Chat Transcript: Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort

The evening of Thursday, September 9th, saw another one of CBR's regular creator chats take place, this time with Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort, who answered questions from fans for over an hour. In addition, writer Joe Casey stopped by to hang out. What follows is a 19 page chat transcript that includes bits of news (including a new Joe Casey series edited by Tom), answers to fans questions and lots of fun back and forth. CBR Chat Moderator Brian Cronin presided over the chat.

Pull up a comfortable chair, a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Brian Cronin: Welcome, folks, to the Tom Brevoort chat.

Tom Brevoort: Okay. Howdy, folks.

Kirk G: Are there any limit to the number of Marvel Masterworks you plan to put out? The last few have been pricey and not the most in demand material, IMHO.

Tom Brevoort: No specific limit. We'll put out as many of them as we think there might be readers for.

Kirk G: Given how some series have started far earlier than others, we seem to be reprinting some late silver age while other early silver age Marvel have not seen daylight yet.

Tom Brevoort: True enough. But what's wrong with that?

Scott King: Why do you prefer editing versus writing or some other aspect of working with comics?

Tom Brevoort: I think I'm best in the editor chair.

Tom Brevoort: Because there are too many mediocre writers in the comics field already, so I'm not really needed there-- whereas there aren't enough mediocre editors...

Kirk Jarvinen: I noticed that "House of M" brought back the original Spider-Woman, and Ms. Marvel in their original costumes... I have always loved them are there any plans to give them their own books again??

Tom Brevoort: Spider-Woman, yes. Bendis and Maleev will be doing that next year. As for Carol, we'll have to wait and see.

Kirk Jarvinen: Hmm, interesting. Will you be the editor in charge of the Spider-Woman title?

Tom Brevoort: Yes. I'm also editing the "Spider-Woman: Origin" 5-issue series that Brian is doing with Brian Reed and Jonathan Luna prior to that.

Kirk Jarvinen: GREAT! I'll have to sharpen my pencil, now that she is back in the fold!!

avengerfan: Gotta tell you Tom, as a longtime collector, love the Masterworks, but lately, some of the Essentials offerings have been a real blast

Tom Brevoort: I think so too. But then, I like both formats.

thik_3rd: Any plans on who will be the creative team for Iron man after Ellis and Granov leave the book? I'm hoping for Joe Casey as the writer, and I'm glad to see him at least get a mini to write.

Tom Brevoort: We've pretty well got the new "Iron Man" team in place, but we won't announce it until everything's ready. In the meantime, though, enjoy Joe C's limited series.

avengerfan: On Hawkeye's death/return: was this the plan all along?

Tom Brevoort: This wasn't the plan initially, but it quickly became the plan once we started talking about "House of M."

Scott King: I did some google-ing and saw you got a job from Marvel after working as an intern. ...but in current times how does someone even attempt to get an editing job? At conventions you can show art to those in charge, you can mail in or make pitches for writing-- but how does someone break into editing?

Tom Brevoort: Shortest answer: you convince the person with the ability to hire you that you're the best person for the job.

thik_3rd: A general question-- how far ahead do you plan thins in terms of upcoming storylines? I recently read a Quesada interview (i think it was a Joe Friday at Newsarama) where he mentioned something slated for late 06/07.

Tom Brevoort: It varies from title to title. In a major way, we have the biggest events of 2006 pretty well mapped at this point, outside of something unexpected happening. But that doesn't mean that every issue of every comic is plotted yet.

Cayman: Do you have any tantalizing hints as to the identity of Ronin?

Tom Brevoort: He's not Daredevil

the_big_billbowski: Is Ronin really Foggy?

Tom Brevoort: The_big: Wait and see.

Ronald Bryan: Or is Ronin Paul Jenkins?

Tom Brevoort: You never know. That'd be a twist, wouldn't it?

Kevinroc: During the Fabian chat several months back, Fabian stated that Marvel wanted Genis to no longer have the Captain Marvel name. How much pull did you have with this decision or did it come from higher up in the company?

Tom Brevoort: That had to do with a publishing initiative higher up the food chain.

Tseary78: Who will be tackling the art chores on "Avengers" since David Finch is going to be doing "Moon Knight."

Tom Brevoort: Finch is on #11-13, then Frank Cho is doing #14-15, then Steve McNiven is doing the next arc starting in #16. And beyond that, wait and see.

