Charles Novinskie becomes Promotions Manager of Mecca Comics, launches campaign for classic comic storytelling.

Official Press Release

July 5, 2004: Charles Novinskie, former Sales and Promotions Manager for Topps Comics has signed on as Promotions Manager for Mecca Comics Group (MCG). John "J.B." May, CEO of Mecca Comics Group stated, "What Charlie brings to the table at Mecca Comics is a number of years experience as both a professional and fan.

"That's a hard combination to beat. His experience at Topps Comics as well as a freelance writer and past publisher gives him a wealth of knowledge and understanding concerning the comic book industry. His coming on board immediately adds years of learned experience to the staff in avenues of promotions and marketing that, quite frankly, we were in need of."

"The premise of Mecca Comics truly fascinated me," Novinskie noted. "The idea of delivering an entire universe of books comprised of the best of the best qualities in art and storytelling from the beginnings of comics really struck me as something I wanted to participate in. A few quick conversations with John May and I knew we were destined to work together."

Mecca Comics Brother Destiny #1 is slated for sale in September. Brother Destiny #1 introduces many characters, as well as the mythos of the Mecca Universe. Penciled and inked by Chris Nye, the book can be found on page 304 of the July Diamond Previews. The Previews Item number is JUL04 3018.

Not only does Mecca Comics capture the fun, fan-friendly atmosphere of comics created in the beginnings of comics, but they also plan to draw on top talent of the day. Mecca Comics has comic greats Dick Ayers and Al Milgrom lined up to contribute on future issues, and will be adding more names to the creative list.

Novinskie currently resides on the Board of ACTOR (ACTORcomicfund.org), a non-profit group dedicated to helping out less fortunate comic creators in need, and also serves as an Overstreet Advisor. More information on the Mecca Comics Group can be obtained at www.meccacomics.com

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