Monster Mash: 15 People Who Slept With Marvel Monsters

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One of the things that Marvel became famous for right from the start of the so-called "Marvel Age" of comics (beginning with 1961's Fantastic Four) was the idea that their characters were human, unlike the staid, almost emotionless heroes over at DC Comics. That humanity was present even in characters like Ben Grimm, the so-called "Thing" of the Fantastic Four, who was mutated into a grotesque-looking monster. And yet, he had more heart than most heroes. Over the years, Marvel has kept up that idea, that what matters is not on the outside but rather, what's in your heart and your soul. So while you may look like a "monster," that does not define you. Heck, that's literally the plot of the classic Fantastic Four issue by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott called, "This Man... This Monster," when a man switches places with the Thing and realizes that the "monster" was far more of a man than he would ever be.

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With that in mind, naturally, if Marvel "monsters" are human, that means that they desire to be loved, just like most, if not all humans. Luckily (for some), that desire comes true physically and sometimes results in, for lack of a better term, "monster sex." Here, then, are 15 Marvel "monsters" (one of them is a legit villainous monster) and the people who have gotten it on with them. NOTE: We did a whole other list on people who have had sex with a Hulk, so we've left all Hulks off of this list.

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In New X-Men,Grant Morrison dramatically expanded the presence of mutants in the world, leading to Xavier's School for Mutants seeing an influx of new pupils. One of these new mutants was Barnell Bohusk, also known as Beak, a mutant who looked like a humanoid bird. Beak's powers were not all that useful, so he was down on himself over that aspect of his life. While in his flying class at Xavier's, though, he met Angel Salvatore, whose mutation was bug-like.

While Beak was sometimes depressed over what he believed was his uselessness, Angel was depressed over feeling like a freak. On a bet, she made out with Beak. She enjoyed his reaction to their kiss, though, and actually fell in love with Beak. The two had sex and Angel became pregnant. She gave birth to their six children in a barn on Xavier's campus.


Initially, when Hank McCoy was mutated into a blue, furry version of himself, he was distraught. He took to disguising himself in masks of his former appearance and moped around about how hard his life was. Then he joined the Avengers and realized that, despite what he thought about his appearance, the public actually loved him. He subsequently began to become very popular with the ladies.

Beast has also had two long term girlfriends in his mutated form -- reporter Trish Tilby and S.W.O.R.D. agent Abigail Brand. However, we wish to spotlight the X-Factor graphic novel, Prisoner of Love, by Jim Starlin and Jackson Guice, because it literally involves Beast being held "captive" by a woman named Synthia Naip. They have a whole lot of sex before it turns out she was an alien who seduced him to protect her from another alien hunting her down.


When we first met Beta Ray Bill, he was working to protect his people on their journey to find a new planet to live on. Bill (and his sentient ship, Scuttlebutt) was the only person of his race who wasn't in cryogenesis. Their interplanetary convoy was accidentally diverted to Earth, where S.H.I.E.L.D. presumed was an intentional attack on our planet. Thor was sent to fight Bill and in the ensuing battle, Bill got a hold of Thor's hammer and proved to be worthy of its power. Odin then gave Bill his own special hammer.

While fighting alongside the Asgardians, Bill grew close to Lady Sif, who had been feeling neglected by Thor. The two eventually went off on a journey alone together, but ultimately Sif returned to Asgard. She later described Bill as her lover, although it was unclear whether they had progressed past friendship at the time.


Due to the experiments performed on him that he volunteered for because he was dying of cancer, Wade Wilson gained one of the most powerful healing factors in the Marvel Universe. However, the process also took the tumors within his body and spread them all over his body, giving him a grotesque appearance that he would constantly cover with a mask. When he met the mutant known as Siryn, he was distraught when she saw his true face when his mask was dislodged in battle.

Later, she came to him and seduced him. They made love in a field in a park. He woke up a new man, inspired to become a true hero. However, Siryn turned out to be Typhoid Mary in disguise! The whole thing was just a plan by Deadpool's rival, T-Ray, to truly and utterly destroy Deadpool's spirit before then taking his life.


When it comes to Earth, the cosmic beings known as the Celestials occasionally would mess around with the evolution of the people on the planet. They decided to spin off a group of people from the normal humans on Earth and make them into powerful, beautiful people known as Eternals, who would protect the people of Earth. However, they then also made a group of powerful, disgusting people known as Deviants who existed as the enemies of the Eternals.

When Isaac Newton was being trained in the ways of the Brotherhood of the Shield (the precursor to modern day S.H.I.E.L.D.), he was sent to live among the Deviants and to learn their ways. While there, he had sex with one of their number. He eventually learned the secrets of the Deviants before burning their whole city down. Really calls into question who the real monster was, huh?


Little is truly known about the being known as Doop, who we first met as X-Force's cameraman when they went into battle. After X-Force transitioned into X-Statix, Doop was along for the ride. He allegedly was an attempt at a military weapon by the United States government during the Cold War. Whether true or not, the fact remains that Doop is a powerful little green blob.

He is also surprisingly alluring to people. In one story, a man hired a private investigator to spy on his wife, who was cheating on him with Doop. The P.I. then fell in love with Doop! In the pages of Wolverine and the X-Men, while to many people, it seemed like Doop didn't do anything. In reality, though, he protected the Jean Grey School from many outside threats, including sleeping with the entire school board who were threatening to close the school down.


The Marvel Universe is a strange place. Hepzibah is an alien who is, in effect, a humanoid skunk. Yet, she is somehow always sexualized whenever she shows up in a story. She's a human skunk! She was a slave in the Shi'ar slaving pits who escaped with a few of her other slaves, including a human, Christopher Summers (father of the X-Men Cyclops and Havok). They then became the infamous space pirates known as the Starjammers.

