Charles Soule Talks the Astonishing Return of Charles Xavier

One of the toughest parts of writing an X-Men book -- really, any team book -- is finding moments to spotlight each of your cast members. Who are some of the regular cast that will get big moments in this arc?

Psylocke has some really cool stuff to do, as does Rogue. Bishop is crucial here because he has what he calls his Endtime Database, with files on possible apocalypses and their inciting events. He sees some very troubling signs in what’s been happening recently, and might have to take some drastic action.

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One thing I've loved about your Astonishing X-Men run is that each issue features a different artist. You kicked this arc off by reuniting with your original Poe Dameron collaborator, Phil Noto. What was it like working on this story with Phil? Who are some of the other artists you'll be collaborating with on this arc?

I love working with Phil, and I’ve particularly enjoyed seeing him draw the X-Men. This is our third collaboration – we did an issue of Thunderbolts way back when at the very start of my time working for Marvel, then our long run on Poe Dameron, and now this issue. I think he knocked it out of the park, especially the stuff with Archangel and Old Man Logan. I can’t wait to do something with him again soon. The other artists on the book for Act II that have been announced are Paulo Siqueira, Matteo Buffagni and ACO, and they’ll all bring something unique and awesome to the title, just like the artists in Act I. This book looks incredible.

Finally, you've got quite a large cast, but I imagine once word gets out of Xavier's return, other X-Men -- and perhaps characters from around the Marvel Universe -- will come to investigate. Is that something we'll see right away? Or further down the road?

As I mentioned, this is an incredibly fast-paced series. It’s taking place over the course of a few days in Marvel Universe time. We’ll get to see X’s re-introduction to the mutants and other figures in the MU, but it may take a bit.

I’ve been really happy with the response to this series – I think it’s one of the strongest things I’ve written at Marvel, and I’m looking forward to the trade of Act I hitting in March so even more folks will have a chance to check it out.

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