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Chat Transcript: Daniel Way

by  in Comic News Comment
Chat Transcript: Daniel Way

On February 21st, Daniel Way stopped by the Comic Book Resources chat room to discuss his past work, his upcoming “Wolverine” plans, the one book he’d never write for Marvel and his true feelings about Steve Dillon.

Brian Cronin: Welcome, folks, to the Daniel Way chat!

Daniel Way: Hey, everyone

Daniel Way: Let the questionable times roll

Ronald Bryan: So, this will be an all Rollergirls chat, correct?

Daniel Way: If only.

Daniel Way: Let me just get this out of the way: Yes, I am addicted to the show “Rollergirls.” That’s the first step toward recovery, right?

Ronald Bryan: The second step is a crossover with Wolverine.

Kevinroc: For your short Hulk story, was it just your idea for Hulk to be left out in Space and leave it for the next writer or did you have your own plans?

Daniel Way: Yes and no. Once I told Axel Alonso about the ending, we started coming up with ideas about what Hulk could do while stranded in space–where he could go, what would happen. We talked about it a lot. I thought it would be fun because–FINALLY– Hulk could really cut loose. Anyway, Axel brought my ideas into an editorial meeting, ideas were thrown around, and POOF! “Planet Hulk” was born.

Kevinroc: So, you were never approached to write “Planet Hulk?”

Daniel Way: Re: “Planet Hulk” — Axel Alonso wanted me to come up with a Hulk miniseries, a story that was kinda timeless, you know? So, I pitched “Peace In Our Time.” But while I was writing the outlines for the individual issues it occurred to me that the best way to end it was to leave Hulk stranded in space. Now, this made it impossible to tell the story as a miniseries, obviously, but I floated it past Axel anyway. Axel said that he loved it, so we started talking about how cool it would be for Hulk to be out in space (and, obviously, landing somewhere). We talked about it at great length, actually. Anyway, Axel took what we had talked about into an editorial meeting, some ideas were thrown around, and POOF! “Planet Hulk’ was born.

Brian Cronin: We gonna see the end of “Gun Theory?”

Daniel Way: YES! Gun Theory will be coming out soon.

Brian Cronin: By Marvel, or somewhere else?

Daniel Way: “Gun Theory” will be published by my own company, Bad Press, in association with another smaller publisher.

Brian Cronin: Cool.

marco19: Love your work and it is obvious after your couple of Wolvie issues you’ve really done your homework. I’m just wondering, are you going to reference anything that happened in Frank Tieri’s “Weapon X” series?

Daniel Way: The answer is a qualified “yes.”

mattbib: Re: Tieri’s run, so you’ll be the one sort-of-resolving the recent “Weapon X” series? Hopefully?

Daniel Way: I have my own series to write…but I’m willing to help out when I can.

Wane: Dan, did you want to stay on “Wolverine” or did Joe Q put you on “Wolverine: Origins” for you to tell your tale?

Daniel Way: I was very clear to everyone about the story that I wanted to tell, and everyone was very supportive. Giving me my own series, free from all of the crossovers, is a show of that support.

ultimatespyder20: When/if Hulk gets back to Earth, will he be mad at Reed and the gang?

Daniel Way: OH, YEAH. The only question is: Who will be able to stop him?

Neolucifer: Now that we know that you’re going to do your intended run in “Origins,” has the switch affected in anyway the current Wolverine arc?

Daniel Way: Slightly.

Neolucifer: I mean did it force you to rewrite and keep some stuff for “Origins?”

Daniel Way: No, not really.

Brian Cronin: Who suggested Bucky for Wolverine? Was that your call? Are you digging Brubaker’s Cap?

Daniel Way: Very much so. As it turned out, Ed’s story and mine dovetailed at some crucial points. I called him and we talked it over.

Stephane Garrelie: Let’s talk about this ghost pig storyline you have in reserve: why not use it in “Wolverine?” “Wolvie: the man haunted by a pig.” Wouldn’t that be cool?