JoeCasey: Wow... an actual live chat...!

Tom Brevoort: Yep, still do these from time to time. Still use paper, too.

JoeCasey: Paper... that stuff they make from trees... interesting...

thik_3rd: Wow, is that Joe Casey?. I just asked about you earlier. Good luck with the Iron Man mini, and I'm enjoying "Godland."

JoeCasey: "The Inevitable" will kick much ass. Just ask Tom...

Kirk G: How do you choose what will see trade paperback status and future Marvel Masterworks Hardbound books?

Tom Brevoort: It's a combination of what we think will sell best, what storylines might be coming up in the new books that might suggest a classic collection, and just what we think the audience wants.

avengerfan: "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Volume II"!!!!!!!! Tom, Joe???

Tom Brevoort: You'll see it in 2006.

JoeCasey: Whoa... did Tom just announce something there...?

Tom Brevoort: That's what happens when you go live.

JoeCasey: Huh... I guess this means I can talk to my Avengers peeps about... upcoming stuff...

Tom Brevoort: Yes, to some extent. I don't think there's any harm to be had in it. The only question is the precise schedule.

Scott King: What is the hardest part of being an editor/what is the most enjoyable part?

Tom Brevoort: The hardest part is firing people, believe it or not. The best part is when you get the final printed product in your hands.

Kirk G: Is there any truth to the rumor (which I started) that you reprinted the Sub Mariner, Hulk, and Cap A Masterworks, and SHEILD/Nick Fury TPB in response to my request back on the Kirbylist some five years ago????

Tom Brevoort: Not specifically-- but if it allows you to score some on-list points, feel free to say that it was.

Kirk Jarvinen: I remember working with you once before on a "Deathlok" annual-- you give alot of creative freedom to your teams

Tom Brevoort: I remember that as well. That was almost fifteen years ago...

Kirk Jarvinen: WOW... You definitely have a great memory!

Tom Brevoort: Yes, it was a short little 4 or 5 page story that Dwayne McDuffie wrote. Was it the show & tell story?

Kirk Jarvinen: Well, I remember he was at Coney Island and Deathlok was feeling sorry for his self, so he beat up some punkers on the subway car who were trying to steal a little ole ladies purse.

avengerfan: Tom, where's the Sgt. Fury Masterworks or Essentials?!?!

Tom Brevoort: My copies of the first 13 issues are in the offices now for reference.

thik_3rd: Since we're talking reprints, how about an essential Ka-Zar?

Tom Brevoort: What would you even put in an Essential Ka-Zar?

Tom Brevoort: No plans at the moment, but you never know. David Gabriel wants to do crazier things...

Tseary78: Mark Waid's run comes to mind

Stephane Garrelie: Essential Ka-Zar will definitively be something that I'll buy. I loved the Bruce Jones/Brent Anderson run from the 80's

Tom Brevoort: That was a good run overall.

thik_3rd: How many Ka-Zar series were there even 3? 4? I have most of the '80s and the Waid series, so I was just hoping for an easy way to get the 70's ones.

Tom Brevoort: I can think of at least 4 Ka-Zar series, not counting one-shots.

Captain: Who is your favorite writer/artist that you have worked with?

Tom Brevoort: Joe Casey, because he comes to the chats...

JoeCasey: Awwww... this is why we all love the Brevoort.

Kevinroc: How far along is "The Inevitable?" How much has Joe written?

Tom Brevoort: Joe's turned in one script so far. And Frazer should have it now.

JoeCasey: Writing issue #2 as we speak.

Kirk G: I'd love a Sgt. Fury masterwork, as would most Jack Kirby Collectors... but I'd settle for one or two volumes of B&W Sgt. Fury Essentials!

Tom Brevoort: You'll get a Masterworks edition for certain, and possibly an Essential sometime after that, but no promises.

Scott King: I remember in one interview I read (don't remember who said it) but they said basically that with editing if things go wrong it's all the editors fault and if they go well its the writer and artist that get the credit. How thankful or thankless is editing?

Tom Brevoort: Not thankless. But the thanks shouldn't come from the audience. Creators get the credit; editors get the blame. That's the way it's supposed to be

JimmyDee: Wow, editors sound like they're members of the CIA! In the CIA, they take all the blame, but very few bows when they do something good. You're like a special agent and stuff!

