15 Characters More Powerful Than Green Lantern (That DC Refuses To Use)

more powerful than GL

The Green Lantern Corps is probably the most potent force in the DC Universe. Armed with Power Rings, which are considered to be the most powerful weapon of the universe, many emerald warriors are sworn to be vigilant as they patrol the cosmos making sure that evil does not rear its ugly head. Since Alan Scott dawned the very first Green Lantern ring in July 1940’s All-American Comics #16, several humans have sworn the Green Lantern oath and represented Earth in the most significant fraternal organization that the galaxy has ever known. The Green Lantern Corps offer membership to the boldest beings that show that they have the willpower to overcome any obstacle in their way.

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Many DC Comics fans can quickly name several current and former Green Lanterns such as Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Sinestro, Kilowog, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz if you ask them at a comic book convention. However, there is one question that fans tend to avoid answering: “Which DC characters are more powerful than the Green Lanterns?” CBR has the answer to that question as we found 15 characters who are not only more powerful than Green Lantern, but DC Comics does not know how to incorporate them into a story.

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Captain Atom DC Comics
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Captain Atom DC Comics

For 30 years, the former United States Air Force Officer and Vietnam War veteran Nathaniel Christopher Adam’s adventures have commanded the attention of DC fans. Captain Atom can absorb and manipulate theoretically infinite amounts of energy. That energy can be used for flight, super strength, and is very durable. He has also served on various incarnations of the Justice League. However, the Good Captain also has a dark side.

During the events of both “Countdown Arena” and “Countdown to Final Crisis,” Captain Atom was manipulated into becoming the second Monarch and created a large team that represented the entire Multiverse. While he failed at his mission, somehow the Justice League was able to knock some sense into Captain Atom, and he was able to resume his superhero responsibilities. In "The New 52", the Justice League denied him membership as they corrected predicted that he is unable to control his powers.


Starman Thom Kallor

The DC Trinity and the Green Lanterns may be absent in the 31st Century, but their presence and legacy have inspired being all across the universe. While he was first introduced March 1961’s Adventure Comics Vol. 1, #282, fans came to know Thom Kallor in the pages of Justice Society of America Vol.3. In addition to his Legion flight ring, Thom Kallor can increase the mass, density, or gravity of an object.

When Starman traveled to the present day DCU, he had schizophrenia and had episodes that frightened his JSA teammates. However, the former Legion of Super-Heroes member united the three superhero teams in “The Lightning Saga,” stopped Gog from destroying the Earth in “Thy Kingdom Come,” and also brought Conner Kent back to the land of the living in the events of “Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds.” Sadly, Starman has disappeared following "Flashpoint" and has been missing since.


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There is no question that Doctor Fate is one of the most influential mages in the DC Universe. Since Dr. Fate’s first appearance in May 1940’s More Fun Comics #55, many sorcerers have dawned the mystical helmet, amulet, and cloak of Nabu the Wise. Several Doctor Fates have worked with various Green Lanterns throughout their career.

Kent Nelson not only founded the Justice Society of America with Alan Scott but also served alongside the brash Guy Gardner in the first post-“Crisis on Infinite Earths” Justice League. Years after his death, his nephew, Kent V. Nelson served alongside a new incarnation of the Justice Society until “Flashpoint.” Currently, Khalid Ben-Hassin is the newest incarnation of the hero but has not worked with any other DC heroes in the current timeline. Also, he was last seen in Earth-2: Society.


Shazam DC Comics

Since Billy Batson debuted in February 1940’s Whiz Comics #2, he can shout “SHAZAM,” and instantly he is transformed from a powerless preteen to the commanding Shazam! Each of his powers come from six of the most important figures in ancient history: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury. While the character had a 14-year-run appearing in numerous Fawcett Comics adventures, DC Comics brought him back into the spotlight during the Bronze Age of Comic Books.

Before “Flashpoint” shook DC Comics’ continuity to its core, Shazam played a major role in JSA and its follow-up series: Justice Society of America. Recently, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank rekindled public interest in Shazam after the character’s backup chapters and a starring role in The New 52’s Justice League. However, Shazam has mysteriously vanished after “DC Rebirth.”


