Charlie's Angels Hints At the Origin of the New Angels

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Charlie's Angels, is in theaters now

Charlie's Angels doesn't waste much time on the origins or past of the Townsend Agency or the people who work for it. Instead, the majority of the Angels are fully formed characters who we slowly learn more and more about as the movie continues.

However, there are small hints at the origin stories of Sabina, Jane and Bosley, all of which make them more interesting.

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Sabina is the impulsive brawler of the group, quickly able to turn the tide of any fight she finds herself in. Despite her rough exterior,  she comes from a privileged background. Sabina and Jane both make references to Sabina's history as the heiress to a massive New York City family fortune. However, she ended up rejecting more traditional forms of study and quickly became a repeat felon in her teen years.

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Sabina hints at a truly ridiculous life before she joined the Angels: Her marriage ended in a gun-fight with her new spouse; She spent time in both a regular prison and a psychiatric hospital; She generally figured out how to survive anything, and landed on a destructive path. As she tells Elena, she probably would have died if she hadn't been given a purpose when she joined the Angels. Charlie found her at her lowest point and helped her find something worth fighting for.

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Jane is the no-nonsense combat expert of the group, often using the most appropriate combat style or weaponry for the moment at hand. She learned all of this from her time with MI6. It's revealed that Jane was actually the youngest agent ever accepted into that organization, and quickly became a field operative. However, one of her assignments ended up involving Fatima Ahmed, a nurse who served as her civilian contact. After the mission, MI6 cut ties with Fatima, leaving her without defense. It's unknown if it was her clinic, her home or her family that was targeted, but Fatima bitterly tells Jane years later that working with MI6 cost her everything in her life.

Disgusted with the way the organization had treated Fatima, Jane left MI6. She was eventually brought into the Angels, where she was given the chance to do some actual good for the world. She eventually gets the chance to try to make things right with Fatima during the film when she  contacts her for help in Instanbul in exchange for supplies for her new clinic.

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Bosley is the leader of the movie's Angels team, serving as one of the worldwide council of Bosleys that meet via telescreen in the beginning of the film. The Bosleys of the present day, all agents of the Townsend Agency, are more active in the missions of their charges, and both she and another Bosley serve as the getaway driver during major missions.

There's a reason this main Bosley has those skills. It's eventually revealed that, in the past, she'd actually been an Angel herself. She was even the first of their number to make the jump to a leadership position by being promoted to Bosley status after leaving full-time fieldwork.

Furthermore,  in the final moments of the film, it's revealed that Charlie is also a woman. It's even hinted that she could potentially be Kelly Garrett from the original television series. That would mean that while one former Angel has reached Bosley status, another is leading the entire organization.

Written and directed by Elizabeth Banks, Charlie's Angels, stars Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska, Naomi Scott, Elizabeth Banks, Patrick Stewart, Djimon Hounsou, Jonathan Tucker, Nat Faxon, Noah Centineo, Sarah Bennani and Robert Maaser. The film is in theaters nationwide.

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