Tom Brevoort: Except they put my name right there on the first page, unlike some CIA operatives.

Cayman: When will we see Starfox again?

Tom Brevoort: Before too long, in a book I edit even!

Kevinroc: It was my understanding that having "House of M" tie-in issues was something completely voluntary. Did this make it easier/ harder to co-ordinate and did many creators approached turn down the HoM offer?

Tom Brevoort: It was about average, really. We got a pretty good tie-in total, but not "OMAC numbers."

JoeCasey: Hard to believe the term "OMAC numbers" is part of the lexicon now...

Tom Brevoort: Always was with me. But at least I use it a little different from most.

Tom Brevoort: And, Kevin, it wasn't really an offer that could be turned down per se-- it was more like an open door we let the creators and editors know was there. Some didn't go through it, that's all

Ronald Bryan: Well, HoM tie-ins are a bit more involved than OMACs.

Tom Brevoort: Yeah, you can't have "House of M" jump out of the bushes, smack your hero around for a few pages, and then run off, unexplained.

Kevinroc: Well, I just find it interesting to see how some of these publishing decisions affect the books I read and that they are something not necessarily in the writers or even editors' hands.

Tom Brevoort: That's what happens when you're playing in a shared universe owned by somebody else.

MrBlond: What's an OMAC?

JoeCasey: Good question.

Tom Brevoort: Used to be an OMAC was a One Man Army Corps. Now it's something newfangled.

Captain: The new OMAC is Observational Meta-Human Activity Construct

Brad Curran: There are OMACs that Jack Kirby wasn't involved with?

JoeCasey: Not in my world, there's not

Tom Brevoort: Kirby created the original OMAC. These things are different, but stem from his work.

Scott King: I know writers and artist can live all over the country and work for Marvel, but doing what you do-- do you need to stay nearer the head quarters?

Tom Brevoort: Yes, as an editor I need to be able to go into the office and interface with the production and manufacturing departments.

avengerfan: "Daredevil" 128: Where the hell were those stairs leading that the guy climbed?

Tom Brevoort: Doesn't matter-- he slipped and fell off a page after the comic ended. Died on impact

Kirk G: Just how do you pronounce your last name? Brevoort?

Tom Brevoort: Brevoort.

Michael Pullmann: You have something like three assistant editors. Be honest: does one of them exist just to feed you peeled grapes?

Tom Brevoort: No, I don't like grapes.

Kirk G: In hind sight, considering fan reaction and everything, was killing Clint/Hawkeye a good thing or a bad thing?

JoeCasey: What?!? Hawkeye's... DEAD?!?!?!?

Michael Pullmann: Hope you weren't planning on using him for "Iron Man."

JoeCasey: Well, not now...!

Tom Brevoort: You can never say objectively. But at the very least many more people are interested in Hawkeye now than they were before we did it.

Tseary78: How much are the Marvel heroes going to remember afterwards of "House of M?"

Tom Brevoort: Wait and see.

Brian Cronin: When will we find out if my Andreas Strucker as Swordsman pick is right or not? I have been waiting for months!! One issue? Two?

Tom Brevoort: We'll be revealing the Swordsman's identity before #100.

avengerfan: Is the Swordsman really Ronin?

Tom Brevoort: No.

Brian Cronin: Before #100? I can live with that

Ronald Bryan: #100 of the original numbering?

Tom Brevoort: Yes.

Scott King: How hard is it dealing with fan reactions and continue to do what you do without doubting and keeping up your own confidence?

JoeCasey: Testimonial: Tom is the most level-headed of all Marvel's editors... I don't know if that's saying much, but...

Tom Brevoort: I just keep in mind that the fans are the same chowder heads that I was when I was a fan. Then I don't worry about it so much.

Stephane Garrelie: Will the Marvel universe be more coherent after HofM?

Tom Brevoort: Could it be less coherent?

Kirk G: What do you think of characters that are introduced without a back-story for months or years? Example: Cable.

Tom Brevoort: Some of 'em work out great-- like Cable. Heck, the Silver Surfer was introduced without a back-story.

Scott King: How hard or easy is it to keep writers reigned in and on a direction with a title that you like?

Tom Brevoort: If you hire the right guys, not terribly.

