Logan Laid Low Again: 30 Characters Who Dropped Wolverine

Wolverine Stamina

Wolverine is one of the most persistent superheroes in Marvel Comics, as well as one of the most popular. A member of The X-Men and Avengers, the mutant with a healing factor has battled just about everyone in the Marvel Universe -- good guys and bad guys alike. He always likes to say that he is the best in the world at what he does, but with a healing factor that always allows him to bounce back from almost all injuries that he sustains, it is often easy for Logan to get a little too self-confident at times. When Wolverine thinks he is unbeatable, that is usually when everything goes wrong. While he is one of the toughest heroes in all of Marvel Comics, he has also been beaten by a who's-who of costumed heroes and villains.

Of course, Wolverine got his big break in the pages of X-Men, but his first appearance had him battle The Hulk -- and he didn't fare too well there. With the X-Men, he was always the hothead who didn't listen to orders and rushed into battle unprepared. Even as he grew and learned patience, Logan still took on battles that he wasn't prepared for and fell to everyone from Spider-Man and The Punisher to Magneto and Sabretooth -- the latter of whom made it a hobby to beat up Wolverine. The Canadian mutant might think an awful lot of himself, but his win-loss record has some pretty decisive defeats throughout the years.

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Pitting Wolverine against Deadpool is always an interesting fight. Both men have healing factors, which means that they can beat on each other all they want and the other will always eventually come back. Wolverine has taken down Deadpool, even chopping his head off once.

However, Deadpool has also been successful against Wolverine as well. In Wolverine #88, the two men fought with Logan at a disadvantage since his healing factor was not at 100-percent. All Deadpool had to do was taunt Logan and when Wolverine attacked in anger, he drove two blades into the mutant's lungs.


Ninja Kitty from Kitty Pryde and Wolverine

In a What If? comic book, Kitty Pryde was the last person standing between a brainwashed Wolverine and the destruction of everything. The story was What If: Wolverine: Enemy of the State and it supposes that Logan never regained control after Hydra put him under their mind control.

Wolverine had already taken out Captain America, Susan Storm and Magneto, and only Kitty remained. The two formerly close allies faced off and when she realized that Logan was not coming back, she phased her arm into his brain and Wolverine cut it off. With the hand still in his brain, his healing couldn't work and he fell in defeat.


wolverine hulk

Hulk and Wolverine have remained tied together since Logan made his first appearance in Incredible Hulk #181 where the two heroes fought each other and Wendigo. The sad thing is that Logan has hardly ever come out on top of a battle with The Hulk.

Mr. Fixit, the lesser powered version of Hulk, beat Logan in Wolverine #8. In Punisher#37, Hulk hit Logan so hard that the diminutive mutant flew from New York to Boston. In World War Hulk: X-Men #3, he hit Wolverine so many times that Logan was concussed and taken out of the fight. In Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine, Hulk ripped him in half.


Cyclops and Wolverine

If there is any one person that annoys Wolverine above all others, it is Cyclops. Even before Avengers vs. X-Men, Wolverine never liked Scott and the two always had verbal battles, power struggles and often physical brawls.

The X-Men were battling Sauron in Uncanny X-Men #115 when Wolverine jumped into the fight without listening to Cyclops. As a result, Sauron hypnotized Logan and sent him after the X-Men. Cyclops had no time to bother and just blasted Logan once, knocking him unconscious. When Logan recovered and attacked again, Cyclops used his optic blast to launch him far out of the fight.


30 Characters Who Dropped Wolverine

Wolverine can beat a lot of people in the Marvel Comics universe. However, Thor is a God and the only way that Wolverine can beat him is if he gets really lucky. Luck was not on his side in the series Wolverine vs. Thor in 2009.

In that series, Loki was the bad guy and had tricked Logan into thinking that Thor was actually Sabretooth. Wolverine went on the attack so Thor slammed him with Mjolnir and then brought down a bolt of lightning, wiping out Logan long enough for the two to figure out what was going on.


Black Panther never really liked Wolverine. That much was obvious after Avengers vs. X-Men when he learned that his ex-wife Storm was hooking up with Logan and basically said "anyone but him."

The two battled in "Killable" from the fourth volume of Wolverine comics. Logan had lost his healing factor and was trying to find the source of a power that was using him to control the minds of other heroes. Logan thought Panther was under the mind control and attacked but was wrong, and T'Challa proved to Logan that he was the superior fighter -- especially when Wolverine had no healing factor.



