dan Richards, or Kirk de Paul-- someone Busiek had to pull a lot of strings to use-- or even a throw away character like Archie's Chase Lawler?

marc andreyko: Archie didn't do Chase Lawler.

marc andreyko: And I loved Archie and Walt's Manhunter, that's why I killed that prick DePaul

Scott Mateo: LOL, have you ever heard anything from Kurt Busiek about killing off that prick- er...de Paul?

marc andreyko: Not directly, no.

marc andreyko: On Millar's board, yes.

PMH: What did he say?

marc andreyko: He just said he wasn't consulted before DePaul died.

marc andreyko: I meant no offense to Kurt. I dig his stuff (especially "Secret Identity").

PMH: Is Wonder Woman considered an anti-hero now?

marc andreyko: Woncer Woman is a hero.

marc andreyko: She made a tough choice for the betterment of us all.

marc andreyko: I think Diana is to be commended for taking that action.

Dave Richards: Marc if Marvel/DC tensions ever thaw, how about a Manhunter/Daredevil by you and Bendis?

marc andreyko: We would both love to do that.

Michael Painter: What comics are you reading currently?

marc andreyko: Too many to list.

Oracle_0128: What do you find is the hardest for you to write? Action? Dialogue? Humor?

marc andreyko: I don't think of the type/genre I'm doing while I write. I just try and let the story tell itself.

marc andreyko: If I think too much about it being funny or scary, it usually is neither

glguardian: What is the TPB cover?

marc andreyko: The TPB has the cover from #2.

Cayman: Sweet, is there a cover gallery?

marc andreyko: I believe so, yes.

marc andreyko: And an intro from me.

Michael Painter: Do you like Grant Morrison stuff?

marc andreyko: I love Grant. His take is so unique and alive. "Doom Patrol" and "Animal Man" are some of my all time faves!

PMH: How long have you been reading comics?

marc andreyko: Since I was three.

Oracle_0128: Marc, are there any artists or writers you would kill to team up with?

marc andreyko: J.G. Jones.

Michael Painter: I think you and Cameron Stewart would be cool.

marc andreyko: Cameron is awesome.

marc andreyko: Phil Jimenez, Lee Weeks, John Romita, Jr….

marc andreyko: Maybe Kate will be in "Infinite Crisis!"

marc andreyko: The "Infinite Crisis" stuff I've seen is miraculous.

marc andreyko: Each page is a work of art.

Michael Painter: "Manhunter" #15 has Rags Morales doing some pages?

marc andreyko: Yup, Rags did some stuff in 15

glguardian: Any chance a Kubert could draw Manhunter?

marc andreyko: Omigod, Joe Kubert is a dream of mine!

marc andreyko: He is one of the few remaining greats.

Michael Painter: Any hints to the arcs to come, Marc?

marc andreyko: Nope. :)

marc andreyko: But the first one after the leap is a doozy!

marc andreyko: Okay, here's a lil' spoiler: Phobia will be back.

marc andreyko: Soon.

Michael Painter: Any fun stuff happening in one year later, with Manhunter, at least?

marc andreyko: There will be big one year later changes!

Michael Painter: Why hasn't Dylan been contacted by the Society?

marc andreyko: They don't know where Dylan is.

marc andreyko: Dylan 's past will be back to haunt him.

Michael Painter: Really, considering how many villains he's worked for, Dylan, must be interesting to at least someone like Calculator.

marc andreyko: Just wait....

glguardian: Is Dylan Mockingbird??

marc andreyko: No, he's too hairy to be Mockingbird.

Cayman: I liked how "Manhunter" #1 departed from the usual first issue trend these days in really getting right into the story rather than just acting as set-up.

marc andreyko: Thanks. I wanted to throw the reader right in the deep end.

marc andreyko: Some liked it, other didn't. Sigh...

erikcrusade: I'm curious how it feels to be wrapped up in all this "Infinite Crisis" stuff?

marc andreyko: I'm enjoying it. Most of it dovetails nicely with what I had planned anyway, so it has been smooth.

marc andreyko: Okay, guys. I'm here for 4 more minutes!

glguardian: Is "Manhunter" going to have a "Infinite Crisis" tie in?

marc andreyko: See "Manhunter" #19.

erikcrusade: Any tips for aspiring writers?

marc andreyko: Write at least an hour a day. It's like exercise. The more you do, the easier it gets.

marc andreyko: And writer's block is crap! Just think of a block as a mental charley horse and work through it!

marc andreyko: Remember: sometimes you have to purge the crappy writing out to get to the good stuff.

marc andreyko: Just keep doing it (and, most importantly, write stories you feel, not what you think people might like)!

Oracle_0128: Do you read fan fic???

marc andreyko: Not really. It's tough. I don't wanna swipe something I read somewhere else.

marc andreyko: Well, it's my turn to thank all of you... for showing up... for reading Manhunter...for making me one of the luckiest schlubs in the world

marc andreyko: Let's do this again soon! :)

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