JoeCasey: Tom likes to show writers the back of his hand...

Scott King: Joe-- really? I saw Tom at a convention once and he sincerely seemed like a non-violent type of guy

JoeCasey: Scott-- oh, man... lemme tell ya... he's got a short fuse, no doubt about it...

Brad Curran: What kind of Jack Bauer-esque torture techniques do you employ?

Tom Brevoort: I have a crowbar in my office.

Tom Brevoort: I just hit things.

Kevinroc: Paul Jenkins and John Romita Jr. have given interviews discussing how crazy The Sentry is. Tom, do you have anything to add discussing how crazy he is?

Tom Brevoort: Not especially-- but that shouldn't stop you from picking up "Sentry" #1 in a month's time

Wane: Will The New Thunderbolts lose the new soon?

Tom Brevoort: Probably at #100.

mattbib: Now that Marvel has more or less reestablished a shared universe, are there plans of reincorporating a tighter control on continuity (i.e. characters appearing in multiple issues, besides Wolverine, within the same month without explanation; past issue references, and general errors)?

Tom Brevoort: Honestly, not really. We all try to get along and work together-- but being overly anal about the continuity tends not to produce the best stories.

avengerfan: Any Kurt Busiek work on the horizon for Marvel?

Tom Brevoort: He just turned in the first part of "Marvels Eye of the Camera" #3.

thik_3rd: Any more news about "Marvels 2?"

Tom Brevoort: We're working on the third issue now. Yes, I said the third issue. Be patient.

Michael Pullmann: Is a writer trying to break in at Marvel better off waiting until he's established himself elsewhere?

Tom Brevoort: I think a writer trying to break in should try to get writing work wherever they can-- take up any opportunity to practice their craft.

Cayman: Will we see any New Invaders characters appear again soon (besides Namor)? I'm thinking of Blazing Skull in particular.

JoeCasey: Love the Blazing Skull...!

Tom Brevoort: You never know...

Brian Cronin: Was Dr. Druid your first pick to replace Dr. Strange in Secret Defenders?

Tom Brevoort: I believe the editor at the time came to me with Dr. Druid.

Kirk Jarvinen: Is Marvel going to do an Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus with the Lee/Ditko run?

Tom Brevoort: We've talked about it, but nothing's definite yet.

Kevinroc: Since "The Defenders" has been selling, I heard that Marvel would launch an ongoing by Giffen and Co. If it was deemed successful. Any truth to this?

Tom Brevoort: As usual, it depends on the sales of the limited series.

JoeCasey: The resurgence of Giffen is a beautiful thing, indeed...

Stephane Garrelie: I really hope we will have a coherent universe again like in the '70s '80s. Like the one Roy Thomas did is best to built back then

Tom Brevoort: That's a lot easier to do when you only have 12 or so years of stories behind you. We now have in excess of 40...

Stephane Garrelie: Yes, I understand that 40 titles is a problem, but even between the X-Men titles or the Spider-Man titles the problem exist. To let the writer write their own stories is very important of course, but it seems sometime that past is forgotten and the present chaotic.

Tom Brevoort: To some extent, though, it's always been like this. I worked on the Handbooks with Mark Gruenwald a decade ago, and we'd constantly be scratching our chins trying to figure out how to fit things together.

Wane: Are there any plans for "Blade" in the future?

Tom Brevoort: He'll be showing up within the next year, yes.

Brad Curran: How about "Silver Sable?"

Tom Brevoort: Yes, more Silver Sable in 2006.

MrBlond: Tom, are you friends with Mark Powers?

Tom Brevoort: I know him, yes.

thik_3rd: Is HOM 7 the next net cracker?

Tom Brevoort: They all are.

Michael Pullmann: OK, now fanboysim: which Marvel character not appearing regularly right now would you most like to see active again?

Tom Brevoort: Geez, I dunno-- there are a lot of characters already in play.

Stony: Hi Tom! I'm a big Priest fan... Is there anything new coming from him in the works? Or even in discussion?

Tom Brevoort: Not right this second, I'm afraid to say.

Kevinroc: Any news on when we can expect the JMS penned "Silver Surfer" mini?

Tom Brevoort: It's being painted, so we won't schedule it until we have a decent amount in hand.

