Touched By An Angel: 15 Characters That Got It On With An Angel

When we think of angels, we think of them as heavenly hosts, celestial beings, beacons of all that is pure and good in this world. We CERTAINLY don’t think of them doing bad things -- that’s reserved for demons, right? But as it turns out, angels have needs too! They may not be mortal, but it seems that they have all the lustful cravings mortals do, and want to seek intimacy and love in the arms and bits of another.

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Now, doing so usually means that they fall from grace and are cast out of the pearly gates. In some cases that’s for the best, because they get to be with their loved ones, but sometimes that means something more definitive (like, y’know, death). In many cases, though, there’s a chance for redemption or a “clean slate”, and even a leveling-up, where they’re in positions of greater power after the deed is done. And it’s not just angels that want to get in on sin; there’s plenty of mortal characters that want to hook-up with an angel. Maybe it’s that whole corruption of the innocent thing. Either way, we’ve found 15 of the most bizarre, head-scratching, or possibly just romantic instances of angel funtime in comics.

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Introduced in Spawn #9, Angela would quickly become a fan favorite as the sassy Hellspawn hunting angel that is the celestial thorn in Spawn’s side. And though she’s tried to kill him multiple times, when the Powers that Be in Heaven get pissed that she went hunting Hell’s servants without a proper permit, good old Spawn wooshes in to save her from the result of an unfair trial.

He speaks on her behalf but the angels won’t listen to a Hellspawn. When the angels just up and attack him Angela, touched by his defense, she comes to his aid and holds the angels off long enough for him to transport them both to a far corner of Hell. While they’re there, after bickering about who’s the better warrior, they begin swapping war stories, and then later, bodily fluids. Spawn’s cape acts as the disgruntled third wheel.


In the city of Bete Noire, everything is controlled by The Hierarchy. Their will is enforced by the Magistrate, beings of omniscience and occasional barbarity. The city is nothing but a corrupt cesspool, but it has one “protector”, and that’s the fallen angel Lee. She’s not all goodness though -- while she may help you if you seek her out, if she feels you deserve your fate, she’ll deny you assistance and likely make your problem worse. She’s been known to torture people -- not out of character for someone who spends her days teaching Phys Ed at a girls’ school.

So that thing about Magistrates being Law & Order and everything that goes bump in the night -- well, she has an ongoing relationship with Bete Noire’s Magistrate Doctor Juris, even though they’re technically sworn enemies. Nothing adds a little fire into your love life like romancing your archnemesis.


Office romances can be fun, especially if it’s between demons and fallen angels in a nightclub in Los Angeles. Mazikeen is a demon that prefers to take the form of a young woman, and is best buddies with Lucifer, owner of the Lux in LA. She used to work for him when he ruled Hell and she tortured souls of the damned; now she serves them drinks. She has a penchant for leather and gets excited by pain.

Lucifer Morningstar is a fallen archangel cast out of Heaven for leading a revolt of the angels. He was cast into hell, which he ruled for 10 billion years. Anyone would get bored of something if they did it for that long. Maze is his most trusted confidant and consort, though they’ve each had their dalliances with others, they always end up back together.


Lots of couples fight and make up, but usually the making up portion is reserved for private time. In the case of Husk and Angel, their romance reignites in front of not only the X-Men, but also Husk’s mother. During Uncanny X-Men issues 440-441 they’re spending time at Husk’s family home. Angel has been confessing to Paige’s mother that he had to pull away from her to protect her, which Paige overhears and gets upset about.

They have a blow out about it, but soon anger turns to passion, and they’re sucking face like a couple of teenagers (she is one, after all). Angel declares he’d in fact die if he ever lost her, and before you know it, the make-out session has turned into them hovering above everyone. Husk is only wearing a nightgown.