Imperiex DC Comics

In 2001, the entire DC Universe went to war to save creation. Imperiex, the “Our Worlds at War” storyline’s main antagonist, threatened to shatter the DC Universe. Aligning himself with the tyrannical Brainiac 13, Imperiex sent his massive armies to every single sector of the DC Universe’s cosmos. Imperiex pushed every hero and villain to their limits as several characters such as Aquaman, Hippolyta, Maxima, and Sargent Rock fell defending the universe.

Eventually, it took all of Superman’s might to lure both Imperiex and Brainiac 13 to War World where Darkseid used a boom tube that sent both villains back to the Big Bang. The DC Universe’s continuity has changed so much in the past 16 years that it would be a perfect time for this monstrous villain to rear his ugly head once again.


Neron DC Comics

In “Underworld Unleashed,” the demon known as Neron flirted with many of the DC villains (and a few superheroes) into coaxing a deal that they cannot refuse. Unlimited power over their adversaries and in exchange, Neron will own their souls. But Neron was not done yet; he ran afoul out of both the JLA and heaven in the epic JLA storyline: “Paradise Lost.”

Neron also terrified the DCU in “Day of Judgement,” but he faced a major defeat when Elongated Man defeated him and his follower, Felix Faust, during the massive “52” event. During the earlier months of DC Rebirth, he kidnapped Apollo in hopes that Midnighter rescued him in hell in their mini-series. Hopefully, the "Green Lantern" creators could be able to make him a massive threat to the DCU once again.


The Monitors DC Comics

During DC Comics’ classic “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline, several heroes encountered The Monitor when an unnamed evil targeted the entire Multiverse. Years later, a mysterious group of omnipotent beings that were similar to this Monitor began to oversee several events starting in the DCU: Brave New World one-shot. After the Monitors made their debut, fans began to divide these groups into two groups.

Some of these omnipotent beings were benevolent, while other members of the Monitors stalked several characters such as Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, Nightwing, and Supergirl in their titles. But the darkest one, the vampire Mandrakk, threatened to feed on the blood of the Multiverse in “Final Crisis.” While the Monitors have been missing in action seen since “Final Crisis,” they could be potential rivals for the Green Lantern Corps.


While many of the Green Lanterns never had to deal with this fifth-dimensional imp, Bat-Mite would be one of the most daring characters that the Emerald Warriors would ever encounter. Bat-Mite does have his heart in the right place, but thanks to his phenomenal cosmic powers his efforts turn into hazardous events that gave the Dark Knight and his allies headaches for decades. In addition to appearing in “Batman: RIP” storyline, his fellow imp had to rescue him from Joker, who swallowed him whole in the classic Superman/Batman storyline, “With A Vengeance.”

DC Comics briefly brought Bat-Mite out for a spin for an ongoing series during its DCYOU era. Sadly, the series was canceled after six issues. With classic characters returning in DC Rebirth, it would be good for creators to bring this magical imp back to face the Green Lanterns for a change.


Phantom Stranger DC Comics

For 65 years, The Phantom Stranger has roamed across the DC Universe in August-September 1952’s Phantom Stranger Vol. 1’s premiere issue. The immortal and powerful mage has always been a guide or advisor to numerous heroes as they faced significant challenges that tested their characters. Before “Flashpoint,” the Phantom Stranger proved to be a force that challenged both Hal Jordan’s Spectre and Eclipso.

He was a key advisor to the mystical group known as the Shadowpact during “The Day of Vengeance” and the “Infinite Crisis.” During The New 52, the Phantom Stranger was revealed to be Judas Iscariot himself and was a part of the infamous Trinity of Sin. While he did work with the Justice League Dark after they saved his life and did have his own series, the Phantom Stranger was not seen for a few years until Dark Nights: Metal.


Eclipso DC Comics

The Black Diamond is a dangerous artifact in the DC Universe. Whoever possesses the Black Diamond will become host to Eclipso, a powerful cosmic entity that formerly represented God’s wrath. Notably, Dr. Bruce Gordon and the late Jean Loring are two of Eclipso’s notable hosts that have caused repressible damage. Gordon’s Eclipso’s path has crossed with numerous heroes such as the Phantom Stranger, Superman, the Justice Society of America, and the Justice League of America.