Scott King: Do you normally get pitches from writers (talking about professionals) and then take on projects you like, or do you mostly have projects lined up already and then have to find the right team?

Tom Brevoort: It works both ways, some from column A, some from column B.

Brad Curran: How about Rocket Racer? I'm in a shameless mood, so I'll ask if he's going to be in anything, too.

Tom Brevoort: I'm talking to somebody about Rocket Racer right now.

Cayman: Are you saying "don't ever mention Rocket Racer again if you want to keep working in this town?"

Tom Brevoort: Not at all.

thik_3rd: Do you look at submissions from people with writing backgrounds in areas other than creative writing? Specifically-- scientific or technical writing?

Tom Brevoort: We take everything into account, but technical writing doesn't have as direct an application, given that it's meant to be flourish less.

Kirk G: Tom or Joe, any chance you'll be at the Mid-Ohio-Con in Columbus, Ohio this Thanksgiving?

Tom Brevoort: Not me

JoeCasey: Not me, but I hear great things about that Con.

Scott King: If someone wanted to get a job as an assistant editor what do you look for on thier resume'? Degree? Journalism work? or what?

Tom Brevoort: All of the above, plus the intangibles.

avengerfan: 20/20 hindsight - was "Disassembled" a hit or a miss from where the plan started?

Tom Brevoort: "New Avengers" is the #1 book in the industry, so I'd have to go with "hit."

avengerfan: I actually meant just the "Disassembled" arc, not the new launch

Tom Brevoort: It's all part-and parcel of the same thing, though. You can't really say, "Other than the newfound popularity and sales, was it a success?"

avengerfan: Really, I just meant the execution of the 3-4 issues the end goal was met, but did the execution follow the playbook?

Tom Brevoort: Pretty much, yeah.

Captain: Has Marvel considered bringing back "What If…" on a regular basis?

Tom Brevoort: Not on a regular basis, but we may do one "What If …" event a year. There'll be another in December.

the_big_billbowski: Any chance for a New West Coast Avengers?

Tom Brevoort: Not on my watch.

Kirk G: Why no West Coast Avengers on your watch? Isn't everything old New again around Marvel in about 20 years again???

Tom Brevoort: I liked certain stories in "West Coast Avengers," but I just thought the concept was dumb.

Brian Cronin: The concept of two avengers team period, Tom?

Tom Brevoort: The concept of a specifically west coast team. It didn't make any sense to me.

JoeCasey: But... they're three time zones closer if something goes wrong in Hawaii...!

Tom Brevoort: But they're all busy frolicking on the beach when something goes awry, and the real Avengers end up having to fix it anyway.

Michael Pullmann: "Hey, team, looks like Maui is under attack... again!"

Brad Curran: The possibility of a Magnum PI/Tigra team up is too good to pass up.

Brad Curran: Higgins vs. Jarvis!

JoeCasey: Jarvis all the way. Captain America never trained Higgins to fight...!

avengerfan: Joe, Higgins wouldn't let Hawkeye tie him up like that, either.......

JoeCasey: Jarvis knew what he was doing... he always does...

Michael Pullmann: So what was Jarvis doing when he let Mr. Hyde beat the holy hell out of him? Besides bleeding, I mean

JoeCasey: I'd imagine he was thinking of asking for a raise...

Ronald Bryan: What about a Great Lakes team?

Tom Brevoort: Got one of those.

thik_3rd: Any chance of an appearance at the Pittsburgh comic con in April next year Joe or tom?

Tom Brevoort: I wouldn't rule it out, but no plans.

Scott King: What do you see in the future of the comic book industry? Think the return to big events will have an impact in the long run?

Tom Brevoort: This business is cyclical, so I think the big events will have their day, and then it'll be on to something else.

Kevinroc: Will we see more of a push for some lower selling titles such as "Marvel Team-Up" and "New Thunderbolts?" These are very enjoyable books that do not seem to be getting the sales they should.

Tom Brevoort: Probably no more so than what they already get. Books like that rely an awful lot on good word of mouth.

Scott King: Is being an editor on the grand scale you are almost like being a talent agent? Trying to find all the right people... then attempting to usher them to succeed...and in the end with some dumping them as soon as they go sour?

Tom Brevoort: Not quite. It's more like being the coach/manager of a ball club. You need to get the right players in the right positions-- but your first responsibility is to the team.

