Charles Soule Shoots Down a Major Wolverine Hot Claws Theory

Following Avengers #700, conspiracy theorists began to stir the pot, speculating if Wolverine's #HotClaws were related to him now apparently wielding the Phoenix Force. Well, according to the architect of Logan's current gifts, writer Charles Soule, we now know if that's indeed the case.

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As he succinctly put it on Twitter, the answer is "Nope." In other words, we're going to have to wait to see just how, where and why he developed these powers, which Soule is currently exploring in the Return of Wolverine. Soule divulged it was tied to his rage, but when Jason Aaron showed Wolverine as the Phoenix of the future, fans immediately started speculating Logan could have a connection to this cosmic entity in the present.

With the power-up now coming to pass in the present, where Logan admitted he was striking up a shady deal with the Celestials, that speculation began to ramp up even more, driving theorists to believe his future was indeed linked to his new abilities.

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Wolverine's also set to don the Infinity Gauntlet next February, so there's also a chance the story about his adamantium claws generating heat could be told there, but we'd all prefer this mystery to be unraveled sooner rather than later.

Return of Wolverine #3, written by Charles Soule and with art by Declan Shalvey, is scheduled to be released Nov. 28Wolverine: Infinity Watch #1 debuts in February 2019.

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