Once upon a time, Linda Danvers and her boyfriend were doing dangerous and criminal things. Then her boyfriend, part of a demonic cult, tried to sacrifice her to release a demon. The previous (protoplasmic) Supergirl (now known as the Matrix) had other ideas and fused with Linda, and they became a new Supergirl. The sacrifice by Matrix also changed them into the Earth-bound Angel of Fire.

She discovers a rocket ship carrying a young woman (Kara Zor-El, aka a pre-Matrix Supergirl) from the Pre-Crisis reality. When she finds out Kara is destined to die, Linda switches places with her and goes back to her time in her place. She meets Superman, and because they're not "technically" related, it's totally ok for them to fall in love, get married and have a kid (even though it's just as creepy as it sounds, especially since she was filling in for his cousin).


The Spectre is one of the oldest DC superheroes, debuting in More Fun Comics #52, when Jim Corrigan, a cop, is murdered by thugs and stuffed in a barrel filled with cement. An entity known as “The Voice” refuses him entry into the afterlife and sends him back to Earth. He assumes the identity of The Spectre, and seeks vengeance on his killers in brutal ways.

The Modern Age Spectre is the embodiment of the Wrath of God, the fallen angel Aztar, who had participated in Lucifer’s rebellion. It can be said that whomever is the human vessel for the Spectre is also in part a celestial being, in this case Jim Corrigan, who Madame Xanadu watches over when the Spectre roams free. In Spectre #9, to try to use the Spectre for herself, she is depicted in a seductive nude scene with the Spectre in mist form.


No better way to start off a relationship than getting your hands dirty fighting demons. When the demon lord B’liale sent his demon horde to burn St. Augustine’s church to the ground, Avengelyne, super foxy angel and demon slayer, went to fight the forces of darkness. She teamed up with a new member of the church, Kyle Wagner, a soft spoken stud that she became attracted to.

She agrees to date him, and eventually a relationship develops, culminating in a baby. Only it wasn’t a normal baby, but a hybrid demon child named Magog. Kyle turned out to be a demon chosen specifically to impregnate her and create the most powerful demon in existence. Unfortunately, Avengelyne was forced to kill her own spawn by boiling his blood from the inside (which you’d think would be NBD for a demon, which is probably why he survived).


One of DC’s most mysterious superheroes, not much is known of the Phantom Stranger, though their origins seem to mirror the Spectre. He is most often seen as a fallen angel who was Switzerland about the whole Heaven and Hell war during Lucifer’s rebellion, condemned to walk the Earth alone for eternity.

While he was never previously romantically tied to anyone (however much Madame Xanadu wanted it), in the New 52 he has a wife, a son and a daughter. This happened because The Phantom Stranger was sent by Heaven to watch the final crime of a serial killer about to murder his family. That man, Phillip Stark, tries to kill the Stranger in his basement autopsy room. The Stranger removes his soul, purifies it, then sends it adrift. He then embodies Phillip Stark, as a sane and loving husband (that is, until his family is dragged to Hell).


Comet and Supergirl didn’t work out, and this allowed Blithe, the third Earth-Bound angel, the Angel of Light to swoop in and turn him against her. She helped Comet fully embrace their angel powers, which resulted in them sprouting wings.

The deception by Blithe allowed Comet to join forces with Carnivore (the first vampire), who was jealous of all the Earth Angels and wanted their powers for himself. But the side of Comet that was Andrea Martinez relinquished her anger -- anger she’d been carrying since her teens when her mother rejected her for coming out. It was at this point that the three Earth Angels stood together and defeated Carnivore, and Comet and Blithe began a relationship. Apparently Comet didn’t care Blithe was deceitful, and she didn’t care the only human form Comet could take was Andrea.


The events of Preacher really only get going until a seraph bangs a demon and fathers Genesis, the entity that eventually inhabits the titular character. While angels may not always feature in the series, their presence and influence is felt throughout. It sort of sucks that the seraph has to fall to Earth for his sinful fraternizing when it turns out it was God’s plan all along. At least he tells Jesse about Genesis’s origin before God smokes him out.