Captain America and Wolverine have a long history and the two have fought many, many times. Their rivalry actually goes back to World War II as Wolverine's healing factor and Cap actually living in that era made them partners and rivals. Cap almost always came out on top of Logan in those battles.

More recently, in Avengers vs. X-Men #3, Logan wanted to eliminate Hope to stop the Phoenix Force but Cap wasn't having any of it. Cap then attacked Wolverine and the two fought. The heroes were evenly matched but Captain America got the advantage and held Logan off long enough for Giant Man to show up to help before finally knocking him out with his shield.


Gambit Fights Wolverine

Wolverine and Gambit have a lot in common. Both are members of the X-Men, both were Horsemen for Apocalypse, both are antiheroes who have a dangerous side and both love to fight. The two even had a fight in the movies in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where Logan was clearly the dominant fighter.

However, in the comic books, Gambit proved on at least one occasion to be the better man. In Uncanny X-Men #273, Gambit and Wolverine did battle in the Danger Room. Clearly, Wolverine is the dominant fighter but Gambit played dirty, called up an image of Lady Deathstrike and then took down a distracted Logan, who finally tapped out.


30 Characters Who Dropped Wolverine

It shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that Squirrel Girl downed Wolverine; she is, after all, basically undefeated as a superhero. As someone who is unbeatable -- and she has defeated Doctor Doom and Thanos -- Wolverine was in way over his head when he took her on.

The fight happened in New Avengers Vol. 2 #1 when Squirrel Girl wanted to work for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. They didn't think she had what it takes and she was forced to prove herself against Wolverine, where she beat the heck out of him while Cage and Jones watched on in amazement.


One of the most iconic defeats of Wolverine in Marvel Comics came in Uncanny X-Men #142. True hardcore X-men fans clearly know that this is the Days of Future Past storyline. Sure, this was not the current timeline Wolverine, but it was still Logan battling with his teammates to stay alive and stop the Sentinels that had slaughtered not only the mutant population but had devastated Earth as well.

Wolverine's final moment here was one that remains one of the most famous panels in comic book history. Wolverine was battling the Sentinels with Colossus and Storm and he made a heroic move with Colossus' assisted Fastball Special at one of them. However, it wasn't fast enough and the Sentinel raised a hand and vaporized Logan in midair, leaving nothing remaining but his Adamantium skeleton.


Beast Sublime New X-Men Silvestri

Sublime was a sentient bacterial lifeform that infected and wiped out many people. Mutants soon became immune to the infection and became a threat that it needed to excise. To do that, Sublime soon took on an aerosol form known as Kick and Beast became addicted to it, losing his humanity in the process and leading to the end of the world.

In New X-Men #154, Logan saw too many teammates fall at the hands of the Sublime-controlled Beast and attacked. It took only four panels for Sublime to cancel out Logan's healing powers and gut him. Luckily, Jean Grey used her Phoenix powers to reset time.


30 Characters Who Dropped Wolverine

Wolverine and Daredevil should always be a good battle. Logan has the tracking skills, fighting acumen and ruthlessness to take the battle to the hero of Hell's Kitchen. However, Daredevil has his acute senses and they are possibly at an even higher level than Logan's.

It didn't help that Wolverine chose to attack Daredevil in his own apartment in Wolverine #24. In this situation, Logan was under the mind control of HYDRA and the Hand and his orders were to eliminate Elektra. It didn't work out well, as Daredevil was able to drop Wolverine with a barbell, which led to an unfortunate fall onto a sword.


Wolverine and Storm X-Men movies

Wolverine and Storm have an interesting relationship. The two even ended up romantically involved at one point. However, in 2009, Marvel Comics had a treat for longtime fans of the X-Men when they brought back legendary writer Chris Claremont to write a new series called X-Men Forever, which was an alternate world's story, as if his run on the X-Men had never ended.

The series started up with an explosive moment when the X-Men finished a mission, after which Wolverine set out on his own. Then, without warning, he was electrocuted -- his skin completely seared from his bones. The culprit was Storm, who had infiltrated and betrayed the team, and Logan never had a chance.


Punisher and Wolverine are more similar than either man wants to believe. Both are violent and have no problem with taking the life of a villain. While Punisher takes out everyone in his path, as long as they are a criminal, Wolverine is at least a little more selective.

In Punisher #16, Garth Ennis used his time in the Marvel Knights line to really let Frank Castle go nuts on superheroes. Logan and Frank are both on the trail of some bad guys when they end up fighting each other. Punisher is smart, though. First, he shoots off Wolverine's face, then fires another shot below the belt, and then to help his escape, he runs over him with a steamroller. It is the perfect example of Garth Ennis overkill.