Summers (who took the name Corsair) and Hepzibah became lovers (it was he who actually named her Hepzibah, after Ma'am'selle Hepzibah, a skunk character from Walt Kelly's classic comic strip, Pogo). After Corsair died, she eventually chose the X-Man Warpath as her next mate. After they broke up, she had a sexual dalliance with Namor, as well. She then got the other Starjammers to help her bring Corsair back to life. They're together again.


During a storyline in the Man-Thing feature in Adventure Into Fear, a number of people from alternate Earths all end up together through the so-called "Nexus of All Realities," which happens to be located at the swamp where Man-Thing lives (eventually, Man-Thing took to guarding the Nexus). One of these people was not a person at all, but a duck from a planet of all ducks.

Now trapped in a world that he never knew existed, Howard the Duck had to make the best of his experience on Earth. Making the transition a lot easier was Beverly Switzler, an artist's model who became Howard's girlfriend. So yes, even though he's a talking duck, Beverly still had sex with him (although Marvel of the late 1970s tried to be as vague about their sleeping arrangements as they could).


When Norman Osborn took over S.H.I.E.L.D. (then re-named H.A.M.M.E.R.), he collected young superpowered beings who he experimented on to create future soldiers for him. One of these beings was a surfer named Ken Mack, who discovered that his skin was covering a powerful red iridium body. Osborn had his skin stripped off, leaving a disgusting Red Skull-esque body. When the Avengers defeated Osborn, they had some of his subjects trained as young Avengers because they were afraid that if they left them alone, they'd become supervillains.

Mettle grew close to his teammate, Hazmat, who tragically killed her first boyfriend when her radiation powers first manifested. They eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend and finally had sex right before they were both kidnapped by Arcade as part of his twisted battle royale game, wherein he forced a group of young heroes to fight each other. Mettle sacrificed himself to save Hazmat.


Michael Morbius, the living vampire, was created when Morbius tried to come up with a cure for his rare (and fatal) blood disease. The cure involved vampire bats and the end result was Morbius being transformed into a pseudo-vampire. He lived like that for a number of years before he got pulled into a mess with a group of supernatural heroes known as the Midnight Sons, who were destined to fight Lilith and her evil followers.

A few of Lilith's followers tried to kill Morbius, but it instead transformed him further into close to a real vampire. He could barely hold back from his blood lust. As it turned out, whatever chance he had was lost by a sexy young woman named Mandy who was obsessed with vampires and seduced Morbius (then going under the pseudonym Morgan Michaels). He lost control after sex and gave in to his blood lust.


One of the most famous members of the X-Men is Kurt Wagner, also known as Nightcrawler. Kurt looks like an actual demon, which is contrasted against his actual personality, which is a devoutly religious person who is also one of the kindest and most fun-loving members of the X-Men.

Back when he was a member of the circus, he fell in love with Amanda Sefton, daughter of the women who took Kurt in when he was a boy. When Kurt and Amanda grew up, they continued their love affair (and Kurt wasn't so devout that he wasn't willing to have sex before marriage). Nightcrawler has had other lovers since then (the Shi'ar warrior Cerise probably being the most notable of them), but his relationship with Amanda still stands out in his history.


After returning from seeming death in Captain America #300 in a cloned body of Steve Rogers in Captain America #350, Red Skull's Aryan dream came to a halt when he was accidentally exposed to his own "Dust of Death" and saw his skull transformed into an actual red skull (before that, the red skull was just a mask that he wore). Once he was resurrected, Captain America writer Mark Gruenwald spent a lot of time transitioning the Red Skull into a sort of kingpin of crime (and away from strictly Nazi-related crimes).

The Skull and his cohorts (including Mother Night, who loved him) got their own back-up stories in the series and had their own sub plots. In one of those sub plots, the Skull recruited the psychotic terrorist, Viper, to join his team. He also recruited her to be his lover.


One of the most famous "monsters" in the Marvel Universe is the ever-lovin', blue-eyed Ben Grimm, the Thing. When the Fantastic Four got their powers, Ben drew the short stick and was transformed into a monstrous being that led his friends to ever so tactfully start calling him a "Thing." The name stuck.

Due to the fact that his whole body is seemingly made out of rocks, it has always been a strange secret as to whether the Thing actually, you know, uses his thing. However, in the pages of his second ongoing series, it certainly appeared as though Ben and his longtime girlfriend, Alicia Masters, were going to get their rocks off, as it were, when they quickly cleared out a superhero poker game to be alone together.


Okay, this is a stretch for alphabetical order, but we wanted to feature the Thing first before we got into the hilarious bizarreness of She-Thing. Sharon Ventura was the second woman to go by the name Ms. Marvel, taking on the name after gaining superpowers and becoming a wrestler during a time when the Thing was also working as a wrestler.

They both quit and joined the Fantastic Four, which had just opened up a couple of vacancies when Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman took a leave of absence. While with the FF, Sharon was mutated by cosmic rays into a female version of the Thing. Despite her new appearance, she and Ben fell in love (he had been mutated even further by those same cosmic rays) and they got together while on a mission.


After first becoming the costumed superhero known as the Cat, Greer Nelson found herself transformed through a magical amulet into a wolf-woman (sometimes she was referred to as a werewoman, which, of course, does not make any sense). For whatever reason (presumably the same reason why Hepzibah has always been sexualized), Tigra has long been treated as primarily a sexual object in her career as a superhero.

Even after being around for decades, she mostly has been used as a love interest for whichever male superhero happens to be on her team, first Wonder Man and then later Hank Pym. Of course, the Hank who actually got her pregnant turned out to be a Skrull! She then ended up dating the real Hank later on.

Can you think of any other people that have made love to a "Marvel Monster"? Let us know in the comments section!

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