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This past Tuesday, Dark Horse Comics editor Scott Allie spent a little over an hour in the CBR Chat Room talking about everything and anything Dark Horse, and we've got the full transcript for you.

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Brian Cronin: Welcome, folks, to the Scott Allie chat!

Scott Allie: Is it rolling, Bob?

Stygian: Okay, obvious stuff out of the way first. What's Mike [Mignola] working on these days?

Scott Allie: Tonight Mike's drawing the cover to the "Black Flame" TPB.

Scott Allie: In a couple days he starts drawing his part of the Corben two-parter.

Stygian: Wow, "Black Flame" TPB already? Just goes to show how much in advance these things are created

skinnymikec: How long is Cary Nord gonna be doing "Conan" anyhow? Any set contract length?

Scott Allie: We don't have long-term contracts, seldom more than a year.

Scott Allie: But I talk to Cary about it a lot, and he has no plans of leaving.

skinnymikec: I never thought I'd be buying "Conan" again after all these years, great job!

Scott Allie: Glad you guys like "Conan."

Scott Allie: We really try to make it the best we can, every month.

Scott Allie: Kaluta is doing a guest spot in #22, the last part of "Tower of the Elephant."

skinnymikec: the fill ins are brilliant, the Bruce Timm one was right on the money. do creators come to you with ideas?

Scott Allie: What did you think of P. Craig Russell's Conan mini?

Stygian: I picked up the first issue of P. Craig Russell's comic, but after Nord it kind of left me flat.

Stygian: Strange to admit that, because I'm a huge PCR fan.

skinnymikec: honestly, I bought it, but thought it was a little eh initially...i've warmed to it though

Brian Cronin: Whose idea was it for Jill [Thompson] and Evan [Dorkin] to work together [on their Eisner-winning short stories, "Strays," in the "Dark Horse Book of The Dead" series]? Did they come together on their own, or did someone else suggest it?

Scott Allie: I approached Evan; he pitched me the "Stray" story and said he wasn't the guy to draw it.

Scott Allie: I insisted he was, he said "No," I said "Yes."

Scott Allie: Then he said, "What about Jill?"

Scott Allie: I said, "You're right, you shouldn't draw it. Let's get her."

Scott King: How did you first get a job as an editor?

Scott Allie: I walked into a magazine office called "Glimmer Train Stories."

Scott Allie: They hadn't had their first book out yet, but I'd just moved to town.

Scott Allie: Looked up publishers in the Yellow Pages, and walked in.

Scott Allie: They weren't looking for help, but a few weeks later they realized that they needed someone, so they called me back in.

Scott Allie: It was the best "first job" anyone could ask for. I still work for them part-time.

Scott Allie: Loyalty. I call them my aunties.

Stygian: Any possibility that "Hellboy" will be collected in Hard Bound editions, similar to "Sin City" this past summer? It just seems a natural.

Scott Allie: Did we do Sin City hardcovers?

Stygian: I thought Dark Horse did.

Scott Allie: Mike and I do have a plan for "Hellboy" hardcovers.

Scott Allie: I have to formalize it. The idea is to collect two TPBs in one HC.

skinnymikec: Any other anthologies of "Hellboy" or "BPRD" planned that some of our talented board creators could get in on, like Rick in "Weird Tales?"

Scott Allie: Nothing at present.

Scott Allie: And I'm so inundated with pitches, it's very hard to find the good new talent.

Scott Allie: Among everything else, so to speak.

Scott Allie: I personally feel badly that I don't have enough time for "new talent."

skinnymikec: how many of the pitches are unsolicited?

Scott Allie: Unsolicited pitches get shuffled off to our submissions editor.

Scott Allie: Submissions Editor is not a real job, btw.

Scott King: What kind of mistakes do most people make when pitching to Dark Horse?

Scott Allie: Mistakes on pitches….sending in an unsolicited pitch is a big mistake.

Scott Allie: Not that it's bad, but with the workload of books I have.

Scott Allie: I don't have any time carved out in the day to read stuff that I don't have a compelling reason to read.

Stygian: Any possibility that Mike will do some kind of portfolio of his various recent painted covers? I'm thinking specifically about the upcoming Pocket Book novel covers.

Scott Allie: Mike might do such a portfolio on his own

Scott Allie: But I doubt it. We have a long-term plan for where those go.

Scott Allie: But I can't tell you right now.

Paploo the Ewok: Since you guys have such a big success with "Megatokyo," and are releasing "Penny Arcade," are you going to consider collecting more web comics?

