Charles Soule Announced As New "Swamp Thing" Writer

Earlier today, DC Comics announced a creative change for "Red Hood and the Outlaws" as writer James Tynion IV and artist Mico Suayan take over from Scott Lobdell and Timothy Green II in April. It now seems as though it may have been the first in a series of creative shifts for the New 52 as io9 has revealed the new writer for "Swamp Thing" following Scott Snyder's exit from the title is DC newcoming writer Charles Soule with art by KANO. Soule is better known for his creator-owned books "27" and "Strange Attractors" and was excited to bring his own take on "Swamp Thing."

"Something very cool about 'Swamp Thing' that I think makes the book distinct from some other superhero titles is that it has a very thoroughly developed mythology that spans back to prehistoric times," Soule told io9. "Avatars of the Green have existed as long as there has been plant life on Earth. Plus, Swampy's powers are essentially infinite but also tightly defined - he can't do anything that plants can't do, and while plants can do plenty, there are also some strong limitations. I also like that Swamp Thing's goal as an avatar of the Green isn't necessarily to defeat or destroy - his job is to seek balance, which is cool. As a writer, all of that gives me a HUGE narrative toolbox to work with, which is inspiring. You can tell stories about some of the deepest philosophical questions mankind has ever considered, while still featuring a giant green leafy dude punching bad guys. It's a blast!"

Soule's first arc will pick up after the end of Snyder and Jeff Lemire's "Rotworld" crossover, and expressed that one of his goals for his time on the book is to expand the supporting cast, and plans to introduce a female "thousand-year old assassin character."

The announcement of the new "Swamp Thing" creative team is the latest in a series of reveals today by DC, which include the creative rotation on "Red Hood and the Outlaws" as well as a new "Masters of the Universe" ongoing series by Keith Giffen.

Soule and KANO begin their run in April starting with "Swamp Thing" #19

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