Dynamite Confirms Creative Team for Charlie's Angels Comics Series

Dynamite Entertainment has announced a creative team for its Charlie's Angels comic book series, based on the classic television show. The series will be written by John Layman, co-creator of Chew, and illustrated by Joe Eisma, artist on Faith and co-creator of Morning Glories.

The new comic book series will feature the original members of Charlie's Angels, Kelly, Jill and Sabrina in an adventure that spans the globe. The first issue will feature a number of cover variants, including one by David Finch and Jimmy Reyes, plus two from Eisma himself. Dynamite first announced plans for a Charlie's Angels comic book series last October at New York Comic Con.

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Charlie's Angels #1 cover by Joe Eisma

"Charlie's Angels wasn't a dark and gritty show; it was breezy fun set in an era that's inherently silly, so you better believe I'm going to embrace that wholeheartedly," Layman said in Dynamite's press release. "I also plan on doing stuff that could never have been done on the show, given the limitations of a ‘70s TV budget. Comics aren't constrained like that, so this is going to be a 'bigger budget' Charlie's Angels, seeing the Angels in exotic locations, taking on cases that are bigger and more exciting than what we ever saw in the show. And I get to work with Joe Eisma, who is a pal and somebody I've always wanted to work with."

Editor Matt Idelson added, "I remember the Charlie's Angels classic TV series for two things: the fun goofiness that I was aware of, even at the age of six, and the fact that unlike most of the shows on TV at the time, the leads were all women. Getting to go back in time and revisit a show that, in a lot of ways, was ahead of the curve, yet had that flavor that all the shows then did, is a blast. Getting to work with John, who I've been pestering for years, is awesome. And getting to work with Joe, who I've learned is as nice a guy as his work is awesome, has already been a joy. The fun we're having on this book is going to be infectious for the reader, I think."

The show was created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts with Aaron Spelling as executive producer for its 1976 to 1981 run, which included more than 100 episodes and starred Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith. The show was widely syndicated and also inspired a movie series spinoff, with two features in 2000 and 2003, plus a short-lived TV reboot in 2011.

Dynamite's Charlie's Angels is scheduled to debut in June in comic shops and digital platforms.

Charlie's Angels #1 cover by Joe Eisma

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