Meanwhile, Jean Loring’s Eclipso brought the “Day of Vengeance” upon the unsuspecting DCU, but was defeated by both Nightshade (“Day of Vengeance”) and ultimately Mary Marvel, who ended Loring’s reign of terror in “Countdown to Final Crisis." While a different incarnation of the character briefly threatened Amethyst in Sword of Sorcery Vol. 2, it has been four years since Eclipso threatened the DCU.


Spectre DC Comics

After Eclipso went rogue, The Spectre became God’s agent of vengeance. Since his first appearance in February 1940’s More Fun Comics #52, the Spectre has been featured of members of hero teams such as the Justice Society and the All-Star Squadron. Because his powers came from God’s himself, the Spectre spends most of his days warping reality and can manipulate cosmic energy, space, and time. He also has cosmic awareness and his knowledge of pre- “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

Spectre had several hosts over his years and had offered his hosts ways to redeem themselves. Both Hal Jordan and Crispus Allen's characters grew while they served as the Spectre's host. Despite its ties to numerous heroes and organizations, the Spectre has not appeared outside The New 52.


Death DC Comics

In 1989, creators Neil Gaiman and Mike Dringenberg introduced the modern-day incarnation of Death into the Vertigo Universe. Death made her first appearance in the pages of The Sandman Vol. 2 #8. Unlike previous DC Comics characters who are antagonizing forces who want to use the undead to dominate the universe, Death helps the recently deceased personas prepare for the next chapter of their existence in the afterlife.

While Death has played an enormous role defining the Vertigo mythology, only a handful of DC Comics characters encountered her. Recently, Death met Lex Luthor during the final chapters of Action Comics, Vol. 1’s “The Black Ring” storyline, where he was on a quest to find the last depowered Black Lantern Corps ring. It has been a few years since she has made her appearance, but fans always hope for a Death appearance.


The Presence DC Comics

If there is a character that could push the Green Lantern Corps to its limit, it would be DC’s top deity: The Presence. Since his debut in February 1940’s More Fun Comics #52, the Presence has been quietly monitoring the events that take place throughout his universe. Many creators in the DC Universe have established the Presence as the comic book universe’s Abrahamic God.

While only a few handful of characters have been in his holy presence such as the Spectre, Swamp Thing, Deadman, the Phantom Stranger, and longtime Green Lantern antagonist Krona, a direct encounter with this divine being could permanently reshape the Green Lantern Corps. As the DC Universe faces great crises depicted in both: Dark Nights: Metal and Doomsday Clock, the Presence could make an appearance that could turn the tide and side with the heroes.



The angel Michael Demiurgos has quite the history with his prolific brother: Lucifer. When Lucifer rebelled against God, Michael fought to quell his rebellion by leading his father’s army. Sadly, Michael spent most of his life locked in a constant and vicious battle with his wicked brother. While Lucifer and Michael are nearly equal in power, Michael is a force to be reckoned with many superhuman qualities, his absolute immortality, and the ability to disintegrate angels or humans with a stare.

Also, Michael could hold his own against other deities and even held his own against the Spectre. Unfortunately, Michael sacrificed himself to save his loved ones in Lucifer, Vol. 1 #54. Since DC creators has been integrating Vertigo characters into the DCU and the popularity of the Preacher TV series, now could be the perfect time to resurrect Michael.


Superboy Prime DC Comics

One of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe is Superboy Prime. While he appeared bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” he fell victim to Earth-3’s Alexander Luthor’s wicked influences, and together they manipulated the events that lead to “Infinite Crisis.” During the event’s grand finale, it took more than 3,000 Green Lanterns to contain and defeat Superboy Prime.

While he was locked under the watchful eyes of the corps, he killed more members and then joined the Sinestro Corps as one of its leaders. Having the power of Green Lantern’s greatest enemies made this disgraced, unstable hero the most treacherous antagonists of “The Sinestro Corps War”. Sadly, Superboy-Prime has not made any appearances in the DC Universe since “Flashpoint”, but we're sure he'll be back and when he returns everyone, Green Lantern included, needs to watch out.

Which of these characters should make a comeback in the DC Universe? Let us know in the comments!

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