Charge it: Visa hires Marvel to make comic about 'financial safety'

Comics fans have long been familiar with promotional comics, with everything from last year's General Mills comics to the exultant Meatloaf comic in 1980s Marvel titles. And coming across the Robot 6 news desk is word of a new title aimed at kids and sponsored by the credit card company Visa.

Titled Avengers: Saving The Day,the one-shot title is intended "help introduce children to basic money concepts" according to the press release, which is a valid point considering how expensive it must be to be a super hero.

"In today's increasingly complex financial world, we must find creative ways to help parents and educators teach children the fundamentals of money management," Visa's Jason Alderman is quoted in the press release. "A comic book with Spider-Man and the Avengers is the perfect device for making the sometimes dull subject of financial literacy entertaining and educational."

The 16-page book is written by Generation Hope's James Asmus and illustrated by Andrew Di Vito, depicting the aforementioned Avengers team going after Mole Man during a botched heist attempt. According to that press release, the comic will be supplemented by a "teacher’s guide which introduces concepts such as budgeting, saving and banking."

Personally, I'd love to see more about the financial habits and credit card bills someone like Spider-Man might rack up -- first off, where would he carry a Visa card in that skintight suit of his?

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