Daniel Way: I’m saving the ghost pig story as my final “goodbye” to comics.

ultimatespyder20: Are there any other books that you’d like to write for Marvel?

Daniel Way: Yes. “Ghost Rider,” definitely. And Punisher…but I don’t want Garth to stop writing it, either, so it’d have to be a 2nd series or a miniseries.

Brian Cronin: Not a big deal, but Wolverine versus the Winter Soldier, is it set after Ed has Bucky remember his memories in Cap, or before?

Daniel Way: After.

Neolucifer: Did you also discuss with Brian Bendis? Sounded like Cap and possibly a few other avengers were involved in some aspect into Wolvie’s past. Any chance to see it affect positively or negatively his membership in the New Avengers, and their interaction? In your book, or Bendis’ own “New Avengers” maybe?

Daniel Way: I consulted with Bendis before doing the “House of M” tie-in. I haven’t really spoken to him, since.

Brian Cronin: How awesome is it to be paired with Steve Dillon on a FOURTH project?

Brian Cronin: I love how he manages to get across perfectly any crazy-ass idea you throw at him.

Daniel Way: Haven’t you heard? I hate Steve Dillon.

Ronald Bryan: And by hate, you proposed to him last week?

Daniel Way: Yes, actually. Steve and I will be wed in a non-denominational ceremony in the spring.

ultimatespyder20: What was your favorite comic book when you were a kid?

Daniel Way: I actually didn’t read comics as a kid–too poor. And back then, comics cost, like 70 cents. So yeah, I was REALLY poor.

bat2supe: How did you get started in the industry?

Daniel Way: Long story. If you’d like to hear it, go to

Stephane Garrelie: Who are the writers who influenced you the most? (Comics and novelists) and which one do you like even if they have no influence on your work.

Daniel Way: James Ellroy, for the most part. I like economical writing.

Ronald Bryan: Your writing does tend to be very ecomonical. You’re not afraid to let the art tell the story on the page.

Daniel Way: Thanks. Glad you can see that. I’ve read some reviews that say I’m lazy for not filling up the pages with dialogue– what these reviewers probably don’t realize is that I write all of the art direction, as well.

Neolucifer: Would you like to do another “Bullseye Vs.” book? Or even possibly a Bullseye ongoing?

Daniel Way: If I could make a living writing nothing but Bullseye books, I’d be a happy man.

ultimatespyder20: Would you ever want to work on any kind of Spidey title?

Daniel Way: Yeah, that’d be cool. If I did it, though, it’d be a “fun” book.

Daniel Way: I don’t like “serious” Spidey.

Ronald Bryan: Fun Spidey is the way to go.

Kevinroc: Definitely. Spidey is supposed to be a funny character.

Brian Cronin: But do you think that Fun Spidey and Married Spidey can co-exist?

Daniel Way: I don’t know. I have fun with MY wife.

Neolucifer: Funny Spidey is something always needed, but would you make him a loser like some would advocate, or a somewhat successful hero, even if constantly strained and struggling with various issues?

Daniel Way: I don’t think people that have to work every day to make a living are losers. That said, yeah, he’d be under some pressure– both from the “real” world and the “super” world.

bat2supe: What are the comic books you’re reading and enjoying?

Daniel Way: I read more scripts than actual comics (I ask editors for them). I really like Ed Brubaker and I LOVE Garth Ennis and Peter Milligan.

Kevinroc: What kind of stories do you feel play to your strengths as a writer?

Daniel Way: Funny and violent. Or just violent.

Ronald Bryan: What is the one book that you would never write for Marvel?

Daniel Way: Superman

Neolucifer: LOL

Ronald Bryan: So, you’re up for “SuperPro?”

Daniel Way: I’d like to do a The Pro/SuperPro crossover…because no one can put a hurtin’ on a woman like an NFL player.

ultimatespyder20: There is a “Moon Knight” title coming in April, would you ever want to work on it?