Scott Allie: More web comics, yes

Scott King: To do a solicited submission, is it best to send a query letter, or to try talking to someone first at a convention?

Scott Allie: To get an editor to solicit work from you, I dunno.

Scott Allie: I only solicit work from someone if I've read their work and love it.

skinnymikec: How far down the line are "Hellboy" and "BPRD" planned out right now?

Scott Allie: How far out are Hellboy and BPRD Planned? BPRD only a year.

Scott Allie: Hellboy-- to the end.

Stygian: How's the response to "Revelations" been, Scott?

Scott Allie: The response has been great.

Scott Allie: Let's talk about "Revelations" a minute, if we can focus.

Stygian: I liked Humberto's artwork much more once I saw it in color.

Stygian: Also, that pencil ashcan from SDCC for "Revelations" was a brilliant idea!

Scott Allie: Thanks-- glad you liked the ashcan. Sort of Humberto's idea.

Scott Allie: The pencils were so good, and we love the colors.

Scott Allie: But he wanted people to see his work, unaltered. This was the best way.

RandyOni: It'd a stunning book.

Paploo the Ewok: What is "Revelations?" Is that a new "Hellboy" project?

Scott Allie: Revelations is not a "Hellboy" thing. It's a creator-owned book by Humberto Ramos and Paul Jenkins.

Scott Allie: The story is a really beautiful, complex mystery.

Scott Allie: Paul just gave me the final script yesterday.

Scott Allie: And it's huge-- not an upbeat Hollywood ending.

Brian Cronin: It reminds me of the third Godfather in that sense


Brian Cronin: Revelations

Scott Allie: Sorry, them's fighting words.

Brian Cronin: You didn't like the third Godfather?

Scott Allie: I thought the final Godfather was universally reviled.

Brian Cronin: Nah. It just isn't as good as the first two. Which isn't really an insult, ya know?

Scott Allie: Good point.

Stygian: At first "Revelations" seemed to me to be "Da Vinci Code" redux, but my opinion is changing on that tact.

Stygian: Not completely like "Da Vinci Code," but starting in a similar way.

Scott Allie: As for the "Da Vinci Code" comparison, wait and see.

Scott Allie: Occult thrillers really do it for me, and "Revelations" is such a good mystery.

Scott Allie: I think people will be blown away by the end.

chucksatterlee: I just came in, but I have to say that I thought "Revelations" was a great first read.

Scott Allie: Thanks, Chuck.

Scott Allie: A lot of people have asked if "Revelations" will be on time.

Scott Allie: It will. We're working way ahead on it.

Scott Allie: And Humberto is doing an issue in 8 weeks.

Scott Allie: And has already finished #5.

Scott Allie: And going back to solicited and unsolicited submissions

Scott Allie: "Revelations" is what you could call a solicited submission.

Scott Allie: I know it might be infuriating to compare their efforts, to place a book with a new guy's efforts, but from my end, I'm just trying to line books on the schedule.

Scott Allie: While trying to work things out with Paul and Humberto

Scott Allie: It's hard to get time to line up something from someone I've never read.

Scott Allie: [Excuses, excuses ...]

skinnymikec: You went out to Paul and Humberto and said, do this type of story? Or they had it there ready for a say so?

Scott Allie: They had the story in mind, but I went asking them to bring me something

Scott Allie: Paul, in particular, and he brought Humberto to me.

skinnymikec: Cool

Stygian: Why those two in particular Scott?

Scott Allie: I was a fan of Paul's writing from before, tried getting him to do a BPRD one-shot.

Scott Allie: Back when I was doing those.

Scott Allie: Paul has a good sense of moral horror, moral ambiguity.

Scott Allie: A somewhat literary voice-- and he's an entertaining guy. Sometimes that translates well to comics.

Scott Allie: Team Paul with a real visual guy like Humberto, and it's a winner.

Stygian: The concept and execution on "Revelations" seems interesting thus far, so I know I for one will stick around.

Stygian: I still have a problem with Humberto as the choice for this particular topic.

Stygian: I feel he may have been miscast a bit (kind of like an actor miscast in a role).

Scott Allie: I know what you mean, Neil-- but obviously I disagree.

Scott Allie: I don't think "cartoony" artists should be limited to "light" material.

Scott Allie: Humberto's stuff in "Revelations" has lots of mood.

Scott Allie: You know, people outside comics might think Mignola is cartoony.

Scott Allie: Mignola is sort of cartoony. But he's good mood and atmosphere.

