About Last Night: 15 Characters You Wouldn't Mind Waking Up Next To

With six-packs and muscles that dance like furious cheerleaders at the slightest movement, it’s not difficult to imagine why many common citizens would find themselves infatuated with superheroes. Olympic athletes are impressive enough, but those who fight evil for a living are leagues above even the most breathtaking Olympian. By nature, superheroes are designed to look like the perfect physical specimen; it’s kind of their job. Flying, punching, and running burns a lot of calories. Fighting crime every day of your life adds up to a startling degree, not to mention all the physical training many heroes put themselves through just to keep their bodies primed and limber for their next battle.

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If you’re one of the lucky few to successfully bed a superhero, then you’re clearly doing something right with your life, or wrong, depending on the nature of their long-term relationships. Regardless, when you live in a world full of demigods, martial artist billionaire playboys, and aliens, the sky is the limit. If you’re going to dream, then you might as well go ahead and dream big! There are many superheroes we wouldn’t mind waking up next to after a long night, and we’re going to talk about 15 of them!



Catwoman is a femme fatale who oozes sex via every movement she makes. Remarkably alluring, it would be difficult to keep your eyes off her, especially when she starts crawling around in her skintight black cat suit. She’s seduced Batman numerous times and if she’s a good enough thief to steal the Dark Knight’s heart, there’s no way you stand a chance.

Despite her athletic build and raw sexuality, Catwoman is not for everyone. She’s exceptionally high-maintenance and will eat you out of house and home. If you don’t mind waking up the next day, wondering where the pearls your grandmother left you have gone, then sure, go for it. Not to mention, Selina Kyle has a couple of skeletons in her closet, not to mention an overprotective on-again off-again boyfriend. Still, if you can get past that, imagine all the possibilities with that whip of hers!



Once Robin, the Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson has certainly matured since his younger days. No longer is he running around the rooftops of Gotham City wearing tight green underwear; now he’s running around on Gotham’s shady rooftops in a skintight body suit. To the pleasure of many, Dick’s Nightwing outfit shows off plenty of his *ahem* assets.

Known throughout both the superhero community and the outside world of comic book readers for boasting the greatest booty in the history of comic books, everyone is thirsty for some Nightwing. If you’re lucky enough to wake up with Dick next to you, you’re doing something right! An Olympic level gymnast who comes with little emotional baggage, unlike some heroes, you really can’t go wrong with nestling up to some Dick!


So you like your women a little crazy? Well step right up and let’s introduce you to Harley Quinn. Though Harley is definitely an oddball, if you’ve woken up next to her, it’s a pretty safe bet that your night together was one for the history books. There’s no use trying to play it coy or safe with Harley. This is going to be an affair to remember and one that probably involves clown paint, giant hammers and lots and lots of psychotherapy.

If the buxom Gotham City Siren becomes too much, what with her reminiscing about her “Puddin’”, never fear, what with her degree in psychology, Harley would likely be more than thrilled to have you sit back as she listens to your problems.


Captain America by John Cassaday

Steve Rogers is a shining example of what it means to be an all-American beefcake. With muscles on top of muscles, Captain America has a heart of gold. You’d think you just woke from one dream and into another when you realized you’re in the same bed as the Star-Spangled Avenger. A man of honor, Steve Rogers is the sort of guy you’d take home to meet the parents; he’s loveable, loyal, protective, and gets along swimmingly with old people.

Yet if exercise isn’t your thing, watch out! Steve definitely comes across as an outdoorsy, Crossfit, kind of guy. So if you’re hoping for a long-term relationship with the good Captain, you’re probably going to have to keep up at his pace. Thankfully, he’s such a kind-hearted soul that he’s likely not going to care if you don’t want to go for a jog at six in the morning.


Without question the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet, the real issue is who wouldn’t want to wake up right next to Wonder Woman , Princess of Themyscira. A literal demigod, there really aren’t many places you can go from there. She is walking perfection incarnate and yet blissfully dismissive about her looks or how others see her. Few heroes have been blessed to wake up next to her; Superman and Steve Trevor to name two. The experience forever changed their lives.

Once you’ve opened your eyes to see the daughter of Zeus right next to you, all other women just won’t compare. Even if things don’t work out between you two, if you ask nicely, maybe she’ll take you to Paradise Island, where you have a whole plethora of gorgeous women to hang out with.


Danny Rand, the Iron Fist, is the protector of the mystical city of K’un-Lun. Endowed with a mighty flaming hand known as the iron fist, Rand is a man of honor and commitment. Waking up next to the master of nearly every martial art is a pretty fine achievement, but it’s Danny’s control of chi, both his, and yours, that has us sweating bullets. By the way, he can totally catch those.

Think back to the last time you had a massage or a spa day -- wouldn’t it be nice to get all that relaxation, but for free? Well, if you’re wining and dining Iron Fist, that’s exactly what you’re going to get! With his ability to harness and play with energy, there’s a frightening amount of potential. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a master masseuse, that just so happens to be drop-dead gorgeous and can kick butt.


Have you ever wanted to feel like Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise? Well, if you’ve woken up next to the Teen Titan known as Starfire, then you can join that elite group of heroes who’ve bedded aliens. Starfire, is all the best things of alien races rolled into one. With a personality ranging from exceptionally passionate to frustratingly naïve, this flaming princess from the world of Tamaran is as powerful as she is sexy.

Nearly any man who lays eyes on her immediately loses any semblance of self-control, too smitten by her unearthly beauty to string a proper sentence together. Starfire is of the more attractive women in the DC Universe, or any universe for that matter. The only real downside, or upside depending on your point of view, is Starefire’s lack of emotional attachment to lovers as seen in recent years.