Daniel Way: Sure, as long as I don’t have to follow the guy who’s writing it now. He’s good.

bat2supe: So, what are the artists that you enjoy?

Daniel Way: Steve Dillon and Mark Texeira. And Duncan Fegredo. A LOT.

Brian Cronin: Anything planned with Jon Proctor in the future? What is going on with that Black Diamond project he was supposed to be doing? Haven’t heard much about that recently.

Daniel Way: Jon’s busy doing the “director’s cut” of Gun Theory. When he’s done, I plan on asking him what he’s up for.

Brian Cronin: Cool.

Stephane Garrelie: Who are your favorite comic writers of the previous generation?

Daniel Way: I like Frank Miller’s old stuff…can’t think of any others at the moment.

Kevinroc: Do you have any projects tying into “Civil War” or are you staying out of it?

Daniel Way: At the moment, I’m clear of it. But I have something else coming out from Marvel that might cross over.

ultimatespyder20: Okay, this isn’t comic related, but what bands do you like?

Daniel Way: I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Clash fan…other than America, they’re the best thing to ever come out of England.

Daniel Way: No new bands are really doing it for me at the moment.

ultimatespyder20: Nice, I’m a huge fan of AC/DC.

ultimatespyder20: I’ve got like all of their CDs.

Daniel Way: Good. Lend them to someone listening to the radio. Help them.

Daniel Way: Do you have “74 Jailbreak?”

ultimatespyder20: Yep, good CD.

ultimatespyder20: Though it only has like 5 songs on it.

Daniel Way: I didn’t even know it was on CD– I have the record.

ultimatespyder20: Yeah, it’s on CD.

Ronald Bryan: Any chance of Marvel letting you play in the Icon sandbox?

Daniel Way: I don’t know. I have a feeling that the performance of “Origin” will be a good indicator as to “yes” or “no.”

Ronald Bryan: Here’s to hoping it does good.

Daniel Way: You and me, both.

Brian Cronin: Did JMS give you wide latitude with Nighthawk, or were you basically following his blueprints with your take on Nighthawk?

Daniel Way: Never consulted him on it. I’d like to hear his thoughts on it, one day.

Brian Cronin: Did he pick you to write it?

Daniel Way: I think Axel sent him the scripts to “Greatest Hits” and he approved.

Brian Cronin: Who was your first Marvel editor?

Daniel Way: Axel Alonso. Still is.

Daniel Way: Axel and I work well together.

Ronald Bryan: So, on music, what do you tend to listen to when writing?

Daniel Way: I don’t listen to music when I work– it distracts me.

Ronald Bryan: Go completely silent?

Daniel Way: When it’s possible.

Brian Cronin: No TV or nothing?

Daniel Way: No TV. No nothing.

Brian Cronin: What was the deal with Deathlok?

Daniel Way: What happened was that the situation became, as we call it in the business, “fucked up.”

Brian Cronin: Hah

Ronald Bryan: Was it due to “Who IS Deathlok?” confusion?

Daniel Way: Essentially, the tone of my story was problematical to Marvel’s West Coast office. Sorry, guys, but that’s all I can really say about it, at this point.

Brian Cronin: Fair enough.

Brian Cronin: If I remember correctly (and who knows if THAT is a safe bet), your “Origins and Endings” storyline was initially going to be a long story

Brian Cronin: Like, two 5-parters.

Brian Cronin: But now it is just one.

Brian Cronin: Is that because of the new series?

Daniel Way: That’s correct. The second five-parter is now the first story arc of “Origins.”

Ronald Bryan: So, will “Origins” deal just with Wolverine dealing with his now remembered history, and how long do you feel you can sustain the title on that?

Daniel Way: We’ll be using a “real time” story to guide Logan through his past.

Brian Cronin: So “Origins” has framing sequences set in the present?

