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Charles Soule Breaks Down IvX’s Opening Salvos

by  in Comic News Comment
Charles Soule Breaks Down IvX’s Opening Salvos

SPOILER WARNING: This interview contains major spoilers for “IvX” #1, on sale now.

The Marvel Universe’s mutant population is living on the edge of a knife. The cloud of Terrigen mist orbiting the Earth may endow Inhumans with super abilities, but it also poisons mutants, and renders them incapable of reproducing. For several months, the X-Men and the Inhuman Royal family have maintained a truce, working together to come up with a solution to the clouds toxicity to mutants. But when Beast tells his fellow X-Men that the situation is even more dire than he initially believed, they decide the time for truces and talking… is over. The X-Men have faced extinction before, and just like in the past, they’re not about to go gently into that good night.

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Beast’s news and the X-Men’s decision to proactively launch a series of strikes against the Inhumans both “IvX” #1, the first chapter of Charles Soule, Jeff Lemire and Leinil Yu’s miniseries, which sets the stage for next year’s new “ResurreXion” line titles. Soule joined CBR to discuss the events of the first issue, including his thoughts on Magneto and Emma Frost, how conflicted the X-Men might be about the actions they’re taking, and the ways in which some of the other major players in the Inhuman world might react to the events of “IvX.”

CBR: At the end of “IvX” #1, a decent number of ‘premiere’ X-Men members commit to conflict with the Inhumans in order to save their kind from extinction. But is there an overwhelming consensus on how far they’ll go to do that? Are the bulk of the X-Men as comfortable with using lethal force as, say, Emma Frost and Magneto?


EXCLUSIVE ART: Mutants and Inhumans clash in “IvX” #2

Charles Soule: The Inhumans and the X-Men are both groups with many different points of view within them. I would say that the Inhumans are marginally more united behind Medusa, but even then… not all of the newer Inhumans are all that used to royal authority. It’s interesting to write, but complex – there are many perspectives here, just like there would be in real life. The Terrigen conflict is a very complicated issue for both sides. When we start, things happen very quickly, and so both sides more or less just react. We’ll see how that evolves over the series.

What’s it like writing Emma Frost and Magneto? It seems like there’s a lot to explore with both characters.

Emma’s one of my favorite characters to write – I’ll put her in anything. I think of her as one of those “spark” characters who livens up any scene she’s in, like She-Hulk or Deadpool. I don’t have as much experience with Magneto, but I like writing him too – he’s so powerful, and it can be hard to predict how he’s going to act in any situation, even for me.

Emma and Magneto are just part of the larger cast you and Jeff are juggling with this series. Which other characters will have big moments in the main “IvX” book?

Inferno, Old Man Logan, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, Iso, Fantomex, Colossus… is that enough?

Yes! Thank you. Two younger heroes that are in an especially interesting place because of this conflict are Cyclops and Ms. Marvel, teammates on the Champions, but who appear to be on opposite sides here (at least initially). How will their experiences as teammates and in events like “Civil War II”inform the way they view the clash between their peoples?

I don’t think they see this as the same thing as “Civil War II.” This isn’t hero groups fighting because of a difference in opinion; this is more like two groups fighting over extremely fundamental issues of survival and identity. It’s not so much about how they’ll fight the good fight moving forward, but more about how their very lives will look.

Issue #1 gave us quite a bit of insight into how the X-Men feel and why they’re fighting — will we get to see things more from the Inhuman point of view in upcoming issues? And is this a series where readers will have an easy time picking which side they’re on?

I hope readers will let the story present its various arguments as it goes, but I know that some people go into these things with their particular fandom already well-established. Jeff and I worked hard to make sure both sides’ position could be easily understood. Ultimately, though, I don’t care that much about the “sides” element of it, because as I mentioned above, the “IvX” conflict is not an argument about a policy or political ideology.

The issue at the heart of “IvX” is central to both sides. There are ways each could move forward that wouldn’t require an actual war – for instance, the Inhumans could work to destroy the remaining cloud, but that would mean their future generations wouldn’t really be Inhumans anymore. Likewise, the mutants could undergo gene therapy to excise their X-gene, which would save their lives but take away their powers – or they could retreat to Limbo until a solution was found on Earth. There’s no answer here that wouldn’t cause a significant cost to one side or the other – or both. The leaders of the X-Men and the Inhumans should probably try to be as rational as possible with their approach here – but by its nature, this is the sort of conflict that people tend to look at very emotionally- and we’ll see that in the story.

What’s it like pitting the various X-Men and Inhumans against each other, and what inspired the match ups we saw in issue #1 like Jean Grey Vs Karnak, and Magneto vs. Crystal and her RIV based forces? Did you and Jeff already have battles you wanted to see when you first started talking about this project?


EXCLUSIVE ART: Mutants and Inhumans clash in “IvX” #2

It’s fun! I wish I had more space for it, honestly. Vs. Battles are great, just thinking about how various characters, especially ones we haven’t seen in direct conflict before, might fight each other. Jeff and I did come into this with some battles in mind. Some of those you see in #1, others we’re saving for later.

The X-Men have declared war on the Inhuman royal family, but readers of “Uncanny Inhumans” know they aren’t the only powerful Inhuman faction on Earth. I have to wonder what the Ennilux Corporation and its CEO will make of everything. Can you talk about that at all?

Ennilux is run by Ahura Boltagon, the teenaged son of Queen Medusa and Black Bolt. His approach has been pretty hands-off so far – he knows that getting sucked into a big mutant-Inhuman conflict might not be the best decision from a business standpoint. He’s also fairly estranged from Medusa and Black Bolt- they haven’t been the best parents recently. We’ll see!

For “IvX” you and Jeff are working with Leinil Yu, a veteran artist who’s drawn a number of big Marvel events. What’s it like working with Leinil?

Leinil and I did a five issue “Civil War” series during the “Secret Wars” event in 2015. It was a blast – looking at the original conflict between Iron Man and Captain America as if it had never ended, and picking up six years later after the country had been drastically altered by a never-ending super heroic war. I know the amazing things Leinil is capable of – he’s up for any challenge, and like all the greats, manages to bring wonderful humanity and character to even the biggest superhero punch-ups. I’m so happy to be working with him again.

Finally, you’ve been giving readers pieces to a larger Inhuman story and mystery that you’ve been building for several years now. How important will “IvX” be to that larger story? Will we get some answers to the larger and lingering questions you set up about Black Bolt’s ultimate goal for the Inhumans?

It’s all part and parcel – there’s definitely another larger story that we’ll move towards at some point in the future, but right now it’s about seeing how the heck this Inhumans/Mutants thing plays out!

“IvX” is big, brash and finally here. Between “Death of X” and this story, Jeff and I have been working towards getting to this point for a very long time, and I can’t wait for readers to get their hands on it.


EXCLUSIVE ART: Mutants and Inhumans clash in “IvX” #2

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