That was not to be the end of angels dipping their feathers in sin, however. Two angels (Fiore and deBlanc) get dispatched from Heaven to bring Genesis back. Well, they don’t waste their time on Earth, because after awhile Fiore is up to his snout in cocaine and deBlanc is busy "ineracting" with mortal women. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


Back in the early 15th century, a young girl named Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for the usual reasons -- religious freedom resulting in persecution. She returns 600 years later, in Joan of Arc: From the Ashes, to be the protector of the Ark of the Covenant. She’s started to collect all manner of religious artifacts and concealed them in the Ark, now on the run from Heaven, Hell, and whoever else wants it.

She becomes smitten with none other than Mary Magdalene, who’s been working with the Devil’s granddaughter at a club called Eternity, where people sign over their souls for $10,000. When Mary gets sent to Hell, good ol’ Joan goes on a quest to save her. They’re ultimately reunited in Joan of Arc: From the Ashes #4, and begin a steamy love affair.


Purgatori, everyone’s favorite winged vampire goddess, unsurprisingly involved with Lucifer. While technically the Lord of the Underworld, he is still a fallen angel, after all. And hundreds of years ago, Purgatori dwelled in Hell alongside him, despite the protestations of the rest of the inhabitants. The Seven Deadly Sins decided to manipulate the hordes of hell, along with its two most enigmatic leaders. This resulted in Purgatori going on a rampage, killing the demons that defied her right to be there, and Lucifer becoming increasingly into her.

Ultimately, he decides that she will be his bride, dark queen, consort, etc and she accepts his proposal. She’s always lusting after more power, and yet, she just killed half her new subjects. She screws the pooch by trying to drink from him on the night of their wedding, and he casts her out in a rage.


If Comet had a superpower most worthy of note, it would be handling his identity crisis. At any given time, Comet is a man, woman, and horse. He appeared in Supergirl #14 as a centaur, his upper torso half resembling a man with three fingers on each hand, long white hair and a star-emblazoned on his forehead. Originally, he was Andrew Jones, a trampled jockey that was rebuilt as a superhuman with horse DNA. He became a superhero that saved the life of Andrea Martinez, and when they merged (much like Linda Danvers and the Matrix), they became the Earth-Bound Angel of Love.

He falls in love with Supergirl (Linda Danvers) and she with him. This is interesting as Pre-Crisis Comet appeared in Action Comics #292, turned into a human rodeo rider Bill Starr, and also dated Supergirl (though she was technically a different Supergirl).


Armaros and Faustia, two angels that decided to participate in Lucifer’s rebellion against God, didn’t seem to think how such a revolutionary idea would affect their newborn. Their daughter, Mercy Sparx, was born in a place that wasn’t Heaven, Hell, or even Purgatory. It’s a place for outcasts, cast-offs, and those that fall through the cracks. She grows up as a “devling” (demon girl), gets a boyfriend, and is a frequent patron of the Devil’s Due pub in downtown Sheol. Her father Armaros, meanwhile, is one of the eight Grigori, exiled from Heaven to watch over humanity.

One day, she is visited by the mysterious Mr. Suit, a huge demon who invites her on a mission to head to Earth and hunt rogue angels. If there was any better way to get back at mom and dad, that would be it.


This pair’s on again, off again romance was a thing for several years. Beginning in X-Men #29, when they had their first date at the Hellfire Club, where they were both hereditary members. They were both born into wealth, had a passion for violence (and for each other), and were comfortable in darkness. That darkness proved too great, though, when Archangel’s Death persona was too difficult for Psylocke to restrain. He eventually fulfilled his destiny of being Apocalypse’s heir.

Their love turned the most tragic when she had to stab him with a Life Seed, which resulted in his death and subsequent resurrection as a blank slate. He had no memory of their time together, which caused Psylocke too much pain and they had to end their relationship.

Which of these steamy angel moments do you remember? Let us know in the comments!

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