Charles Burns' next project revealed: Beer!

Every week here at Robot 6, our writers look the new comics in a feature playfully called "Food or Comics," but with the new project from Charles Burns we may have to rename it "Beer or Comics."

In a unique partnership with Elysian Brewing Company, Burns and Fantagraphics are planning a series of 12 beers released monthly next year featuring label artwork by the artist. Titled "Twelve Beers of the Apocalypse," in reference to the purported end times some say the Mayan calendar foretells, these beers will feature "creativity and unusual ingredients."

Kicking off the beer series is something called Nibiru, a Belgian-style Tripel  made with yerba mate, Belgian yeast, South American herbs and a mix of German, Czech and American hops. Sounds like something Volstagg would be proud of!

New beers will be released on the 21st of each month at select bars and bottle shops, such as Elysian's three pubs and even Fantagraphics' headquarters.

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