It seems ridiculous, but it really happened. In 1996, Marvel created a comic book that had the members of the Starship Enterprise meet the X-Men, who had traveled through a dimensional rift. This took place in one issue that was called Star Trek/X-Men.

When the X-Men materialized on the Enterprise, they ended up face-to-face with the main crew members and a short skirmish broke out before Spock used his Vulcan nerve pinch to immediately drop Wolverine where he stood. The two sides then teamed up to stop the real bad guy before the X-Men returned to their own dimension.


Wolverine and Spider-Man are friends, and much of that has to do with the fact that Logan knows that Peter Parker is a good kid who is trying to do the right thing. Of course, thanks to huge Marvel events and moments of brainwashing, the two have battled on occasion.

There was even one moment where Spider-Man not only dropped Wolverine but all the X-Men. It was in the original Secret Wars miniseries when Spidey clashed with the X-Men. They attacked Spider-Man, but he was too fast and even knocked Wolverine across the room with one punch before getting away.


Wasp avengers

Don't underestimate The Wasp. Yes, she is one of the tiniest superheroes in comic books but she also packs a punch. It has been a long ride for the founding member of The Avengers, who has gone from a one-dimensional hero to one of the group's best leaders.

She even beat Wolverine in a fight -- and for that matter, took out the X-Men as well. It was shown before that Hank Pym gave her stinger blasts, which were powerful enough to take out even the most powerful robots. In Secret Wars #4, she cut loose on the X-Men. She not only downed them all -- Wolverine included -- but said she did it at half-power.


7 Wolverine and Sabretooth

If there is anyone in the Marvel Universe known for beating up Wolverine, it is Sabretooth. As a matter of fact, it is something that Victor Creed does for fun -- every year at the same time. It is a birthday tradition for the two.

It has happened for years now and even happened again in Weapon X Vol. 3 #15 where Sabretooth and Old Man Logan battled -- on Wolverine's birthday. As Sabretooth explained, he always comes on Logan's birthday to show who the real monster is and always beats him to within an inch of his life, before leaving him barely alive.


The cover of X-Men #72 said it all. It showed Wolverine in a battle with Marrow and the words "Wolverine vs. Marrow" in giant letters on the bottom. At the time, Marrow was part of the X-Men but she was also a mutant extremist before joining them -- something that bothered Storm and Logan, who was sent down to deal with it.

However, Wolverine was there to prove a point. He beat Marrow down well and then said he would be her "drill sergeant" and teach her to be a soldier. What he didn't expect was for Marrow to drive a bone claw into his jaw at that moment and win the fight.


Molly Hayes

In Runaways Vol. 2 #12, The Avengers were looking for Cloak, who was a wanted man at the time. The three members who were trying to find him were Captain America, Iron Man and Wolverine. They had cornered Molly Hayes in a church to question and she freaked out.

When Wolverine told her to stop screaming or else, she blasted him through the door of the church, across the street, and face-down in the snow. As Logan said, there were only 198 mutants left and she had to be one of them.


The Thing Mike Wrieringo

At one time, Wolverine was part of the Fantastic Four after the original four were thought deceased, joining Ghost Rider, Spider-Man and Hulk. The originals came back and took over again but in Fantastic Four #374, the two teams fought when Spidey asked for help in finding Johnny Storm after he accidentally set fire to a university and went on the run.

Thing attacked Wolverine when he was battling with the Invisible Woman and ended up slashed in the face with Logan's claws. It was something Wolverine didn't mean to do but it was too late because Thing responded by knocking Logan through two buildings.


Superior Spider-Man

While Doctor Octopus was inside the body of Peter Parker and became the Superior Spider-Man, he brought not only an edge to the character but also a genius that was greater than almost anyone. It also made him dangerous. When a giant spider attacked the city in Avenging Spider-Man #16, the X-Men showed up and told Spidey to stay out of their way.

Instead, Spider-Man was the only one who stopped it, although he appeared at first to choose lethal options -- something that made Wolverine mad. When Logan grabbed Spider-Man, the new Superior Wall-Crawler repaid him with a strong punch and then beat him into unconsciousness, proving that Peter Parker always held something back.


Venom Todd McFarlane

Back when Venom first appeared, he was mostly a Spider-Man nemesis, but he soon became so popular that Marvel Comics chose to develop the character as more of an anti-hero. While Eddie Brock was the Lethal Protector for people who couldn't protect themselves, he also still clashed with superheroes on occasion.