Waking up next to the Man of Steel deserves a congratulatory high-five! You’ve bedded the Last Son of Krypton and lived to tell the tale! How did you do it? It probably had something to do with you possessing super powers, as there’s no feasible way you could spend a long and steamy night with Superman without special abilities. Or did you use a little kryptonite to make him weaker?

Either way, Superman, like Captain America, is the guy who can do no wrong. Suffice to say, there’s probably no place safer on Earth than in the arms of the Man of Steel. Even if he spends lots of time talking about truth, justice, and the American Way, there isn’t a person alive (except for Lex Luthor) who doesn’t love or admire Superman.


Never X Mystique

So you’re the kind of person who likes taking risks, who enjoys going to sleep without the certainty that you’ll wake up the next morning. If living on the edge describes you, then so is dating the mutant Mystique! If you’ve woken up next to the shapeshifter than you’re either the best there is at what you do, or you’re part of some convoluted plan of hers to strike back at the X-Men. If you’re experiencing the second scenario, you’re probably not going to be alive much longer. Oh well!

Enjoy the ride while you can. There’s no way Mystique is going to want to settle down permanently, but the sexy minx is just that…sexy as heck. With the ability to transform into anyone, the sky is the limits if roleplay is a thing you two choose to partake in.



Congratulations, you’ve successfully bedded the richest man on the planet! Of course you might wonder where he slinks off to in the middle of the night, but whatever, you’ve made it to the top, baby! A hunk of a man, Bruce Wayne is nearly every woman’s ideal guy. Rich, with a chiseled jawline (along with everything else), the man of mystery that is Bruce Wayne is too captivating to ignore.

What’s that? He’s suddenly gotten very solemn and serious and is talking about how he wants to tell you a secret? Sure, what’s the worst that could happen, maybe he’s one of those guys who's into kinky activities. Oh…he’s Batman. Somehow you didn’t see that coming, even though you totally should. No worries, you’re waking up next to the Batman now.



Imagine waking up underneath silk-laden sheets, the air is a delicate balance of hot and cool, and somewhere close by, you try and place the hint to a spicy, yet sweet, aroma. As your eyes open you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re surrounded by a perfect blend of new and old, ancient tribal tradition fused with state of the art technology -- you’re in Wakanda and you’ve just bedded the country’s king, T’Challa, the Black Panther.

Your future shall be one of grandeur and excitement, as Wakanda is leagues beyond anything people like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne have at their disposal. Factor in that you’re sleeping with one of the most handsome guys on the planet, and you’ve got a winner. If you wake up next to the Black Panther, try and extend your one night stand with this beast of a man.


A stud like none other, Thor, the God of Thunder, knows what he’s got and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. Which is probably for the best, as who would really have the courage to start chatting up over six-feet of godly muscle. With those long, golden locks of hair and thirst for booze that’ll never be satiated, Thor is the kind of guy you hook up with if party animals are your thing.

Say Thor isn’t your type and you prefer skinny, gangly-looking men, then he can always transform into his alter ego Donald Blake. Yet these days, Thor is no longer a man, but a woman, so you totally have the chance to rock it with a lady thunder god. Whichever you choose, odds are the heavens themselves will rock and you’ll wake up wondering where all the lightning scotch marks came from. Hot!


storm x-men

Ororo Munroe, or Storm of the X-Men, doesn’t just boast tremendous power, capable of bending the elements to her will, but she has an equally large heart. Noble, inspirational, and one of the warmest people you’ll ever meet, waking up next to the weather goddess would literally be a divine act.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to dating Storm is not just the super model looks she’s rocking, but also her mutant powers. It doesn’t matter where in the world you two are, if you’re going out for a date, you can bet the weather will be nice and pleasant. Storm can literally change the atmosphere just to make you happy. Who wouldn’t appreciate that and who wouldn’t want to wake up next to one of the leaders of the X-Men? Granted, you might have to deal with the occasional Sentinel attack, but those are the breaks.


Whether you wake up next to Hal Jordan, John Stewart, or really any Green Lantern, what’s important to note is that you’re with someone who wields the most powerful weapon in the universe. A Green Lantern Power Ring is an instrument with unlimited possibilities; anything the user imagines the ring can bring to form. That is to say there’s plenty of creative ways you two can spend time with one another when nighttime rolls around.

It doesn’t hurt any that nearly every Earth Green Lantern is exceptionally ripped, handsome, and have promising careers unlike many superheroes. Unless you end up with Kyle Rayner, and thereby risk getting stuffed in a fridge, the worst you have to fear is being possessed by another Power Ring. Still, at worst you lose your mind, at best you two get to fly around the galaxy in style. Talk about a Friday night out!


Poison Ivy Gotham City Sirens

One of the smartest people around, at least where botany is concerned, Pamela Isley, otherwise known as Poison Ivy, has a green thumb that would put that little garden you’ve been tinkering away at to shame. If you’re found your way into the den of this particular green-skinned damsel, then be prepared to hear a lot about saving the environment.

No matter, waking up to Poison Ivy is going to involve a lot of careful navigation to ensure you don’t step on any of the plants inevitably spurting from out of the ground. If you successfully win Pamela’s heart, nicely done! There aren’t many who will protect you as fiercely. A beautiful red-head with an unquenchable passion for that which she loves, just imagine all the vine-swinging that’ll be involved after a passionate night of, uh, watering plants.

Who would you not mind waking up next to? Let us know in the comments!

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