RandyOni: Humberto is amazing. I love the collision of "cartoony" art and the dark themes.

Stygian: I agree that artists should be allowed to stretch themselves into different genres.

Stygian: Comics being a marriage (on a good day) of words and pictures, it has to be a good marriage in the readers mind to work and allow that suspension of disbelief.

Scott Allie: You're right.

Scott Allie: And so "Revelations" might not work for some fans of the genre.

Scott Allie: I know that, but the story belongs emotionally to Humberto as much as Paul.

Scott Allie: Humberto's catholic background very much informs the plot.

chucksatterlee: Referring to the title-- Revelations and not Revelation. Is that more to do with the outcome of the mystery than the book of Revelation? A play on the word?

Scott Allie: "Revelations" the comic features many revelations.

Scott Allie: That's why it's plural. There is a connection to St John's book, but it's not the most important meaning of the title.

Paploo the Ewok: Do you know anything about new series coming to "SuperMangaBlast? "

Scott Allie: Sorry. I don't know what the manga guys are doing.

Scott Allie: Our department is very segmented.

skinnymikec: Do you go to your "friends" or acquaintances in the business more so than another creator you might have never dealt with, but is a "big name"?

Scott Allie: Friends more than others? No. I don't think so.

Scott Allie: Until recent projects, I never worked with or knew Cary Nord, Paul Jenkins, Kurt Busiek, Humberto Ramos, Guy Davis…

Brad Curran: How long is "Revelations?"

Scott Allie: "Revelations" = 6 issues.

Scott Allie: I have to plug "The Fog."

Scott Allie: Did anyone see the review on Millar world?

Scott Allie: They loooved it.

skinnymikec: Big fan of the original movie...

Stygian: Plug away, Scott!

Scott Allie: I love the original "Fog." Blew my socks off as a twelve year old.

Stygian: What's the premise with "Fog?"

Scott Allie: The comic Todd and Dave and I did is as much a prequel to the original film as it is to the new one.

RandyOni: The preview looks amazing.

RandyOni: I wanted to ask about "The Fog" and what it must have been like to pitch it internally with you as the writer.

Scott Allie: I was tricky like that.

Scott Allie: When they asked me if I wanted to edit it I just said, Yeah, and I'm writing it. Scott Allie: I certainly can't always get away with that, but everyone went for it this time.

skinnymikec: Maybe you have some pull now as an established writer...?

Scott Allie: I've been doing it for a while, editing and writing, and I guess I have some pull.

Brian Cronin: This is at least the second movie tie-in you've done for Dark Horse, right?

Scott Allie: I've done too many tie-ins, Brian

Scott Allie: Some of my movies tie-ins weren't great. But I loved "Star Wars" and "The Fog."

Scott Allie: The director worked with me to come up with "The Fog" story.

Scott Allie: I really wanted something that would be essential to the film...

Scott Allie: And he made that happen.

Stygian: What else has the artist on "Fog" done recently?

Scott Allie: The artist on "The Fog" had a story in "Dark Horse Book of the Dead."

Scott Allie: He and I are doing a convention in Portland in a couple weeks-Stumptown-- and we're doing up an ashcan of the story we did right before "Book of the Dead."

Scott Allie: It was a waterborne horror story set in the 1870s.

Scott Allie: Which just happens to be the exact milieu of "The Fog" prequel.

Scott King: Do you enjoy editing more than writing, or vice versa?

Scott Allie: Many of my heroes were editor/writers. Kurtzman, Goodwin.

Scott Allie: The way I approach writing fits with how I want to edit, and vice versa.

Lady Hellgirl: Scott, what did you think when you first meet Mike and his Hellboy drawings?

Scott Allie: I was not initially a fan of Mike's work.

Scott Allie: But by the time he did "Hellboy," I'd seen the error of my ways.

Scott Allie: Rebecca Guay, a comics and children's book artist I grew up with got me into Mike's stuff. I owe her a great deal. Go buy her book. It's called "Goddesses," and it's the sort of thing Mike has on his shelves.

Brad Curran: I didn't like Kirby that much when I was a kid.

Scott Allie: Yeah, I hated Kirby when I was twelve.

Scott Allie: Shame.

Stygian: Is there any chance Sook will be back on any Hellboy related title in the near future, Scott?

Scott Allie: No plans to bring Ryan Sook back.

Brian Cronin: Is guy Davis on some sort of amphetamine? He draws too good to be that fast.

Scott Allie: Guy Davis lives in a town where they stone people like him.

