Charlize Theron In For The <i>Alien</i> Prequel?

Director Ridley Scott's search for the leading lady in his Alien prequel is ongoing, and a new name has emerged in the rumor mill: Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron.

But before we continue, a note. Today's Alien update comes courtesy of Vulture, and while the site has gotten plenty of scoops right in the past, they received significant backlash for their last Alien-related news item that suggested actors Michael Fassbender and Michelle Yeoh were circling roles, that the movie would center on a space crew ala Scott's first film, that it would be called Paradise and a whole bunch of other items that were publicly denied by one of the film's producers.

Still, in their latest update -- which suggests that Fox executives want Theron or an actress with a similar pedigree to take on the expanded role of Vickers, because they're nervous about Scott's desire to cast Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star Noomi Rapace in the lead role of Elizabeth Shaw -- there is absolutely no denial of the previous report. In fact, aspects of that report are mentioned as though they are still completely true. Sounds like Vulture is sticking to their story while adding the new Theron wrinkle. With any luck, we'll start learning some real answers fairly soon.

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