Charlize Theron Hasn't Heard about 'Mad Max: Wasteland,' Talks 'Fury Road' Experience

Charlize Theron revisited her experience on "Mad Max: Fury Road" and revealed that she hadn't heard anything about "Wasteland" during an interview with USA Today about her role in Gillian Flynn's "Dark Places."

"I said this about George Miller: Everything about 'Fury Road' should have led me to believe that I was going to be in a push-up bra and a corset while Nick [Nicholas Hoult] and Tom [Hardy] got to do all the manly stuff," she recounted. "That's how it normally tends to turn out. You cannot be on a movie set and worry about where a camera is … (but) I've definitely had experiences when I've been let down."

However, the future remains uncertain as to whether or not she'll appear in any upcoming "Mad Max" films. When asked whether she would appear in "Mad Max: Wasteland," she responded, ""What's 'Wasteland?' This is all news to me. I have not heard anything like that."

Theron will next appear as Libby Day in "Dark Places," which is now playing in select theaters.

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