Daniel Way: Yes.

Daniel Way: Hey, check out the laaaaaady…

Gail Simone: It’s not nice to call Brian a lady.

Gail Simone: Hey, Daniel, just wanted to say thanks for doing such a nice job on “Agent X” ages ago.

Daniel Way: That story was so much fun to write and thanks for the nice words.

Gail Simone: “Agent X” was a weird blast for me, too. I was glad to hear you and Evan were doing issues.

Daniel Way: The original pitch for my “Agent X” was that, at the beginning of the story, X got beheaded. Then, the body grew a new head and the head grew a new body. And they killed each other.

Gail Simone: See, dammit, that would have kicked ass.

Wane: You two should do a Catman/Wolverine crossover.

Gail Simone: Wolverine is too fruity. 🙂

Daniel Way: Catman: Fuck…we look RIDICULOUS! Wolverine: This is why I drink.

Gail Simone: Heh. Then they’d go and beat the shit out of Power Pack.

Daniel Way: It’d be a one-shot: “Power Pack: We’re Fucked.”

Kevinroc: What Wolverine costume do you prefer?

Daniel Way: Pants. Shirt. Jacket.

Daniel Way: But to answer your REAL question: The brown and gold.

Brian Cronin: Wolverine vs. Bullseye? Who takes it?

Gail Simone: Wolverine.

Daniel Way: In the long run, Wolverine. Bullseye could kill him, but that doesn’t mean that he’d STAY dead.

Brian Cronin: Gotcha. From the previews, it looks like Winter Soldier holds his own. Was Ed all, “You better make Bucky not look like a wuss!”?

Daniel Way: Nope. Actually, when Ed read it, he was happy that I didn’t have Logan mop the floor with him. Way I saw it, there was no point in introducing him unless he was a bona-fide threat.

Brian Cronin: By the by, who the hell puts on a mask and continues to call themselves their current name? Dude’s name is Bucky, he puts a mask on and calls himself Bucky!!

Daniel Way: If my name was Bucky, I’d wear a mask.

Gail Simone: I have a more important question for the chef: What’s your best dish, Daniel?

Daniel Way: I really don’t know. But my favorite thing to do is sushi.

Daniel Way: To tell you the truth, it’s been so long since I’ve been in a kitchen, I’d probably cut my fucking hand off.

Gail Simone: Have to go, congratulations on all your well-deserved success, Dan. Night, everyone!

Daniel Way: Thanks for stopping in.

Daniel Way: Just thought of what it is: My risotto!

Gail Simone: Ack, I love risotto

Daniel Way: When it’s almost perfect, chuck in roasted red chiles, lobster, chives, champagne and chevre.

Ronald Bryan: Have they offered you any top secret books concerning “Civil War” that you cannot talk about?

Brian Cronin: Yeah, tell us about the secret projects you are not allowed to talk about

Daniel Way: No, but I’ve read what Millar’s written thus far. Really, good stuff.

Wane: When you have an idea for a story, do you have to write it down right away or can you wait?

Daniel Way: Good ideas stick around. It’s the shitty, stupid ones that you forget.

StarsAndGarters: Speaking of Millar, how much is his “Enemy of the State” story going to play into where you’re taking Logan, and how much were you directed to do so?

Daniel Way: In Millar’s story, Wolverine went loco and did an obscene amount of damage. Now, with Logan having all of his memories, the governments of the world (and the super-community) are very worried. And rightly so, because they’ve seen what he can do when he’s off the chain.

Ronald Bryan: What are your thoughts on Wolverine’s healing factor? What would kill him for good?

Daniel Way: See issue #40

Daniel Way: I gotta roll–if any of you have any other questions or comments, post them at www.badpressonline and I’ll answer them.

Daniel Way: Good night, and thanks for everything.

Brian Cronin: Thanks for stopping by, Dan!

Daniel Way: Any time.

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