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I’m not sure what to make of all of this, save for the fact that this story is going to involve magic and, apparently, griffins. This first issue bounces around a bit, showing off some griffins and other magic users.

The evil being known as Samsun has been banished to a magic-laced Phantom Zone-like dimension known as the Void Realm, a story told to the reader as it is told to a pair of patrons at a diner. The person telling the tale is the young lady shown on the cover of this issue, and apparently her name is Sudana.

Sudana is rallying troops against the inevitable return of Samsun, which she deems as being near. The company she keeps figures if you’re going to go, may as well go out with a bang, so they leave Sudana behind and hit the road. I’m not sure what to make of Sudana. Is she a nutjob, a cool character, or something in between? For now, she strikes me as an interesting lead character that could trend towards Mercy Thompson.

Randolph’s art is loose and cartoony, which makes for a nice counterpoint to the grim-edged story in this book. It breathes into the massive landscapes this story opens, and matches the bounce of the story’s settings magnificently, giving “Charismagic” a seemingly unhindered landscape to fill.

This issue is quite a teaser with twelve pages of story and another seven pages of supporting material. It’s a nice primer, but little more than that. It’s just enough of a showcase to tease the concepts, characters, and ideas without really revealing anything. Essentially, “Charismagic” #0 is a test drive of a whole new world that races by before you even have a chance to register anything.

Hernandez’s story has some promise to it, offering bits of “Star Wars,” “Superman the Movie,” and “Zatanna,” but there isn’t enough here to fully judge. The text pages, featuring illustrations by Emilio Lopez, appear to provide more definition to this whole new world than the comic pages do. I’d like to see those pages continue with this series, as the combination of comic and supplemental material gives this book a “mini-trade paperback” vibe that plays up nicely.