Scott Allie: So he doesn't leave the house, and just draws draws draws.

Scott Allie: Guy is a force of nature.

Brian Cronin: What a lucky break for you, Scott!

Scott Allie: I've had a lot of lucky breaks.

Scott Allie: I recommend it highly

Brian Cronin: Deformity helps us once again!

Scott Allie: Not deformity, breaks.

Stygian: Buy Guy Davis' Original Art pages folks! He sells em' for a steal and you get great, great art!

Scott Allie: We have a bunch of things we need Guy to do

Brad Curran: Any plans for another "Nevermen" mini-series?

Scott Allie: No plans on "Nevermen."

Scott Allie: I did edit the last "Nevermen" series, actually

Scott Allie: No one's yelling at me about Lee Bermejo.

Brian Cronin: I like Lee Bermejo. I think his art is the ginchiest.

Brad Curran: Bermejo's cool.

Brad Curran: "Batman/Deathblow" was gorgeous.

Scott Allie: Bermejo's stuff on "Hellboy" is amazing.

Brian Cronin: How did the Picasso thing in "Reveal" develop, Scott?

Scott Allie: On my honey moon I was in Venice (those aunties from Glimmer Train sent me) and in Peggy Guggenheim's museum, there was this comic strip by Picasso.

Scott Allie: I inquired about the rights, it took forever, but I realized it was possible.

Scott Allie: I had to get rights from his estate, pay Guggenheim for materials and otherwise shuck and jive, but it was worth it.

Brian Cronin: "Reveal" was great fun. Too bad that did not catch on.

Scott Allie: "Reveal" led directly to "Book of Hauntings," so it all worked out.

Scott Allie: "Reveal" lost money, but we thought if we had a theme it would do better.

Brian Cronin: "Reveal" led into the "Book of' Hauntings?" That is good to hear.

Scott Allie: I loved the concept of "Reveal," but realized it needed more of a hook.

Scott Allie: So a theme, a different format, but there is a lot in common if you really look at both.

Lady Hellgirl: What was the best series in your opinion that you ever edited for?

Scott Allie: Best series-"Hellboy," of course.

Stygian: Good answer, Scott! And very diplomatic as well

Brad Curran: I can see Eric Powell crying. "I thought I was your favorite!"

Scott Allie: "The Goon" is one of my favorites too, of course. I love Eric. He's a great friend.

Scott Allie: I think "Conan" will wind up on my top five lifetime jobs.

Brad Curran: Is Bruce Timm doing any more work for you guys?

Scott Allie: Bruce Timm can do whatever he wants. I love Bruce Timm.

Scott Allie: We talk about more Conan, but no firm plans.

skinnymikec: Any creators you'd really like to get do a Conan story?

Scott Allie: I have a wish list a mile long on Conan. I plan on doing the book a long time

Sir Edward: Dave Stewart brings all kinds of goodness to "Hellboy" and "Conan."

Scott Allie: Dave Stewart is brilliant, indeed.

Brian Cronin: I hope Dark Horse has Dave Stewart chained up somewhere. Never let him go.

Stygian: Dave Stewart needs to be cloned, as so many colorists these days could learn volumes of lessons from him.

Scott Allie: I try to get Dave to bring goodness to all my books. He colors almost everything I write and as much of my editing jobs as I can get him on.

Sir Edward: Imagine... color actually contributing to the quality of a comic

Scott Allie: Color always contributes to the quality

Scott Allie: It's just that usually it detracts.

Stygian: Is Mike considering doing pencils with Dave Stewart colors comic at all, Scott; Hellboy related or otherwise?

Scott Allie: No. No pencils only with Mike

Stygian: I've asked Mike, and he sounded receptive.

Scott Allie: The closest we get is the grey scans of his inks.

Scott Allie: Mike doesn't do the washy greys Cary and Humberto do.

Scott Allie: So there's no point in leaving out inks.

Brian Cronin: What's next in the Book of series?

Scott Allie: "Book of Monsters."

skinnymikec: Any chance of sending us some Mignola pieces thrown in the wastepaper basket?

Scott Allie: No, but it is funny that you mention that, because just recently, Mike was working on a Hellboy cover and did not like how it turned out.

Stygian: Uh Oh.

Scott Allie: So he slived off the top part, threw it out

Scott Allie: And sent me the bottom part with a new top drawing to piece together in the computer.

Stygian: DOH!!! Say it isn't so!

morna: Gaaaaaaaahhhh

skinnymikec: The people on eBay just had a heart attack...