One of the more interesting stories between the two came in Marvel Comics Presents #117-122. The entire battle took place inside a dream where Nightmare ensnared both Wolverine and Venom. When Venom believed Logan was the cause, he attacked and easily impaled Wolverine on a tree and then added some webbing before moving on. They later agreed to work together but not before Logan returned the favor by impaling Venom.


30 Characters Who Dropped Wolverine

Wolverine was still a new superhero, and highly arrogant, when he first appeared with the All-New X-Men. This happened more than once, especially in cases where Logan knew he could just ignore team leader Cyclops and leap into battle.

In Uncanny X-Men #108, the X-Men and Starjammers were on an alien world -- trying to save the universe -- when they encountered a diminutive creature named Jahf, who was charged with protecting a crystal. When Logan decided he was going to just take it, Jahf -- one of the only creatures shorter than Logan -- hit him so hard that he launched him into outer space.



If there is one person in the world that Wolverine respects, it is Professor X. Take a look at the movie Logan, where the mutant took it as his responsibility to help protect Charles at all costs -- repayment for a lifetime of companionship.

However, the truth is that the entire relationship between the two men was built on a lie. The truth of their meeting came in Wolverine Origins #29 when it revealed that Logan did not show up to join the X-Men but to eliminate Professor X. As a result, Charles let him in and then brainwashed him into believing he was there to join -- all because he needed a weapon.


Marvel played around with classic fantasy warrior Conan the Barbarian and had a lot of issues that showed his legacy in the regular Marvel 616 universe. However, the beauty of Marvel Comics is that there was always a chance for something weird that could remain out-of-canon.

In 1990, Marvel Comics published What If? Vol. 2 #16 in a story titled What If ... Wolverine Battled Conan the Barbarian. After Logan tried to alter history, The Watcher sent him back in time to the Hyborian Age to teach him a lesson. While there, he met Conan, who proceeded to pretty easily mop the floor with Logan.


The best thing about Marvel's What If? comics was seeing events that could have happened, without actually changing history or the canon of comic books. Possibly the most famous issue was What If? Vol. 1 #27. The title was "What if Phoenix Had Not Died?" and that was not a good thing for Wolverine.

Instead of Jean's fate in the comics, she lived and kept on destroying stars. When Kitty Pryde, the youngest and most innocent member of the X-Men, questioned her, Dark Phoenix snapped and vaporized her. Wolverine and Colossus attempted the Fastball Special, but Phoenix reversed it, turned Colossus into flesh and Wolverine impaled him. This caused Logan to give up hope and she dragged him into a ball of Hellfire that used to be Nightcrawler.



In 1982, Marvel and DC Comics presented a special crossover comic book with Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans. The story saw some weird business that brought them together, including the late Jean Grey appearing in a dream to the X-Men and Raven.

Darkseid was the main villain and he captured the Teen Titans and Professor X. However, Darkseid also had Deathstroke working with him, and he ended up facing the X-Men and beating them, including pretty easily beating Wolverine on their first encounter. Later, there was time travel involved and the Teen Titans helped the X-Men overpower Deathstroke.



Not every character that downed Wolverine had to do so by actually beating him up. One example is Professor X, who proved his dominance by altering Logan's mind. However, a more surprising character that completely destroyed Wolverine was a minor Spider-Man villain -- Mysterio.

The former Hollywood special effects artist turned master criminal had the perfect plan. He made Wolverine think that the X-Men mansion was under attack by numerous villains. By the time Logan lethally took out all the villains, Mysterio lifted his illusion and showed Logan that he had just snuffed out the entire X-Men team, and this is why Logan gave up -- leading into Old Man Logan.


Magneto has always been the most important antagonist in X-Men history, working as both their greatest villain as well as a loyal teammate at other times. In the "Fatal Attractions" storyline, Magneto set up a new peaceful world off-Earth for mutants to live without fear, but when the United States chose to surround the planet with a defense system to ensure he never returned, he launched an attack.

Charles Xavier than formulated an attack to eliminate Magneto permanently once and for all. In X-Men #25, Charles led the attack and it had dire consequences. While the full impact would occur later when Xavier learned what shutting down Magneto's mind really meant, the biggest casualty was Wolverine. In the attack, he stabbed Magneto and in retaliation, the Master of Magnetism ripped all the Adamantium out of Logan's body, destroying him.

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