Scott King: Does a comic book editor do much copy-editing or more work with story, plotting, and coaching/managing the book's team?

Tom Brevoort: All of the above, among other things.

Scott King: What other things?

Tom Brevoort: Talent scouting and recruitment, scheduling, brainstorming, etc.

JoeCasey: Tom's a great manager... he manages to put up with all of us.

Brad Curran: Does Tom pat you on the butt, Joe? Managers should do that.

JoeCasey: He tries, but I'm too fast for him...

Brad Curran: At least he makes an effort.

Ronald Bryan: How about plans for Superpro after "Marvel Team-Up?"

Tom Brevoort: There may not be plans for SuperPro even in "Team-Up."

thik_3rd: Another long shot plea for B-characters that I like-- any Guardians of the Galaxy plans?

Tom Brevoort: We've got some Guardians-related stuff in the planning stages.

JoeCasey: Everybody in here's reading "Captain America," right...? Great f'ing book!

thik_3rd: Yep, Cap is at his best since Waid's first run

Tom Brevoort: Glad you're enjoying it.

the_big_billbowski: One of the best books, Joe. Love the Captain

Brad Curran: Any Steve Gerber stuff being reprinted?

Tom Brevoort: Somewhere in our line, I'm sure.

Cayman: Thanks for publishing Young Avengers!

Tom Brevoort: Glad you're enjoying it.

mattbib: What's the ratio of new titles as a result of editors driving them versus proposals from writers/artists?

Tom Brevoort: I've no idea, to be honest. At times it swings more to one camp or the other, but never exclusively. But I don't know the ratio offhand.

Ronald Bryan: Any big shocking shake-ups planned for "Young Avengers?"

Tom Brevoort: Only every issue--!

Brian Cronin: Stature? - Scary name

Tom Brevoort: Some of the others were scarier.

Captain: Well, if no new "What If…" how about a Masterworks/Essentials for the classic stories?

Tom Brevoort: We'll have a new "What If…" event in December.

Kirk Jarvinen: What's the outlook for "Thor," Tom?

Tom Brevoort: If all goes well, we'll see him again in 2006.

Scott King: How much does the business side affect your work as an editor?

Tom Brevoort: It's all part and parcel. The business is a consideration of editing.

Kevinroc: How long will we have to wait until the real story behind The Winter Soldier is revealed?

Kirk G: Yes, yes, is bucky dead, or are we seeing Stan Lee's edicts reversed in the name of sales?

Tom Brevoort: Stan Lee's "edicts?" He's given no edits, far as I know. And I talked to him last week.

Tom Brevoort: Regarding the Winter Soldier, you'll know a lot more after CAP #11. And wait 'til you see the cover to #14!

avengerfan: Tom/Joe - Three favorite titles you're reading now?

JoeCasey: "Seven Soldiers" minis, "Captain America," and "City of Tomorrow."

Brian Cronin: Do you think rotating books, editor-wise, is good for the creativity of a title, or do you think that a consistent voice is better? Or is it the proverbial "sometimes one, sometimes the other?"

Tom Brevoort: Sometimes the one, sometimes the other. But it certainly does inject some new life into a series, for good or ill.

mattbib: Any non-comic talent in talks with Marvel? I thought I had heard something about Stephen King awhile back. Is this something that Marvel regularly pursues, or is it more a case of an author contacting Marvel?

Tom Brevoort: We're constantly looking for talent outside the comics world, and will have more to announce soon.

Scott King: What will your schedule be like at the Baltimore Comic-Con?

Tom Brevoort: Scott: I'll be there both days, and doing some panels and stuff-- beyond that, I don't know.

thik_3rd: Any more Gaiman work for Marvel coming up? I sporadically hear rumors.

Tom Brevoort: Yes, Neil's got something in the pipeline.

JoeCasey: "Neil's got something in the pipeline"... yuck...

avengerfan: Tom, are you the editor on the book by the King?

Tom Brevoort: Nope.

Brian Cronin: What's the last project that you personally championed that did not really work out commercially?

Tom Brevoort: "Livewires." But even that may have additional life in digest form. Because I never lose.

avengerfan: Tom/Joe, hope the two of you can make it up to Wizard World Boston, home of the World Champion Boston Red Sox.

JoeCasey: Not this year, sorry.