Scott Allie: I tried to tell Christine, Mike's wife to keep an eye on him, because the stuff he throws away could put their daughter through college.

Stygian: Even Hellboy head sketches sell for hundreds.

Brian Cronin: Any "Devil's Footprints" plans?

Scott Allie: We are working on "Devil's Footprints II."

Scott Allie: It's written, a few pages are drawn...

Scott Allie: But Paul Lee is drawing "Conan" and the "Demons of Khitai" for me right now Scott Allie: And that's putting "Devil's Footprints" on hold.

Stygian: Paul Lee on "Conan?" I don't like the sound of that (sorry Paul).

Scott Allie: I think you'll be surprised by his "Demons of Khitai" stuff, Neil.

Brian Cronin: Are you going to have a story in the book of?

Scott Allie: Yes, we'll be in "Book of Monsters."

Brian Cronin: "Devil's Footprints?"

Scott Allie: I don't know if our story in "Monsters" will be DF or not

Scott Allie: Our "Witchcraft" story wasn't, which is funny, since DF is about Witchcraft, but we just had another idea.

skinnymikec: Why no interview in "Book of the Dead?"

skinnymikec: I was starting to dig those...

Scott Allie: No dead people to interview.

Brian Cronin: True

Scott Allie: Had already done a séance medium.

Scott Allie: Will interview Cheney in "Book of Monsters."

JimmyDee: Hey guys, sorry I'm late. I had a question for Scott about Cal McDonald at Dark Horse. Has anyone asked about that yet?

Scott Allie: Cal's coming back.

Scott Allie: Kelley Jones is busy on two other books for us

Scott Allie: So a variety of guys are being considered for some short bits.

JimmyDee: What's the latest? I saw a news story on CBR a week or two ago that said Supernatural Freak Machine was going to be collected by you guys. What's the latest?

Scott Allie: Yes, we are doing a collection of all four issues of Freak Machine.

JimmyDee: Two other books? Any hints? Huge fan of Kelly's since his Batman days.

Brian Cronin: His writing was not half bad either in the last Book of!!

Scott Allie: Kelley has a creator-owned book he's doing called "13th Son."

Scott Allie: It's a monster mash

Scott Allie: Then Kelly's doing a Conan spin-off for me

Scott Allie: "Conan: The Book of Thoth" -- Thoth-amon's life story.

Scott Allie: "Thoth" is written by Kurt Busiek and Len Wein. It is Epic.

Brian Cronin: Cool. Kurt writes with other writers well.

Sir Edward: Why don't more creators own their things?

Scott Allie: Creators can own their stuff whenever they want.

Scott Allie: They just sometimes choose money over freedom.

Stygian: Why not bring back BWS and have him do a spin-off?

Scott Allie: BWS + DH = bad history.

Brian Cronin: Did Dark Horse ever pursue the red Sonja license?

Scott Allie: We did not want Red Sonja for a million reasons.

Scott Allie: The version you know is not a Robert E Howard character.

Brian Cronin: Okay, so it was a choice not to get it. that's cool.

Scott Allie: We want to stick to the Howard material and get away from the pastiches.

Brian Cronin: Fair enough

Scott Allie: There was a time we'd consider it, but not anymore.

Scott Allie: Howard did have a character named Red Sonia.

Scott Allie: Sonia will eventually appear in the comic.

Scott Allie: She has a much more interesting story than Sonja.

JimmyDee: Is Dark Horse thinking of doing a crossover with "Red Sonja?" Is that a possibility?

Scott Allie: No crossover. No way.

Stygian: Has Mike done the cover to "Stranger Places" yet?

Scott Allie: The Strange Places cover's done. It's not on our website?

Scott Allie: About time to wrap this up. Tomorrow night I'm having dinner with Busiek to plan out "Conan" 28-30. Any requests?

Brian Cronin: Yes. A Dylan reference!

Brian Cronin: I love when comics make Dylan references.

Scott Allie: Read "The Fog" and tell me if you get the Dylan reference. I don't think he'll make it in "Conan."

Scott Allie: I have a book I'm working on with "The Fog" artist called "Save Me" which is practically one big Dylan reference.

morna: Hellboy reference!

Scott Allie: Cary already drew Hellboy into "Conan" once.

Stygian: Really, which issue Scott?

Scott Allie: Stygian, I don't remember which issue of "Conan," but it was a fight scene.

Brian Cronin: Thanks again to Scott, this was very informative!

Scott Allie: It's all over now, baby blue.

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