10 Characters We Hope To See In Netflix’s Sandman

In shocking news, a comic book series many fans deemed "unfilmable" will hit Netflix as a new original series. Neil Gaiman just watched American Gods reach its third season and worked as the showrunner on the adaptation of his novel with Terry Pratchett as Good Omens aired on Amazon Prime. Now, Sandman is coming to Netflix.

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For those who have been sleeping for the last 30 years, Sandman was one of the groundbreaking series that made Vertigo the go-to comic book line for adults and helped Gaiman become a household name for comic book fans. While the idea of it becoming a TV series or movie was slim, Netflix is dreaming of big things, and here are 10 characters we want to see in Sandman.


10 Characters We Hope To See In Netflix’s Sandman

Cain and Abel didn't make their first appearance in the pages of Sandman, and instead, the brothers were part of the EC-comics horror books House of Mystery and House of Secrets. Straight out of the comics, these were possibly the sons of Adam and Eve from the Bible, with Cain forever cursed to continue killing his brother, who always resurrects.

In The Sandman comics, Cain is invulnerable, and he and his brother were sent to live in The Dreaming thanks to Morpheus' invitation. They also might not be the literal Cain and Abel from the Bible, but abstract archetypes of the first murderer and first victim. The characters' appearances almost always end with Cain killing Abel once again.


10 Characters We Hope To See In Netflix’s Sandman

Rose Walker was a key figure in early Sandman stories and could be the catalyst for the upcoming Netflix TV show. Rose was a "dream vortex" and visited The Dreaming, eavesdropping on Morpheus as he spoke about her and the threat she posed, the possibility she could destroy his realm.

It was Rose's grandmother, Unity Kinkaid, who inadvertently caused Morpheus' capture (his release is what started the Neil Gaiman series). The entire story with Rose was a twisting-and-turning tale, which saw her as the grandchild of Desire of The Endless, born in an attempt to destroy Dream himself.


10 Characters We Hope To See In Netflix’s Sandman

All of The Endless need to be in The Sandman, but if only one of the family outside of Dream appears, it has to be Death. There has never been a portrayal of Death that was as memorable as the one in Vertigo Comics. Death is not an evil or scary figure coming to whisk someone away to Hell.

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Death is a goth girl, Death's sister, and the kindest of all the Endless. This change is significant, as Death does not come to scarily take someone to Hell but a being that arrives to help a person come to grips with their death and then gently guide them to their final destination. The irony of Death being a perky and happy person makes her someone The Sandman TV series has to include.


10 Characters We Hope To See In Netflix’s Sandman

Hob Gadling is a minor character but a great one and also someone who could help lead the sprawling epic that is Sandman through multiple seasons. Hob is a man who is one of Morpheus' only human friends, and someone that he visits regularly.

Morpheus has been meeting up with Hob to talk for 600 years. Hob first appeared as a normal man in 1389 who said that he would never die because it was just a habit that people do because they think they are supposed to. Death grants Hob eternal life, and Morpheus becomes his friend, agreeing to meet up with him every 100 years from then on to learn what the last century held for the man.


10 Characters We Hope To See In Netflix’s Sandman

Every story needs a villain, and one of the scariest villains from Sandman was The Corinthian. Morpheus actually created The Corinthian as a nightmare who has rows of jagged, sharp teeth where his eyes should be and wears his sunglasses over them to hide the truth. While Morpheus created the nightmare, The Corinthian went rogue.

During the time that Dream disappeared, The Corinthian became a serial killer who removed the eyes from his victims. This abuse of his power put him in Morpheus' crosshairs since he chose to be a cheap serial killer instead of a nightmare based on the darkness in the human heart.


10 Characters We Hope To See In Netflix’s Sandman

The past of Dream is almost more engaging than his present-day actions, and one example of that is with his interactions with poet William Shakespeare. In The Sandman comics, Shakespeare appeared for the first time in The Doll's House collection when he is a struggling playwright who would do anything to have the gift to write.

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Morpheus offers Shakespeare the talent to write captivating plays in exchange for the poet agreeing to write two stageplays specifically for Dream. The first was A Midsummer Night's Dream, a stageplay Shakespeare puts on for fairies. The second is The Tempest, and both play into Dream's life and experiences.


10 Characters We Hope To See In Netflix’s Sandman

The one character least likely to make an appearance in Sandman on Netflix is Lucifer, although the chances are closer now than they were two years ago. See, Lucifer from Sandman is the same character from the television series that originally aired on Fox.

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The fact that Fox canceled Lucifer and it is now airing as a Netflix original series makes the chance for a crossover a little more likely. However, his appearance in Sandman was before he came to Earth, which is before the Lucifer TV show started. He was King of Hell in Sandman and then quit and left. If they utilize flashbacks, maybe Tom Ellis can make a cameo appearance in Sandman.


10 Characters We Hope To See In Netflix’s Sandman

Lucien is a fun character and one that just has to appear in Sandman on Netflix. He is the chief librarian in The Dreaming and is Dream's version of Alfred. Much like Cain and Abel, Lucien is someone who was around for many years before Neil Gaiman brought him into the world of Sandman, making early appearances in Weird Mystery Tales.

While Morpheus is missing, Lucien is in charge of the Dreaming and is the most loyal servant because he was one of the few who did not abandon his post when Dream was gone. His job is to keep all the books with records of every dream ever created.


10 Characters We Hope To See In Netflix’s Sandman

If Matthew appears in Sandman on Netflix, it will have to make one significant change. See, Matthew is the raven that works for Dream, but before that, he was a human named Matthew Cable. If that name sounds familiar, it is because Matt Cable is the police officer helping Abby Arcane in DC Universe's Swamp Thing.

The two characters are the same. In the comics, Matt died while he was asleep in the Dreaming, so Morpheus gave him a chance to remain in the Dreaming as his dream raven. Matt agreed and began his life of servitude, although most of his time is as a companion to Dream.


10 Characters We Hope To See In Netflix’s Sandman

Orpheus could be a significant part of the storyline from Sandman since he is an essential character in the life of Dream. Orpheus is Dream's son. Orpheus is the son of Calliope, the muse to Dream, based on the character of the same name from Greek myths.

The father and son fall out when Dream visited him during his wedding to Eurydice, who then died on their wedding night. When Dream refused to resurrect her, Orpheus went to Destruction and Death and tried to bring her back himself. However, he failed, she died again, and he ended up beheaded. He is immortal and can't die, but Dream abandoned him forever, leaving priests behind to guard the still-living head of his son.

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