Tom Brevoort: I don't know for sure, but I expect we'll be there in some capacity.

Michael Pullmann: Tom, if aliens forced you and Axel Alonso to fight to the death, who would win?

JoeCasey: Who are these aliens that are forcing editors to fight...?

Tom Brevoort: Axel would say Axel. But he'd be wrong.

Brian Cronin: What's your favorite "done in one" "Avengers" issue of all-time?

Tom Brevoort: Oh, I don't know, the Jarvis-in-the-hospital one was pretty good...

Kirk G: Is there any chance that we will see "Captain America" cross over with "House of M?" Or are the storylines separate???

Tom Brevoort: "Captain America" #10 is the Cap "House of M" issue.

mattbib: Was "Livewires" originally solicited as "Mannites?" Or was that something that never came out?

Tom Brevoort: "Livewires" was originally "Mannites" on a production schedule somewhere.

Kirk G: Any hints on where Professor X has been during "House of M?"

Tom Brevoort: "House of M" #6 contains a big hint--!

Captain: Who would you like to work with that you have not had the chance to yet?

Tom Brevoort: Michael Chabon

Captain: Interesting. Any specific title you would like him on?

Tom Brevoort: Yes-- but I'd rather not speak it aloud.

thik_3rd: How much say do you have in who Marvel pursues to offer exclusive contracts to? Are then any creators out there you're hoping to snatch up?

Tom Brevoort: I'm involved in those decisions to some degree. And there are always more creators that we'd like to have.

Kevinroc: Will the Invincible issue of "Marvel Team-Up" be reprinted in an "Invincible" TPB or a "Marvel Team-Up" TPB?

Tom Brevoort: MTU trade. It's an issue of MTU. So your "Invincible" collections shall always be incomplete!

avengerfan: Tom, easy trivia question-- who was Gaard?

Tom Brevoort: The Johnny Storm of Earth-A who I turned into Vangaard in "Fantastic Force" #12.

Cayman: Are you editing Dan Slott's "Thing" title?

Tom Brevoort: Yes, I am

avengerfan: Nova, Avenger or not?

Tom Brevoort: Not so far...

avengerfan: I meant do you think he'd make a decent Avenger, with of course, the right writer?

Tom Brevoort: Only if the writer of the series wanted to use him.

avengerfan: Tom/Joe - first comic you remember buying?

Tom Brevoort: "Superman" #268

JoeCasey: My parents bought my first comic... a "Marvel Tales" Spider-Man reprint (1st appearance of the Prowler, I think)...

mattbib: You should let Claremont and Bendis team up more. I'd love to read a Claremont-penned story featuring old-school Avengers.

Tom Brevoort: I can't even get them both in the same room.

mattbib: Because of their schedules, or because of some personal situation between them?

Tom Brevoort: Because they're both big guys...

Michael Pullmann: Another fun fanboy question for Tom and Joe: what's your holy grail of back issues?

JoeCasey: I don't know if I have a single issue that I feel that way about...

Tom Brevoort: The only one left to me is "All-Star" #3.

Cayman: Any plans for Modred The Mystic?

Tom Brevoort: I don't think so, not right at the moment

Stephane Garrelie: Will there be essential Man-thing and essential Master of Kung Fu?

Tom Brevoort: Probably Man-Thing. Not so sure on Master of Kung Fu because of the Sax Rohmer estate.

Captain: Tom, ever find that copy of "Amazing Spider-Man" 25?

Tom Brevoort: Yes.

Kevinroc: Will we find out who the shadowy figure in Sentry's past was in "New Avengers" #10?

Tom Brevoort: Yes.

Ronald Bryan: How about a House of Oni crossover?

Tom Brevoort: No plans at the moment

Kevinroc: Since the Fantastic Four know Spidey's secret ID, will we see Peter interacting with them more often without his costume on?

Tom Brevoort: How could we not, given that up till now the interaction has been practically zero?

Stephane Garrelie: Can we hope to have Roger Stern working for Marvel again soon?

Tom Brevoort: Anything's possible.

Tom Brevoort: Things are slowing down, so I suppose I'll sign off--but we'll have to do this again sometime soon!

JoeCasey: Adios, Tom. Thanks for spilling the beans on EMH2...

Brian Cronin: Thanks to Tom, and Joe, for stopping by to chat with us!

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